06.26.2020 11:03 AM

Ottawa’s response was not viral

This is one of the most important reports of the coronavirus pandemic. And it makes clear that Ottawa fumbled, and made things worse.

Read: “Canada’s lost months: When COVID-19′s first wave hit, governments and health officials were scattered and slow to act”


  1. Don Martin must have read this a short while back.

  2. the real Sean says:

    Canada’s Fiscal Update is being written by Magical Credit in close consultation with Harold the Jewelery Buyer and Russell Olliver. OHHHH YEAAHHHH!

  3. joe long says:

    Question: was Justin Trudeau too busy with trying to secure a UN Security Council seat to properly focus on a pandemic? Or did team Trudeau just obediently follow WHO recommendations to avoid rocking the UN boat, and thus jeopardize their chances at getting a Security Council seat?

    • Walter says:

      Maybe Trudeau was just trying to figure out how to seize power.
      After all, controlling the pandemic was the last thing he cared about.

      • Ronald O'Dowd says:


        A tad over the top, unless thy name is Trump, that is. I wouldn’t put it past him, especially now that he’s seen the polls and is now clearly in meltdown phase.

  4. Fordlover says:

    It is a great article, Warren. Thanks.

    Most of it contrasts BC’s excellent response with Ontario’s Keystone Kops routine, and blames the Doug Ford cuts to public health just prior to the pandemic.

    Do you think Ford has learned his lesson, or is he going to keep doing things that hurt Ontarians?

  5. Robert White says:

    Very informative article outlining the government of Canada, and provincial health bureaucratic arse covering. It is of no surprise that the health bureaucracy is clusterfucked between jurisdictions. Systemic incompetence is baked into the cake for reasons of plausible deniability just in case of lawsuits.

    Great article from an ideological perspective. In terms of Science proper what we are getting is mere bureaucratese.


  6. Douglas W says:

    I hope you’re right: JT, going down.
    But I doubt it, because the Conservatives have no clue about running a War Room
    Quite often, the party with the most astute and cunning War Room, wins.

    The 2019 Conservative War Room was beyond hapless.
    This time around, will it be any different?

    • Chris Sigvaldason says:

      The CPC is at close to their lowest point. (unless Sloan wins on the twenty-seventh ballot, or they hire Ezra to run the War Room.)

      Advice for the Liberals: “Brains will only get you so far, and luck always runs out. (Harvey Keitel)”

      • Ronald O'Dowd says:


        Well, if this is the Liberals since India on so-called brains, I guess I don’t have the same definition of brains as they do.

        They’ve been nothing short of a sad, pathetic, fucking joke post India and now even their alleged sainted performance on COVID-19 is also slowly and deliberately wearing them down.

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