06.18.2020 07:45 PM

Giant swan threatens innocent golfers: film at eleven

See the shocking and tragic video right here!


  1. Lorne says:

    That was “Get off my lawn” in swan.

  2. Pipes says:

    When I was a “yachtsman” my neighbour, in the late Spring/early Summer, had a young swan fly into his standing rigging. Sadly the cygnet died . The parent of the swan remembered what happened. The next day my neighbour was on his deck and the parent swan landed on his deck and the result was 7 stitches to the neighbour’s head. True story!

  3. Mark says:

    I won’t tell you (much of) the story of my ornithologist/biologist step-son bagging a moot swan at a nearby migratory bird sanctuary, cooking it in our oven, starting an oven fire, and leaving swan entrails all over my yard ten years ago – all because “it’s an introduced species and you complained I never make dinner”! Nasty birds nonetheless.

  4. Does Her Majesty The Queen own all the swans like in the UK?

  5. Mark James Webster says:

    Didn’t see any balls on the green…..just sayin’.

  6. lyn says:

    Good you left or you and your son could have had a broken arm each, they are that powerful. Beautiful birds but when defending their family they are mean and will keep attacking until you back off or run away.

  7. Nasty Bob says:

    A swan is just a goose with a better press agent *

    Can’t say I feel sorry for you having to skip ONE WHOLE HOLE when your homies out in Calgary have been hard pressed to get even a single hole in ..in between all the wet.

    * lifted that from Letterkenny , where one of their problems was something similar

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