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My latest in the Sun: 3 > 2 < 10

Justin Trudeau is a three.

The late, great Rafe Mair left us with one of the truest of truisms: in politics, if you are a three, it doesn’t matter — if everyone nearby is a two.

Never has Mair’s observation been more true than with Justin Trudeau. The Liberal leader may be a dwarf, politically, but he still dwarfs all the dwarfs around him. (True.)

Such was the case with one Donald Trump, soon to be a private citizen. Trump was the best thing that ever happened to Justin Trudeau.

Trudeau had no shortage of wounds, all of them self-inflicted. And in each and every case, however bad Trudeau looked, Trump could always be counted upon to look far worse.

Take Trudeau‘s commitment to ethics (please). Trudeau is the first sitting prime minister to have been found to have violated ethics rules multiple times.

Remember the Aga Khan scandal? In that one, Trudeau took gifts from a lobbyist – free flights, traveling to a private island, and then saying nothing was wrong when he got caught.

Well, it was wrong. Plenty wrong. So said the ethics commissioner, who found Trudeau had flagrantly violated conflict of interest laws.

Same with the SNC Lavalin scandal, otherwise known as Lavscam. In that one, Trudeau and his officials – including his finance minister, who hastily-departed in the middle of yet another ethics imbroglio — tried to bully his justice minister into giving a sweetheart deal to a Quebec-based Liberal Party donor facing prosecution for corruption.

Because she refused to go along with the scheme, Trudeau drove out his female and Indigenous justice minister. He was again cited for wrongdoing by the ethics counselor.

But, even after all that, Trump made Trudeau look like a rank amateur. Trump actually attempted to get a foreign power to investigate a detested political rival who was also an American citizen – one Joe Biden, Democrat — thereby, earning himself a full congressional investigation and a later impeachment.

Another example: racism. In the middle of last year‘s federal election, Justin Trudeau was found to have worn racist blackface no less than three times. He even admitted that he may have done it more times than that.

It was inarguably racist, and it made Canada an international laughing stock.

Well, Donald Trump outdid even that. After the terrible events in Charlottesville — where an innocent woman was actually killed by a white supremacist — Trump said that there were “fine people” to be found among the ranks of the neo-Nazis and white supremacists.

That’s not all: in the middle of his first debate with Joe Biden, Trump declined to condemn white supremacy and groups like the racist Proud Boys.

During the coronavirus pandemic, which has been the defining political event of our collective lifetimes, Justin Trudeau again found a way to unimpress.

At the start of the pandemic, his government actively discouraged the wearing of masks, sniffed that the risk to Canadians was “low,” and actually called those who wanted to shut the border to China racist.

In retrospect, not impressive. But once again, Donald Trump was determined to impress even less.

He said the virus would go away in the Spring (it didn’t). He said it was a hoax (it wasn’t). He said people should consider injecting themselves with bleach (they shouldn’t).

And so on and so on. Justin Trudeau is a three. But Donald Trump was always, always a two.

Heads up, Justin: Joe Biden may not be perfect, but he’s no two.

And compared to you, big guy, he’s pretty close to a 10.

Warren Kinsella worked as a volunteer for Joe Biden and the Democrats in several US states


  1. the real Sean says:

    So true. If it weren’t for Trump, no one would see Justin as being normal or even a remotely appropriate person to lead anything.

  2. Robert White says:

    Coronaviruses are common cold viruses known for millennia in the Epidemiological historiography, but SARS-2-nCoV-19 is actually manufactured from Coronavirus because bioweapons experts always choose Coronaviruses to manufacture novel Coronaviruses which are rDNA retroviruses without known antidotes in the Epidemiological historiography.

    SARS-2-nCoV-19 = nCoronavirus = rDNA = retrovirus!

