07.06.2020 07:27 AM

Bleach Boy’s final days in the bunker

Read this.


  1. Steve T says:

    Yep, this is the sort of thing that (I hope) will persuade swing voters in November.
    I also note the following, which if I were Biden I would just keep harping on throughout the campaign. I have seen the swamp, and it looks like Trump.


    • The Doctor says:

      Exactly. That Drain the Swamp thing was always a bunch of bullshit, which anyone with their lights on upstairs could have seen.

      Meanwhile, today Trump is doing his best to ensure that Bubba Wallace, an African-American male athlete, will receive lots and lots of death threats.

  2. the real Sean says:

    If Trump loses in Nov. his last two months in office will be an absolute freak show. They may be into a legit 25th amendment situation, IE if he is a lame duck with no consequences for two months. There will be unapparelled riots, violence and mayhem to ring in 2021.

  3. Gilbert says:

    If President Trump believes he won’t win in November, will he resign? Mike Pence and Nikki Haley would be a great team

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