09.14.2020 08:36 PM

A question for my CAF friends


  1. Nick M. says:

    As a weekend warrior for three years, the jacket doesn’t bother me at all. Besides it’s sized as if it was his original, when he was a skinny soldier.

    I am biased though, as in he is like Jack Layton to me. As in I can’t get mad at him even if said things like, “energy East is off the table”. Like Jack, he has that goofy retail politics smile that just works.

    Actually come to think of it, Chretien is another politician who couldn’t get me angry. He chokes a protestor and I just smile and say that’s our Chrétien.

  2. the real Sean says:

    Peter MacKay apparently is thinking about running for a lowly MP spot…. This is a guy who has already been to the crest of the mountain top…. so naturally there can be only one reason to be re-inserting himself….

    • If the Conservatives form a government, he would certainly be a cabinet minister.

    • TRS,

      It’s quite natural for Peter to return as MP for Central Nova, if the voters agree.

      I don’t see how he wouldn’t be in an O’Toole cabinet. They would be lucky to have him in there.

      • the real Sean says:

        You guys are missing the inference…. There is a growing assumption that O’Toole is already a dead man walking…. and MacKay will be there to pick up the pieces.

        • I got it Sean but IMHO, no one, including MacKay, even remotely thinks that O’Toole has zip of a chance. Far from it. Remember how EVEN Scheer got 300,000 votes more than YouKnowWhoTM.

          • the real Sean says:

            If William Lyon Mackenzie King were in parliament today…. he would carefully stare at Erin O’Toole’s shiny forehead… and he would see 200 Liberal seats.

  3. Full Retired Rambo says:

    Great question and thank you for asking. I served and unless he’s claiming to be something he wasn’t during his time in service, I don’t see a problem. It’s his experience and clearly had a positive impact on him and he’s proud of that. On a side note, he was Airforce so it was likely all hotels and haagen daz and as former Army guy, I’m very jealous of his previous career lodging and dessert options.

  4. Bill Malcolm says:

    Of course not. It’s zero taste grandstanding.

    Remember, harper made the the federal government web pages look like they were CPC ones. Had Duffy up on over 30 charges which the judge threw out — every single one of them, and his worship added a free lecture on the unethical horse manure that harper had created. How about harper passing unconstitutional legislation and slagging the Supreme Court when they dissed it? Cons have no shame at all. If they feel they can get a free leg up by “appealing” to the average non-thinking dolt, they go for it. How’s about a snitch line or not respecting immigrants? Like that intellectual nitwit Kellie Leitch, a supposed doctor who managed to avoid noticing actual society while growing up and working. Any reason to believe Erin is any better deep down? He gave up being “progressive” to appeal to the Stone Age CPC socially conservative nitwit crowd, and got hisself the big job. So we know he has no ethics, merely ambition, and will pull off any cringeworthy act necessary to get himself ahead personally. The public is merely a Toole to be Fooled to help get him to his goal of glory. Never seen an ambitious Tory who gave a single damn about actual real people. One-liner slogans about sums up the intellectual depth of these people, and once in power they love to order people about and cut social programs that enhance society at large — too expensive don’t you know when you have to give large “resource” companies tax breaks. Canada’s health care system? Hell, it’s no good, not American enough, and doesn’t put enough money into the hands of private capital, so that’s on the agenda to destroy in kenney’s run to ruin in Alberta.

    Conservatism in itself is another word for reactionary, which is the opposite of visionary. Yesterday was better, they think, the sun always shone, so why bother having a vision for a better future? Let’s regress instead to when people tugged their forelocks for the boss of the local paper mill. Now that was living! It’s the Dunce Report Edition 19 on Toryism, and why they have no clue about supporting new industries, and think digging up resources the old-fashioned way is just fantastic, while ignoring the environmental despoilation and knock-on effects. Just a nihilistic approach, typical of the people who found school difficult.

    Yessir, if you want to croak as the environment turns to crap while claiming it isn’t as you cough your lungs out in wildfire smoke, forking down a slab of deep-fried tarsand pie all the while, O’Foole is yer man. Lets dig up more coal in Alberta’s foothills provincial parks – who needs recreation and views? Sell off those parks! Captain O’Toole would be saluting the flag as the good ship Canada slips below the waves, with Admirals of the Fleet kenney and harper looking around in vain for the luxury lifeboat they thought they had included in the warship building contracts, where we pay 14 times as much as the Danes for the same offshore patrol ship.