    AIDS, MERS, SARS 2004, and SARS-2-nCoV-19 are all retroviruses without antidotes or vaccines to date. All are bioweapons manufactured in Biosecurity Level Four laboratories via molecular tools.

    see Cambridge Working Group 2014 Call-to-Action on Gain-of-Function deadly BSL-4 USA manufactured man made Pandemic Pathogens.


    So far Prime Minister Trudeau has acted like a ‘suit dummy’ which is what Rickey Lafleur on Trailer Park Boys calls anyone in a suit.


  3. Gilbert says:

    One huge difference between Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump is that Justin Trudeau has a very supportive media. Katie Telford can always find friendly journalists to write positive articles. Another obvious difference is that Justin Trudeau has much more support from the political establishment.

    • Nick M. says:

      These petty anonymous sourced leaks from the PMO are a violation of one of Jim Lehrer’s rules for journalism. And that has to stop.

      Rule: Do not use anonymous sources or blind quotes except on rare and monumental occasions. No one should be able to attack another anonymously.

      • Ronald O'Dowd says:


        I’d go further and say that no one in a PMO should be able to enthusiastically contribute to the breaking up of a private citizen’s marriage. Trust me, they will pay dearly politically for that. You can take that one to the bank.

    • Miles Lunn says:

      Actually Trump has a supportive media for his supporters. In US, people generally watch whatever media supports their preconceived viewpoints. Yes MSNBC and CNN make their killing at bashing Trump and I suspect their ratings will fall once Trump is gone. But most who watch those two networks are probably Democrats anyways, I doubt many Republicans watch either. Fox News is very pro Trump and that is what most Trump supporters watch. Unlike Canada, in US most watch networks that cheer for their side.

      Only thing about Fox News which some Trump supporters may dislike is their election decision desk is staffed by non-partisan political experts so they will call a state when lead is big enough other side has little chance of catching them thus why they were accurate in calling states and didn’t try to pretend Trump somehow won.

  4. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    I’ve always suspected that a chain reaction of quite deliberate cascading internal BSL-4 events is at the heart of any accidental release of a bioengineered retrovirus.

    Looking back, these are quite clearly not one-off incidents given what took place in Wuhan, at Fort Detrick and other BSL-4 facilities across the globe.

    Purported accidental releases of bioagents can come with varying levels of political intent, that can be in line with the wishes of the military-industrial complex generally, or more specifically, the international war-gaming community charged with protecting the national security of a given nation-state or a collective grouping of same.

    The ominous prospect of war colleges continually gaming out first-strike capabilities not necessarily excluding scenarios based on the mass dispersion of bioweapons is at the very least troubling, and at worst, a template for the start of the next world-wide military conflagration.

    A pathogen-based war, on an international scale, is the modern-day offspring if you will of Eisenhower’s telling warning about the tentacles of the military-industrial complex, and its legions of co-opted scientists who today work, among other things, on pathogen-dispersion in a military context.

    One can choose or not to regard the global dispersion of COVID-19 as a boon to those who would develop policy in connection with a bioweapon-based first-strike military capability and its civilian impact on an enemy’s population. IMHO, that is the new 2020 based reality and where we as a race no longer fear to tread could ultimately be the undoing of civilization on this planet. They are the keepers of the human laboratory mice and for better or worse, our collective destiny lies in their hands.

  5. Nick M. says:

    As my mom would say about Trudeau and Trump, “they are two peas in a pod.”

  6. Robert White says:


    Bioinformatic Control cannot work as the planners envisioned due to the necessity for capture of the entire world population if the planners want to attempt controlling the bioweapon SARS-2-nCoV-19.

    The Second Law of Thermodynamics won’t allow an open systems cybernetic like civilization to be foisted into the Closed-Looped Cybernetic System the planners have intended via lockdowns of all populations for purposes of containment of COVID-19.

    Entropy-Second Law of Thermodynamics posits a run down of the system over time as Closed-Looped Cybernetic Systems cannot be maintained over time due to Negative Entropic rundown of anything contained in a Closed-Lopped System.

