10.04.2020 08:48 AM

No October surprise


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    RKJ says:

    Trump getting sick was almost too convenient – a good way to divert attention from his tax avoidance revelations and debate performance behaviour. However, I do assume he is actually sick since so many others around him have also been diagnosed positive. Regardless, his “likely” sickness has conveniently diverted attention from his failures. The pity factor may even over-ride the growing U.S. recognition his own failures have caused C-19 to be worse.

    An American relative of mine indicated that almost all have made up their minds – the rest of the election will be “noise”. My greatest concern is Trumps on-going efforts to suppress votes, intimidate voters, manipulate the electoral college and seek to drive the final decision to the Supreme Court may be successful.

    Once back in action Trump will likely blame Biden for his sickness. Biden and the Democrats need to keep running hard and smart. The U.S. democracy depends on their party prevailing.

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    joe long says:

    “It’s no surprise Donald Trump evaded taxes.”

    I’m hard pressed to think of anyone who doesn’t tax advantage of the tax code in either Canada or the USA.

    But politicians, like Biden and Trudeau, created the tax code and ALL its provisions and loopholes. If they don’t like how people avoid paying taxes, it was within Biden’s 45+ years of government service (and Trudeau’s 5) to close the loopholes and/or raise taxes.

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    Max says:

    You are full of BS Joe Long. Firstly, tax avoidance is legal. Tax evasion is not. But your pivot to Trudeau and Biden (the radical, alt-Marxist, socialist Left, wink wink) was to deflect from a so-called Billionaire who will be charged for tax evasion as soon as he leaves office. Oh, Biden releases his tax returns. I’m sure you know who doesn’t. Lastly, the tax code is all Biden’s fault? In the same Obama left the military with no bullets and the hospitals with “broken tests” and all the cupboards bare. (yes, your cultist-idol said these things). I’m surprised the Super-Spreader President didn’t take a joyride to hold another cult-rally with the Red Hat MAGA Dolts.

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      The Doctor says:

      Exactly Max. The lame deflection attempts I see on this topic are nothing short of head-smacking. Trump fluffers taking advantage of most people’s ignorance of the difference between legitimate tax avoidance versus illegal tax evasion.

      The $70m refund that Trump claimed, which is apparently the main subject of his audit: every tax expert I have heard weigh in on this thinks Trump is totally offside. So that means this deadbeat doesn’t just have $400 million+ in personal loans coming due, he also will end up owing Uncle Sam another $70 million plus 10 years’ interest (the length of time he’s been trying to weasel his way out of this). Also the length of time that they have been fighting over this refund is apparently unprecedented under normal IRS audit timelines. Which probably means Trump has had his lawyers going full Roy Cohn over this.

      And then there are those bogus “consulting fees” to Ivanka, who is an employee and officer of the Trump organization. If you can’t see why that is flat-out tax evasion, then please take an introductory course in taxation.

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      joe long says:


      I’m still hard pressed to think of anyone who doesn’t take advantage of the tax code in Canada or the USA.

      FYI tax “evasion” can be subjective. The tax codes are complicated and sometimes judges rule that the evasion the tax authorities were talking about was perfectly legal. Personally I have no idea if Trump’s deductions were legal or not, that determination has not yet been made. The NY Times is not the legal tax authority in the US.

      What we did see was Joe Biden making a lot of hay about Trump paying essentially no taxes. Fine. My point for Biden is if you don’t like rich people not paying taxes, eliminate the loopholes you help put in.

      “Lastly, the tax code is all Biden’s fault?” Max I never said this. I did say politicians, like Biden and Trudeau could have closed the loopholes that let rich people pay no taxes and or raised taxes. Bottom line they didn’t.

      Now re the Biden’s tax returns. In 2019, with income of $985,000, the Bidens made $14,700 in charitable donations. Wow. Personally, with that high income, I’d have thought they’d have donated far more. But perhaps they did and just didn’t claim it, so they could pay more taxes! 🙂

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    Pedant says:

    He didn’t evade taxes. He avoided them.

    The former is illegal, while the latter is perfectly legal.

    You may well hate that he was allowed to legally avoid taxes for 15 years, but he didn’t write the rules prior to 2017. Even now he can’t do much to change these legal tax dodges without Congress support even if he wanted to.

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      The Doctor says:

      Bullshit. How can you possibly make that statement when he is currently under audit? The main subject of the audit is a $70million refund he claimed, and every US tax expert that I have heard opine on it says that his claim for that refund is highly questionable. It’s supposed to apply to dormant, abandoned assets and apparently the asset in question was neither.

      In addition, if everything Trump has done vis a vis his taxes is totally above board and tickety-boo, why don’t you explain to us why Trump has fought like a rabid dog to resist releasing his tax returns? When every US President since Nixon has released his returns?

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