    To compensate for having no vision for the future, the CPC resort to sloganeering and things like the apocryphal “trickle-down” theory which is, if you give rich people more money by tax relief, they’ll create more jobs. Forty years of that nonsense, which has never worked but has somehow swelled the offshore bank accounts of the already filthy rich, and about all the Cons have left is trying to appeal to patriotism. Hence O’ Foole poses in an RCAF monkey suit looking ready to dig in to a Legion corn beef and cabbage Tuesday lunch. Maybe he can fool someone into voting for him, because Cons never stop trying.

    Engaged, ethical and compassionate government? Don’t make me laugh. How about a look forward to the future, rather than showcasing nothingburger words? Not a chance of that from Canada’s finest Cons, the Tooles of big money.

    Next week, the dissing of the smug Liberal Party crowd, kings and queens of the lead from behind brigade. The week after that, the uselessness of the amateur crowd at the NDP, the Liberal Lites can be dissected in about three paragraphs.

    We have completely useless political parties in our country. From venal misers to pie-in-the sky loonies. What this country needs is some basic down to earth normal people working for the country, not foe its elites or pressure groups. The old time parties have had their chances and blown them every time. We don’t need socialists or capitalists – we need people who respect the good of all and work towards a common social good. The current lot are completely bankrupt of ideas, not to mention morals and ethics.

  5. Hugh says:

    I agree that the RCAF is indeed apolitical, but having served he is entitled to emphasize it if he considers it central to his values.
    He put the time in, he can leverage it as long as he doesn’t denigrate the Forces in doing so.
    I hold the same true to those of any political party – Conservative, Liberal, NDP… whatever.

    If Trudeau had time in uniform I would have no problem with him making reference to it while campaigning as well (and I say that as a non-Trudeau supporter).

    I put that out there having served 26 years in the Jr ranks, as a Snr NCO and retiring as an officer.
    Pro Patria!

  6. Todd Robson says:

    I’m a former member and veteran (OP HARMONY Yugolslavia 1994) and I a fine with it. It is refreshing to see a politician outwardly endorse the CAF and show pride in it on days that aren’t just November 11.

  7. Steve Teller says:

    I’m not military, or former military, so I realize my opinion should not be counted with as much weight as those who served.

    However, that said, I don’t see why someone can’t wear an article of clothing from a job they actually held. If it causes them to be seen favorably by the public, then fine – they’ve earned it.

  8. Harper wore CANADA over and over again and no one had a problem with it, right up until the 2015 election! LOL.

    • The Doctor says:

      A lot of people had a problem with anything Harper did. Including whether he actually consumed wafers while taking communion or placed them in his pocket. You know, super duper important stuff.

  9. William says:

    Look at that. All the Conservatives have no problem with it. And they whine and bitch about Trudeau’s ethics. Phoney buggers, north and south of the border.

    • William,

      Come again, you seem to have missed it: we’re commenting about, ahem, a J-A-C-K-E-T worn by a bona fide former Forces member. As was said earlier elsewhere, try to keep up.

      • William says:

        Why do you think Warren asked the question in the first place. I think you need to keep up.

        • William says:

          I’ve read this site for a long time and I must say when you change sides you really get into it. Quite amazing to me.

          • Warren says:

            I don’t have a fucking side.

          • William says:

            Slight misunderstanding. I was referring to Ronald. I’m well aware of your centrist independent bonafides.

          • Ronald O'Dowd says:


            I do what I can. Of course, my real side no longer exists namely, the Progressive Conservatives. But I remain consistent: wanted zip from Harper, even before we tried the heave-ho; wanted nothing from Trudeau and certainly want nothing now from O’Toole. (Saved a lot of mandatory time that would otherwise have been spent sucking up, boot-licking and ass-kissing. Others are so lucky! Moving on. LOL.)

    • Pedant says:

      You seem confused, William.

      What does wearing a jacket that one actually owns have to do ethics?

  10. Yet Another Calgarian says:

    I was a base brat but I have less of a problem with things like this if the person actively served than I do life long bureaucrats and high ranking officers monetizing their careers and turning into media commentators to spin things they were responsible for implementing or overseeing in public life.

    EG: James Clapper

    This is pretty much the equivalent of Tulsi Gabbard mentioning she was in the US Army.

  11. Doesn’t look like official kit, so what’s the problem? I’m sure we could find a picture some where of a dipper wearing a Che Guevara t-shirt (they’re so hip aren’t they). Would anybody complain about that? I’m actually kind of happy we have a politician who has served his country in uniform and is proud of it.