    Maxwell is the theorist most known in the history books for the laws of Entropy and rundown of Closed-Looped System over time.

    Populations of people are not Closed-Looped Systems and they cannot be governed in a proposed Closed-Looped System where they are continually locked away in subsets of containment indefinitely.

    The bioinformatic planning that undergirds the roll-out of SARS-2-nCoV-19 is wishful thinking on the part of the planners of biowarfare because we will never see full participation in the testing regime and vaccination/therapeutics regimes being offered.

    And there is no possible way that even Medical Martial Law will be able to help ameliorate the participation requirement for all to participate because only about half of the population will willingly accept being vaccinated with an untested mRNA manufactured vaccine.

    Complete Totalitarianism will be required to force participation, and the Western world is not about to accept this Orwellian nightmare willingly, or without force.

    Even if governments force vaccination upon the public and all of civilization we still have the problem with all the other animals that are getting infected by the bioweapon SARS-2-nCoV-19 and the spread.

    Governments cannot vaccinate all of mankind, and the entire animal populations wild, or domestic pets.

    The engineers of this offensive weapon failed to factor in the laws of Thermodynamics in their calculus for control. Scientifically speaking these planners have no idea what they unleashed upon the world with this latest incarnation of military industrial complex shenanigans run amok.

    Dwight D. Eisenhower’s retirement speech is often ringing in my ears still to this day as well, I agree fully.

    This SARS-2-nCoV-19 thingy is going to be the toughest thing we have ever had to contend with in our entire lives IMHO. I am worry for sure, and I am positive that the individuals responsible for this nightmare are too.

    IMHO we need to brainstorm this mess at the federal level pronto because the provinces are not doing a professional job of this.


    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      As a scientist and researcher, you see this pandemic, its origins, present and future effects far better than yours truly can dissect it as a layperson with absolutely no scientific nor medical credentials.

      I find it more than ironic that human psychology and the rugged individualism that flow therefrom is the number one impediment to retrovirus control, to the extent that that is even possible, even with a theoretical regimen of single or double-dose vaccines, not to mention virtual eradication which I also believe is not possible.

      The second and third waves which will no doubt surpass the medical after-effects of the initial one and are a stark indication of how first-person individualism can ultimately be, in a medical and scientific context absolutely to that same person’s eventual detriment, and to that of others.

      One worries that we will not see the two-year resolution pattern that was evident with the Spanish Flu, precisely because of the bio-engineered nature of this retrovirus. That’s like comparing apples and oranges as it relates to the true nature of given viruses.

      Another thing that keeps me up at night is the mutation capabilities of COVID-19, and because of its deliberate bioweapon nature, we might see a state of permanent mutation, both prior to the development of the initial vaccines and more importantly, even after mass implementation, to the extent that that is possible, of a vaccine regimen. Put another way, I suspect that the mutation frequency and efficacy will surpass by leaps and bounds the scientific and medical community’s attempts to successfully address this pandemic, not to mention turn virtual eradication into a pipe dream.

      Finally, how will governments successfully address the theoretical vaccine failure rate of 5-10%, with many of those people once again susceptible to contracting the virus, much to their eventual surprise, of not having even a partial immunity-like attenuation response in spite of the fact that they agreed to vaccination. Only the best scientific minds across the globe are in a position to effectively address this pandemic and yet the political elites in liberal democracies are totally incapable of understanding, much less successfully addressing this retrovirus to the point that eradication becomes even theoretically possible. We are indeed in dark times, with minimal to slow progress ahead against such a ferocious adversary. And IMHO, that is in no way, shape or form even good enough given the nature of this bio-engineered retrovirus.

      • Robert White says:

        Great points, Ronald. Like you I am a researcher, but I am not qualified to call myself a Scientist because Professor Ian Lee told me ‘I’m no Scientist’ when I was arguing with him about Economics.

