, 07.26.2020 04:21 PM

KINSELLACAST 118: Lilley & Adler do WEgate! Mraz does Trump! Kinsella does punk!


  1. joe long says:

    “My resignation as the chair of the board of directors of WE charity was as a result of concerning developments,” Ms. Douglas told The Globe and Mail Sunday.

    “I did not resign in the ordinary course of matters.”

    but, but, WE told us it was part of a “a well-thought-out process for board renewal”


    The lies surrounding team Trudeau continue.

  2. I am very dubious about the whole “October Surprise” thing. For all of the excuses we have heard about why Hilary lost, the FBI investigation is pretty thin gruel. Democrats need to admit she was a terrible candidate, the party establishment sewered Bernie (the one candidate who could have won) and in fact her campaign snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. The whole email debacle could have been avoided if she had just used a government server, instead of using a private server (like she was supposed to). And the whole Iran hostage thing with Reagan; pretty much debunked and is generally now considered as nothing more than a conspiracy theory.

  3. With respect to the Guess Who, I’m pretty sure there was only one Bachman in that band.

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