, 08.11.2020 10:18 AM

Lord Kinsella thanks all of you for your kind birthday wishes

And I’m not kidding about the Lord thing. Please ensure future correspondence contains the proper salutation. Thank you, my subjects. 



  1. Happy Birthday from one of the unwashed…..oh, and many happy returns too eh!

  2. hugh says:

    Hope you’re having a great birthday!

  3. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    My manners…

    A belated Happy Birthday and keep shit disturbing!

  4. Robert White says:

    Happy birthday, Lord Kinsella. When I turned 60 people started calling me ‘sir’. The milestone of 60 is a drag for that sort of reference IMHO.

    I’m getting grey hair too which wasn’t the case way back when I was 59. Getting old is the ultimate bummer as Internet algorithms figure out one’s approximate age and then the advertising gets disseminated daily.

    The Internet is all about ageism via the algo discrimination. Frankly, the Internet is much meaner in advanced age.

    Keep up the good fight, eh.

    Cheers, Robert

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