07.25.2020 09:23 AM

The Toronto Star: a thread


  1. Martin says:

    I have read the Toronto Daily(sic) Star all my life but likely only for 40 years for the same reason one wears a hair shirt. I want to read what the left’s message of the day is. I actually reacted stronger than usual to today’s paper. The Cohn piece was a joke. If you didn’t know the actual background to that MPP’s removal from caucus, you are a naive idiot. There is nothing wrong being left of center even far left of center but I have no time for people who won’t proudly admit their bias. I was going to post that on Cohn’s FB page but it is a waste of time. I have engaged him before on his bias.

  2. Jim R says:

    Wait what? I thought it was taken for granted that just as the Sun is basically the publishing arm of the CPC, the Star is the publishing arm of the LPC. And ’twas ever so.

  3. Nick M. says:

    A devastating prosecution of the Toronto Star headlines indeed.

    I must say though, I figured Morneau’s termination would have happened on the weekend, to allow markets to understand who is the replacement. And to quell the needless fluctuations.

    But nothing on the Governor Generals itinerary to announce a cabinet shuffle. Just leads everyone to guess the timeline when he is to be replaced.

    • Douglas W says:

      My guess, it’ll be Champagne who gets the nod, if Billy departs.
      But who knows?

      The historical Liberal Party always had a handful of business Liberals to pick from.
      Not with this bunch.
      There are none.

  4. Steve Teller says:

    Bingo. Here in Winnipeg, we subscribe to both the Sun and the Free Press (we try to support print media as much as possible).

    With the Sun, we know exactly what we are getting, and they make no secret about it. However, the Free Press tries to present itself as “middle of the road”, but for the past couple of years they’ve been anything but. They basically decided they would become the political opposite of the Sun. Enough people wrote in with complaints (and cancelled subscriptions) that the F.P. has returned to being a bit more neutral.

    Vote with your dollars, folks.

  5. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Liberals: 35

    Conservatives: 30

    NDP: 15

    Greens: 8

    Bloc: 7

    PPC: 4

    And to think that most of the WEGovernmentTM’s iceberg still lies under water. A lot more to come. Stay tuned.

    • Douglas W says:

      Four points for the PPC: bit of a surprise. Their supporters aren’t drifting away.

      Can see the Conservatives, pulling ahead within a few weeks.
      Question becomes: what happens to the party after its leadership vote?
      Will the camps move quickly to unite?

      You know the Star/CBC will be looking for disgruntled voters, and make it sound like the entire party is at war with one another.

      • Ronald O'Dowd says:


        The discipline of power is only good in periods where the government of the day is actually scandal free. This Prime Minister is using it to keep in power a government that has lost its political right to govern. So, voters will have to pronounce themselves on that. As for the CPC, unity means a clear and likely convincing shot at power. All camps know that so in the end it’s either voluntary unity or yet another mandate on the opposition benches.

  6. Des says:

    One of the things I’ve noticed about the media environment both in Canada and the United States is that no one never really poo poos (or shouldn’t) on the Toronto Sun because they make their biases known. Same with Fox News and MSNBC in the United States. They make their biases known on the right and the left. That’s the very reason why everyone (especially on the right) dunks on CNN because they claim to be right down the objective middle (I think they were at one point).

    The thing about the Toronto Star that annoys me is that when I visit their website they immediately provide me with a pop up that asks me to subscribe to them for a fee for “progressive activist journalism”. Independent outlets on the right were left out of the 2019 election debates (by the way one of the Kielburger’s was one that commission) and the reason for that was because they were “activists”. However TorStar claims themselves as “activist” journalism and they essentially get a seat at the cabinet table.

  7. joe long says:

    Is the Toronto Star Izvestia or Pravda?

  8. Mark D says:

    Here in English-speaking North America, the only non-partisan and “above the frey” national media I can think of is The Atlantic.

    I think Maclean’s comes closest in Canada.

    Also, I think Radio-Canada does a much better job remaining non-partisan and “above the frey” than does CBC.

  9. Phil in London says:

    Missing the point folks. ANYONE who cares to read the rag can identify its Liberal-left leaning bias. It’s ownership and origins are liberal opposition to conservatives.
    What is missing I feel is the connection many make that a liberal-left bias IS WHAT MANY FEEL IS THE only CANADIAN WAY. There is no room for many to even consider an alternative conservative vote. The Star is the voice of the nation because most (Toronto) want to believe it is speaking to the balanced middle.
    The Star is no different from We Charity infiltration of the school system.
    All who Refuse to drink the koolaid are wrong.
    Both are tools of the Liberal party machine.
    That’s great when you feel Chrétien’s is a fair moderate government but not so fair to western alienates many of whom can point to the Liberal domination of eastern Canada USING these tools and others.
    Mr C may have been the last great liberal leader but it’s HIS indoctrinate who are the spoiled and privileged who rule today.
    Warren I don’t doubt your view of that man is polar opposite my own. That’s not a problem I can respect your adoration for Chrétien. I just think he cannot claim zero responsibilities for the current class. If he does he should be speaking out. Surely he could do an interview with the Star calling his descendants out of step and corrupt?
    If current liberal cabinet ministers are being called out for not speaking up. Where are the untouchables?
    The Liberals to Chrétien are like they were to my dad and much of his generation. There are the favourite team the one they always want to win (not the best and only leaders)

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