10.20.2020 07:46 AM

Would it have killed him to, you know, donate to charities like the rest of us do?


  1. Martin says:

    This is more of a reflection on the fools that paid him.

    • CHG says:

      When CPC attacked Trudeau for this in ~ 2014, Trudeau offered to give return the money to any charity that wished. However, the charities said they were happy because they made money from his events.

      Since there is money to be made from having speakers who attract a crowd, those people often charge as a way to limit their engagements as they get too many invitations to speak and are unable to accept them all. Usually everyone is happy because it helps them raise more money.

      One charity (in Eastern Canada, I recall) that said it lost money and wasn’t happy, then had almost their entire board resign when it was revealed the board members were involved with Prime Minister Harper’s PMO and taking direction from the PMO. Hopefully the charity recovered from that interference!

  2. Some people reportedly inherited an estate worth twelve million dollars. Maybe that figure is correct and perhaps not. In any event, charging such high speaking fees says a lot about what you really think about philanthropy and charitable works.

    When you come first and the charity second, that tells you all you need to know about the guest speaker. It’s that entitled mindset that by now is all too familiar to Canadians.

    Sure, by all means, let’s go quickly to an election and may the Liberal chips fall where they may, hopefully right back into opposition. They deserve nothing less. Right Jagmeet? Right Yves-François?

  3. the real Sean says:

    Getting paid a million buck$ to tell teenage rubes they can make a difference by dreaming of rainbows wrapped in pixie dust. Classic Justin. Sleaziest PM ever.

  4. Steve says:

    It’s Trudeau Jr., the ultimate embodiment of entitlement.

    It’s not shocking at all. What IS shocking is the number of charities and federal government agencies that actually gave him the money.

  5. Gilbert says:

    He truly has no class despite his name and his wealth.

  6. Walter says:

    Everyone knew Trudeau was a terrible person in 2015. All this was know.
    Yet somehow, the media decided to downplay all the negatives to have a cool PM – as this was know before the 2015 election.
    And enough ignorant voters went along with it.

    • Andy Kaut says:

      Twice. And, if the polls are correct, haw haw, thrice would be the charm.

      • Andy,

        Don’t count out the dynamics that dominate an election cycle. How many times have we seen here and in the States the incumbent government way ahead in the polls and then suddenly and unexpectedly (mostly) out of power? That likely will happen here if O’Toole is made up of the stuff that’s known as prime ministerial. The CPC needs to take Trudeau down one day at a time in the next campaign.

        • And another thing: voters mostly disliked or despised Harper in 2004 and we all saw the result. But by 2006, enough of those same voters, along with others, reassessed Harper and thought he was worth taking a chance on. Hence the first CPC minority. That could happen again this time with O’Toole having the advantage now of being neutral to popular among most voters and potential voters. He’s already miles ahead of where Harper found himself in 2006.

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