, 10.29.2020 01:36 AM

Apology by Kristin Raworth

Kristin Raworth is a woman who works for the Alberta government and who used to follow me on Twitter. About two years ago, Raworth publicly tweeted at me that she had been sexually harassed by Kent Hehr, a Liberal member of the federal cabinet who represented a Calgary riding.

I quickly got in touch with Raworth privately, and cautioned her that she was making a serious allegation and that she needed proof. She insisted that she had proof, and would keep tweeting.

As expected, the news media took notice. After she went public, Raworth claimed that she was starting to receive “hundreds” of threats and attacks. She insisted that she was afraid and had PTSD.

I supported her; I believed her. I defended her on the radio, in newspaper columns, in social media, and on this website. I even worked to find her legal representation, pro bono.

There was an investigation into her allegations. Hehr stepped aside from the cabinet while the investigation was underway, but remained a member of the Liberal caucus.

Its results were not made public. Hehr apologized, however, and was later defeated in the 2019 election. Raworth went on to become a micro-celebrity, and commenced advertising herself as a #MeToo survivor.

I did not know her personally. I only met Raworth once, when she came to hear me speak at the University of Alberta’s faculty of law. She said she was a fan.

Raworth would also regularly message me privately, asking me to retweet statements that she had written on Twitter. I’d usually do so.

Last year, around Christmas, Raworth abruptly soured on me. She became very critical online. People choose sides in divorces, and Raworth didn’t choose mine. That’s fine. I wrote to her and said I was sad she felt the way she did, but I wished her the best. I ignored her after that.

Until the last night of March, that is. On that night, some of my readers sent me a screencap of a post Raworth had put on Twitter and addressed to national radio broadcaster Charles Adler and the entire #cdnpoli hashtag.

She told Adler I shouldn’t be allowed on his show because I “abuse” women, plural, and I had “hit my wife.” Those are quotes.

I was astonished; I was literally winded. I felt sick to my stomach that she – or anyone – could willfully publish such a despicable lie about me.

I went online to see if the tweet was still there. There were lots and lots of tweets; I couldn’t see it. I didn’t sleep much that night.

The next morning, I hired a lawyer and sent Kristin Raworth a libel notice. After a month, that has finally resulted in the apology you see above; the payment of my legal fees; and a substantial donation, at my insistence, to Equal Voice.

At the end of this sickening episode, I’ve only got three things to say. One, anyone who falsely alleges that I hit or abuse women, ever, is also going to get sued. And they are going to pay a steep price, as Kristin Raworth did.

Two, I wish I had never, ever supported Kristin Raworth.

Three, to Kent Hehr, wherever you are: I now wonder whether you deserved better.

I wonder that a lot.


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    Maureen Patton says:

    Maureen, I can’t post libels.

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    Duckworth says:

    I’m a coward, hiding behind a fake name.

    But I live in Calgary, I use Shaw as my IP…and my address is now known.

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    Steve Teller says:

    More evidence that, when we hear accusations, we need to look for corroborating evidence, and not be afraid to cast a questioning eye. Anyone can say anything – it doesn’t make it true. The type of alleged crime or act shouldn’t matter.

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    PAM MILBAK says:

    Betrayal comes in different disguises.

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    Dave says:

    No good deed never goes unpunished.

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    Greg Brown says:

    Sorry you had to experience this. And I’m also sorry that when accusations are made that are false it can cast doubt on people that have actually suffered abuse.

    Anyway take care Warren.

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    Bernadette Geronazzo says:

    Frankly, I always believed the woman who made those vicious allegations was an affront the to female race and and outright liar! It saddened me deeply to see a gentleman who made every effort to be kind and generous was slaughtered by comments like hers and unfairly treated by the press.

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    Emily says:

    KR won’t stop until you actually take her to court.

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    Jean says:

    As a senior woman, I am always worried about others who make allegations that don’t “ring true”, that seem to be climbing into a bandwagon or seizing an opportunity for attention to herself. Some young women are guilty of this but of course many of the #metoo claims are valid. In this particular case I didn’t believe the accuser because of what I know about the accused, Kent Hehr. I was disappointed that WK supported her at first. I also don’t believe her words against WK. Good that WK won the libel case.