  12. Pedant says:

    Well the CBC is supposed to be apolitical as well but as per a True North study of its coverage (see recent report by Ezra Levant), it has spent more time fawning over Trudeau’s hair, beard, and socks, than covering the arrests of assorted Liberal MPs.

  13. All this BS about Higgs being re-elected because the voters want stability.

    Absolute horseshit in this Prime Minister’s case: he’s got more baggage than Samsonite.

  14. whyshouldIsellyourwheat says:

    It’s not an official uniform. Right? Just promotional swag. It isn’t blackface. It is not an indigenous tattoo worn without permission.

    What’s the problem?

    • Steve Teller says:

      Are you really equating someone wearing a jacket of a place they actually worked, with someone non-black wearing blackface, or someone non-indigenous wearing an indigenous tattoo?

    • Steve Teller says:

      Or sorry if you were being serious – I interpreted it as sarcasm.

  15. Phil L says:

    15+ years service as an NCO. Infantry and SOF. No issues with this at all. It’s not official kit and he’s a veteran.

    Damn well has the right to wear that sort of thing as it’s a big part of his personal identity. Any politician from any party who served has IMO free reign to wear gear indicating they are a vet–news conference, photo shoot, whatever.

    Candidly, I’m non-partisan and not sure how I feel about O’Toole yet.

  16. Joseph says:

    He served and that jacket isn’t basic kit issue.
    So not a problem like someone saying they are a feminist and then firing a female attorney general.

  17. Karl M Littler says:

    Hmmn. Son of an RAF veteran here, pre-immigration to Canada. I don’t see any problem with it, as O’Toole came by it honestly. Harjit Sajan’s military history has been prominently featured, as has Karen McCrimmon’s and Marc Garneau’s. Far better than seeing dodgers like Dubya and Trump and for that matter, Dukakis, try to wrap themselves (sometimes ineptly) in military symbols.

  18. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    Ha, ha, Don Martin is following my script: it’s beyond patently obvious how this Prime Minister is trying to grease the skids for Freeland — cept the guy from Brookfield and his disciples will have other plans…don’t bet the farm on Freeland just yet.

  19. Gilbert says:

    I don’t have a problem with it. It’s good to remind people that Erin O’Toole has a resume, and that he loves our military.

  20. Andy Kaut says:

    Man, can’t you do anything but attack? There must be something somewhere that’s good enough for the Ottawa Orpheus.

    I mean, you’re not being paid to do these and the next (I’m sure) 6 months of drive-by hatings, or at least there’s no need to suspect that you are. Here’s a fresh (white, obvs. Irish) face to an old tired party. They had a better choice or two, but turned away.

    I’m kidding. There was only one good choice.

    But all we’ve heard from you Libs (neo or otherwise) is what a jerk this new guy is. CBC invites him on to beat him up. Why won’t we just deal with the guy as he is?

    Because the opposite of populism isn’t meritocracy; the opposite of populism is just populism for a different stupid party/Great Man.

    I’d say Woman was a chance, but not around these parts, son.

  21. Martin says:

    Meanwhile, JT’s lies just continue to slide by.


    The CBC “news” division doesn’t even mention his earlier promise, proving yet again why they need to be defunded:


    From the CTV:

    “This marks a huge shift from the Liberals’ previous approach to elections. Ahead of the 2015 election, the Liberal Party emphasized the importance of open nomination processes, where hopeful Liberal nominees would battle it out to win the most votes and secure the candidacy in any given riding.

    “When Justin Trudeau committed to hold open nominations in 338 ridings across the country, he made something crystal clear: our open nomination process is there to ensure that local Liberals, in every riding, get to choose who they want to represent them in the next election,” reads a post on the Liberal Party website from March, 2014.

    “It wasn’t for him as Leader to decide – it was for Liberals to decide.”

    However, this time around, the leader did decide who would represent the Liberal Party in the two upcoming byelections.”


  22. Ex Naval Officer 1983 – 1994. I see absolutely no problem with O’Toole wearing that RCAF jacket.

    Number one, he was an RCAF officer and earned it the hard way. Number Two: It’s not military issued kit. Number 3: It’s a J-A-C-K-E-T….

    We now have a number of former military officers, NCOs and ratings serving our country as elected politicians/officials in all three (not sure about Bloc?) major political parties. This is a very, very good thing and massive improvement from my time in the service.

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