, 09.07.2020 03:49 PM

KINSELLACAST 124: Adler on Cons! Mraz on the big con! Plus kick-ass political punk rock!


  1. Robin says:

    The last PM that did anything good for the west and Canada was Cretien who brought together Ottawa, Alberta and the energy industry to hammer out a 25 year agreement on taxes and royalties, called the OIl Sands Accord which kick started the oil sands. This cut up the pie between Ottawa, Alberta and the industry.
    Fast forward to today, I don’t believe it matters who wins a Federal election, the west is screwed. I will vote an independent Alberta, both provincially and federally.

    • Even back then the need to end fossil fuel production because of global warming was well understood.

      • Darwin,

        True but it quite obviously won’t be so much an end but rather more like a phase out. If they’re lucky, petroleum producing jurisdictions have, at best, 30-40 more years where their product will still be in demand to a considerable extent.

        Ah, the wonders of increased economic diversification so you no longer end up as a one-trick pony. And of course, a separate Alberta — or anywhere else — gains nothing by separating because the world trend is still the world trend. Demand will reduce gradually until it’s no longer profitable to produce fossil fuels, not just oil sands.

        Better times for AB are only possible if British Columbians give it to them by booting out Horgan and electing either a Liberal or Conservative government. Otherwise, forget it. No one can walk over AB’s jurisdiction nor can they do the same with BC.

      • Jeff says:

        Yet we still import over 700,000 barrels of oil a day!

  2. joe long says:

    Is team Trudeau a government or a crime family?


    Lametti found to interfere in Court business. Looks like Justin got the ‘justice’ minister he wanted.

    Next up? Liberals do a deal with the Bloc and NDP. Support the throne speech AND stop parliamentary committees from investigating WE and the Dear Leader, or face an election where Trudeau has massive give-aways.

  3. joe long says:

    And Liberal Morneau violated the Elections Act; fined $300.

    Ethics and obeying laws seem to be hard for Team Trudeau.

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