07.04.2020 07:49 AM

Why the US failed. And why Canada didn’t.


  1. Walter says:

    I just looked up some statistics on COVID deaths.

    Canada has 231 Deaths/M.
    USA has 399 /M
    But, Republican States have 235 /M (virtually the same as Canada).
    Democratic States have 530 /M (125% worse than Republican States).
    Eastern Canada (east of MB border) has 350 /M (which is 50% more than Republican States).
    Western Canada has 32 /M (11X better than the East).

  2. David Bronaugh says:

    We are not as good as that graph makes us out to be as it’s not standardized by population. Still, we are doing better.

    The difference is that in Canada we have seemingly prioritized the impacts on people rather than commerce. Yes, they are intertwined, but without the focus on people, you start writing Pinto memos.

  3. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    If you go on the Quebec website, which I do daily along with the world site, you see somewhat of a different picture: today Quebec has 653 cases per 100,000 people while Canada has only 278. But here are the big ones: Quebec is second in cases behind the United States, while Canada is eighth; Quebec is also first among selected “countries” in deaths per 100,000 with 652, while the UK has 650, with the United States way down at 399 and Canada with 229.

  4. Yet Another Calgarian says:

    Given how much of that insane ramp existed in New York I think you could make a case that most of it could have been avoided by having Cuomo and De Blasio in charge.

    You won’t get that from CNN though given they sent Cuomo’s brother to interview him on what a swell job he’d done.

  5. Steve Teller says:

    The CNN story is interesting, but it makes sweeping generalizations that are often not true.
    Most notable is the statement that “most Canadians are wearing masks” because they see it as “their duty”. I don’t know where CNN got that idea – maybe they just walked a street in downtown Toronto for an hour, and assumed it was true for the entire country? Certainly it isn’t true that most people outside of T.O. are wearing masks, and it absolutely isn’t true in provinces like Manitoba where I live. I would say less than 20% of people that I see are wearing masks.
    No doubt that Canada has handled COVID better than the U.S., but it’s not nearly as idyllic as the story makes it out to be.

    • Derek Pearce says:

      If you’re outside on the street, true, people are not wearing masks. But if you go into any store people are definitely wearing them. I work in an upscale housewares store in the Danforth and even before we made it absolutely mandatory a few weeks ago the vast majority of customers had them. People put them in and take them off whether outside or inside.

  6. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    Remember how heat was supposed to dramatically reduce or even eradicate the virus? Right.

    The longer this steadily goes on, the more I want the virus and its variants’ genome fully sequenced. There’s something rotten in the State of Denmark and IMHO it was rated classified one hell of a long time ago, because it potentially means war, if the facts known as reality ever fully come out…

  7. Walter says:

    Oz and NZ have 4 deaths per Million.
    150X better than Quebec.

  8. Yet Another Calgarian says:

    Re politics and epidemilogical models it wasn’t just the media and politicians playing politics.

    The Imperial College model that most western nations were relying on turned out to be twenty years of unaudited, bodged together amatuer code that when it was finally released to the public after being cleaned up by outside firms was still considered to be useless by data science and epidemiology modellers.

    Also totally agree that we have yet to see any real forward planning on the part of our “leaders” for something that could still be around two or three years hence. They seem to have decided the vacinne is the one true way.

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