05.23.2020 08:04 PM

The front page of tomorrow’s New York Times


  1. Douglas W says:

    Newspaper work, at its finest.
    Strong. Captivating.

    200,000 deaths by November 3rd?

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      I just cringe when I see all those dolts packed like sardines on beaches. Beans for brains on an incredible scale. No social distancing on the sand in most cases, only rank stupidity.

      If I was really cynical I would shrug my shoulders and go with culling the herd, but that would be, frankly, déplacé.

      • Ronald – “culling the herd” is fine – but unfortunately it’s not just the herd that has to deal with this. BTW – it’s a little late on my part – but sorry to hear about your Mom. Regards. LB

        • Lawrence,

          Thanks very much.

          It makes me mad because other people will almost certainly die because of their quite deliberate negligence and self-centeredness. It’s all about them.

          (I’m wearing a mask and gloves in the office until the end of the month, given that my mother lived in a long-term care residence. We’re all in our fifties or sixties here.)

  2. Max says:

    “The World’s Cop” is drunk with power. I’m more concerned about my 4 kids. Me? I’m running, cycling, eating well. Trying to control what I can to be coherent and hale, hearty as I age. The healthcare system and Long Term Care facilities are not going to be there. Save yourself. Where is Tommy Douglas? Wilfred Laurier? Or anyone of their ilk. Warren, what happened to the upcoming great leaders of Canada and the United States? WTF?! Who will step up?

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