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    ABB says:

    Well done sir!
    Who is your go-to counsel for this sort of engagement? Do provide a reference for your loyal readers, thanks.

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    Jack McLeod says:

    Sounds almost like a case of “a woman scorned”

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      Fred from BC says:

      Sounds like some kind of emotional disorder to me.

      I’m too easily peeved by things that don’t make sense, and this whole thing doesn’t. I’m just going to assume that there is some additional background here which, while it would explain things satisfactorily, is just none of our business…and leave it at that.

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    Tanya says:

    I have a couple questions on this, recognizing I will get the wrath of mean words. I follow Kristin on Twitter, she’s a fellow Albertan and I like to follow local. I like and agree with some of her tweets and disagree with others. In no way does she come across as a bad human. I didn’t see the tweet where she spoke derogatory about you. For sure, 100%, that was wrong. You sued her and got out of it what you wanted. I see that you’ve brought attention to it on your Twitter feed and retweeted followers who are congratulating you. Recognizing you have a much larger Twitter following than she has, do you not think she will be inundated with hateful and cruel messages? And are you okay with that? I’m curious if you would instruct your followers to leave her alone, now that things are settled. Forgiveness always feels good.

    PS – Anyone who scans your Twitter knows how much you love your Mom. Men like that don’t hit women.
    PPS – love your Mom’s paintings. (low-key jealous)

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      Ronald O'Dowd says:


      You strike me as a person who is consistently high vibration. I will try to do better and hopefully one day reach your standard. A glaring example for most of the rest of us.

      You remind me so much of the ethics Warren learned from his Dad.

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    Joanne says:

    Well women are just ever so grateful that you would deign to give us the benefit of the doubt. How benevolent of you dear.

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    Gene Humber says:

    I don’t think Indigenous communities will want Kristin working at the Ministry of Indigenous Relations. I personally don’t…

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    Mike O says:

    She needs to be fired. I don’t want her in my government-using time that should be devoted to indigenous peoples by tweeting her stories of victim hood over and over. Want to see real victims? Go to a reserve in Manitoba. She’s privileged from birth. She loses friends like she has Alzheimers because she is a sociopath. She’s posting stuff about narcissists and singing T Swift songs… because she cares about the greater good of humanity- or for attention?

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    M.J.Finner says:

    This does not go far enough. In addition to libel it is also a hate crime . The apology, retraction and payment of a sum intended to deal with the matter does not go far enough when it comes to making retribution for what was nothing more than a false claim in the first place. And it is not the only time this person has made this kind of allegation. Kent Hehr knows all about that. One has to wonder were there still others? Beware: All men that come in contact with this person should be advised – Almost with out doubt this person will strike again. Where does it end?

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      Jim says:

      Hate crime?

      How so?

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    Nick says:

    She is mistaken as to why people take issue with her. She can find a way to insert herself and her story in anything and it’s offensive. She’s all about herself

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    Cole says:

    She continues to insert herself into current events. How do you feel about her National Post piece today? I have known Kristin for years. She’s always been a Cluster B – if she cared about the “cause” she would use the words me, my, and I less, and ADVOCATE for others without constantly making every event somehow connected to her and her assault. Everything is about how she feels. I’m tired of hearing about a 40 year old moaning and complaining-set an example and *Try at least* move on from your past instead. A whole group of people who were her friends sided with HER RAPIST. She doesn’t name him because of libel.

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    Ryan McNamara says:

    Her tweet is gone.

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    Doug says:

    Will Kent Hehr run for mayor? Apparently, some third party firm has been doing market research to assess his potential candidacy. I’d be surprised if he does as the research will likely return general hostility from Calgarians towards all things associated with the Liberal brand.

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    Jason says:

    You should have requested that her response be pinned on her profile for one year.

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    Trinity says:

    I worked alongside Kristen for a number of months. She hid correspondence rather than handle it, she lied about cheques that came into the office (again hiding them), and sent messages to her boyfriend about attacking me (older woman) in the parking lot. She has serious mental health problems. She was let go from her position when I shared her written threats against me.

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      Cole says:

      Please tell more. What kind of written threats?

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