07.10.2020 02:36 PM


Still my fave Fabs song. The morning after he was killed, the guys across the hall in res had this playing on the radio, and that’s when I lost it.

Everything is perfect on this. Ringo’s un-Ringo-like beat-keeping, McCartney’s bass line, Harrison’s Eastern influences starting to influence the band, Lennon’s genius in running some of the tape of the guitar and vocals backwards. Just brilliant, all of it. And a B-side!

What we lost when we lost him. It can’t be quantified, because it is too immense.


  1. The Doctor says:

    McCartney was quite underrated as an innovator and a bassist. It’s easy to forget that this was recorded in 1966 — McCartney’s bass line is quite unusual and innovative for its time, and George Martin puts it very forward in the mix, which gives the song part of its distinctiveness.

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