10.17.2020 08:35 AM

The latest from Mark Bourrie: divorce pleadings? Seriously?

He is apparently interested in publishing the pleadings from my divorce, as you can see in the screenshot taken from his “Warren Kinsella Sux” website. His post:


  1. mooj says:

    Couldn’t help myself to look on the site (it has a catchy URL) and the post has already been taken down.

  2. Pipes says:

    Jeeze man, this guy does appear to be pathological to me. Publishing pleadings from your divorce?! Why?

    I worry he may become violent. Hopefully the courts will see what maybe his OCD.

    My prediction is, he will be the one in jail.

  3. Ed Frink says:

    I found Mark Bourrie listed here (Carleton University)


    Mark Bourrie holds a PhD in History and has been a member of the Parliamentary Press Gallery since 1994. He previously taught media history and journalism at Concordia University. Mark is the author of eleven books. The latest are The Fog of War: Censorship of Canada’s Media in The Second World War, which reached No. 6 on Maclean’s magazine’s best-seller list in 2011, and Fighting Words: Canada’s Best War Reporting, published last fall. He now has a contract with Toronto publisher Thomas Allen and Sons for a book on Stephen Harper’s media and information control systems, which will be published in 2014. Mar has won several major media awards, including a National Magazine Award, and has been nominated for several others. His academic writing has been published in Canada and The Second World War: Essays in Honour of Terry Copp (Geoff Hayes et al, eds, Wilfrid Laurier Press, 2012), the Global Media Journal and the Canadian Journal of Communication. His journalism has appeared in the Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star, the National Post, Montreal Gazette, Ottawa Citizen, and most of the country’s major newspapers and several magazines including Toronto Life and Ottawa magazine. He is also a consultant on propaganda and censorship at the Canadian Forces Public Affairs School.

  4. deb s says:

    we just had a nut…in my community who was stalking some of us, harassing us online, and basically doing insane things. Turns out yes…he is insane and he escalated to the pt of beating up his bf, stealing dogs and finally getting taken down on the ferry…very very publically. This guy…his behaviour got worse over ayear…the crack problem didnt help. But in all seriousness….a person willing to harass you for ten years…(even if he feels justified…thru his insane thoughts)…he is a guy on the edge. I think you should be able have him carted away criminal harassment…sending crap toyour home, bringing up lies about your family life…creating mayhem, this goes well beyond professional jealousy or competition. This guy needs serious help> of course you have dealt with him in the courts before and it didnt seem to help.
    I am sure you know all this…being that your are a lawyer…but is there anyway you could take a different tack…and try to reach out to his wife…or friends and suggest he get himself into a mental health program.
    im sure the last thing you feel is compassion for this asshat…but it might be what stops the behaviours.

  5. Tim says:

    Kind of unrelated, but what up with Ezra, these days? Have you guys formed a truce?

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