09.27.2020 10:00 PM

I pay my taxes. And I pay more than this grifting sonofbitch did.


  1. Steve T says:

    Writing-off $70k for your own haircuts, and another $90k for your wife’s hairstyles, certainly helps reduce your taxes.
    I’m not sure whether it is worse that these might be fake expenses, or real ones.

  2. the real Sean says:

    This is exactly how a fine tuned war room works. Lightening fast turnaround, extremely simple message, on a story that broke the same f%&king day. Love it.

    We can be assured that the tax story is true because Brightfart isn’t even touching it.

    Lastly – holy smokes the “Lincoln Project” stuff is getting hard hitting and brutal. You don’t want to mess with Republicans especially if you are pretending to be a Republican and are ruining their party.

  3. Trump seems to really love “Fake” News what with his breaking with longstanding Trump tradition by not using the courts, or the threat thereof, to intimidate deserving potential litigants. I guess Roy is spinning in his grave but note how Trump is not threatening the NYT with a law suit, same old, same old, just like the last TWO times that the NYT got it absolutely right.

  4. Yet Another Calgarian says:

    Biden team releases campaign ad hitting tax system he spent decades helping write.

    • The Doctor says:

      Deflection attempt fail.

      What’s next, “but her emails”?

      • Yet Another Calgarian says:

        Thats not a deflection thats an indictment. It also includes every other establishment politician on both sides of the aisle.

        Also hammers the last nail into the we can just tax the rich theory of paying for things. Not with that tax code you’re not.

        As a further note I would actually like to see the tax returns of every billionaire who contributes money to election campaigns. I think it would be illuminating.

        • The Doctor says:

          Your posts are entirely based on the premise that what Trump did was legal. I note that he is currently under audit. I will also go way out on a tiny limb and posit that some of what he did is not legal — e.g., the “consulting fees” paid to his daughter, who was already an employee and officer of his organization (and then double-dipping by claiming them as a deduction).

          You seem convinced that everything he did was legal avoidance rather than illegal evasion. We will see. But I note that he sure has fought like a rabid dog to not have his tax returns disclosed, unlike all of his predecessors since the 1970s. Why do you think that is?

  5. NastyBob says:

    Trump leaked his own returns. He doesn’t want to get re-elected. He’s personally on the hook for 300 million of loans soon due and most his business interests are suffering huge losses .

    No way he’s gonna refinance with the 300 k per year he makes as president. He needs to get that 100 million book deal ( how the left stole the presidency from me ) Another 200 mill for a new reality TV series ( the dictator) and start charging admission to his arena shows and collect on the merch as well

    • RKJ says:

      Regarding the $300k annual salary, I assume he’s finding ways to bank a great deal more than his salary. My antenna went up on the first $1 trillion of C-19 support funds approved by Congress – apparently Trump fired the oversight & audit committee.

      Another reader may have more details here. One can, with reason, suspect a great deal more than a $300k annual salary was skimmed off from this $1 trillion “deep clover pasture”…..

      Speaking of big numbers, how about our $900 million “WE” attempted pay-off here in Canada? The U.S. is not alone in facing corruption – Canada has a corrupt socialist here as Prime Minister. So, when “We” point fingers, a mirror may also show us our own Canadian problems.

  6. Canny Scott says:

    Wealthy developer employs accountants to reduce federal tax — all good in the eyes of the IRS

  7. Jason Inness says:

    Speaking of not paying taxes, did you see the story on Postmedia about a former MP from Calgary West being charged with tax evasion? Serves him right.

  8. Daryl Gordon says:

    Fun fact, look who created one of the lucrative ,completely legal tax manuevures employed by Trump accountants. In all certainty also used by the vast majority of wealthy individuals running privately held corporations.
    But it is worth keeping in mind that the tax provision under which Trump was able to carry back (as opposed to carry forward) some extraordinary losses and thus claim a huge tax refund was not some arcane tax scheme — it was part of the Obama administration’s stimulus package.

    Does anybody remember who was in charge of that? Take your time — I’ll wait.

    From NPR: “Joe Biden was instrumental in getting the 2009 recovery act through Congress, then supervised the stimulus for the Obama administration.” Call it a handout to the rich if you like — because it surely was that — but maybe take a little note of whose hand was doing the handing out.


    • Yet Another Calgarian says:

      Its almost like the ruling class doesn’t expect people to be able to remember more than two weeks of time at a go.

      Sadly they appear to be right.

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