06.10.2020 05:06 PM

Best part? The lawyer’s last name


  1. Once again proof positive that Trump and his team are great at dishing it out but can’t take it — that’s when they turn into gutless immature adolescents. Boo-hoo-hoo.

  2. The Doctor says:

    Any lawyer who’s not a complete idiot would know that the letter from Trump’s legal counsel, and the entire premise behind it, is ridiculous and completely without legal merit.

    But that leads to the question, why did Trump authorize this? Did he actually think that this complaint has any legal merit? Or is it just some stunt to fire up his goober base?

    I wonder about its advisability even as a political stunt though. It seems to me that it draws attention to the fact that he’s (apparently) doing the shits in the polls. And I would think that to most observers, Trump just looks like a whiny, sucky bitch doing this.

    It seems to me to further drive the legitimate question as to whether there’s any coherent strategy behind the Trump re-election campaign, or whether it’s just lurching shambolically from squirrel to squirrel.

    I guess it is consistent with his thin-skinned narcissism though.

    • Jim R says:

      Today I learnt a new phrase from an Australian colleague – “spit the dummy” (or “dummy spit”). It’s the state I imagine Trump being in while reading the CNN poll.

    • Steve T says:

      “Fire up his goober base”. That is exactly it. This is purely to fan the flames of his conspiracy-theory nut-job followers.

  3. Brad says:

    authorize it? I am sure it was Trumps idea

  4. Max says:

    Doc, ah but he DOESN’T look like a whiny, sucky bitch to his supporters. He’s playing to his base. Always. “Look at the – insert your favourite MAGA target – elites/radical left/fake news/Democrats/Biden/Obama – putting out fake polls! As for the media, he plays them on string – he simple puts out a shiny, new ridiculous tweet and like a squirrel, they analyze it, break it down, call it out for 3 days, and by then, he’s moved on. He’s always one step ahead as he’s the Master at distracting and leading people away from his fundamental failures. He can win with his base by polarizing; at least that’s the obvious strategy. Not sure if he can do it again, but he’s trying. The mail-in ballots won’t be sent, those that show up to vote will find excruciating long line-ups and faulty equipment and incompetent staff. Voter suppression 2.0

    • The Doctor says:

      An interesting related point to me is that Breitbart, to my knowledge, did not report this story. The leading pro-Trump website does not report this. Normally you would find Breitbart all over a Trump vs. CNN story.

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