        Mutation is most assuredly problematic here, and that’s my biggest worry. I just know the basics, but the professionals like Dr. Marc Lipsitch at Harvard are the top people that we are going to have to depend on.

        Lipsitch is undoubtedly attempting to keep his job at Harvard so I don’t expect he will wade into this mess beyond his warnings delivered to government back in 2014. Today’s Pandemic Epidemiologists are making far too many errors academically for my trust to be there in therms of their inaction, and actions.

        Canada is typically lap dog to USA management too.
        Is it possible to still trust Canada’s scientists on the management of this current outbreak? I think not, and that’s another worry too.

        Washington Post is now calling for further investigation into the origins of COVID-19, but that’s because I wrote to the Washington Post Editor-in-Chief about a month ago and explained the whole Pandemic Pathogen SARS-2-nCoV-19 thing to them.
        Now they are at least questioning the origin publically which is somewhat hopeful from a scientific causal point of view.

        I think we are going to have to double down on researching to rid ourselves of this impossible problem, frankly. And I don’t really like Epidemiology either.


  7. Douglas W says:

    Two wild cards: Annamie Paul, who will siphon progressive votes from the Liberals.

    She’s good. And she’ll have Justin for lunch.

    I would also not discount Erin O’Toole. He’s strategic. He’s building alliances. And he doesn’t care what the polls are saying now.

    With Trump soon to be gone, more Canadians will be paying attention to our PM, and that’s not a good thing for him.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      It’s our job to establish ourselves as a reasonable alternative and O’Toole’s political instincts in that regard are far better than Harper’s ever were. So, the train has already left the station and is picking up steam, to use a dated but accurate analogy.

      • Douglas W says:

        Ronald, well said about the CPC leader.
        And yes, Harper’s political instincts were brutal.

        I noticed, for Q3, the Conservatives raised $5.3-million from 40,000 donors.
        Stunning numbers for an Opposition party during a pandemic.

        The Libs have taken noticed.
        They know they’re not up against an Andrew Scheer type.

        Trudeau knows that a majority government has to be well within his grasp or he’s not calling a vote.
        Consecutive minority governments and he’s done, much like Pearson in ’63 and ’65.

        • Ronald O'Dowd says:


          Poor Pablo. Typical of this Prime Minister to have Pablo do his dirty work on WE. The PM knows HIS seat is safe in the next election. Not so much for Rodriguez. He might as well get used to the idea of once again losing in Honoré-Mercier. He can then pick up the phone and thank Trudeau for his thoughtfulness, after he loses. Too funny. Just typical of this PM.

          • Ronald O'Dowd says:

            Will the above dent the Liberal lead: Abacus has them at 38, up 8 on the CPC; Angus Reid has them at 35, up 2; Léger has them up 8 at 36.

          • Douglas W says:

            And then there’s Maryam Monsef, telling the Universe that she makes $250,000 a year.

            As an aside: who’s asking her how much she makes?
            Why does that person want to know?
            And why did the Minister feel compelled to answer the question?


  8. Miles Lunn says:

    Exactly. I said all along that Tories should be hoping for a Biden win. Big reason Trudeau is still leading in polls is for all his mistakes, he looks good compared to Donald Trump. I somehow doubt that will be the case with Biden, although with GOP likely to hold senate Biden may be limited on some things he can do if GOP continues its present behavior. Also when attacking Tories, Trump is a great foil. Trump represents the negative stereotype many hold about conservatives and can be used to scare away moderate conservatives who might be open to voting for party but find Trump too much. With Trump gone won’t have that whipping boy either.

  9. Tanya says:

    I agree with this, but wonder if it even matters. As a Mom of biracial Chinese young adults, one that is currently attending UBC in Vancouver had a man yell at her (back in May) that she brought ‘Kung-Flu’ to ‘Hongcouver’. (She was born in Calgary) Trump’s rhetoric has crossed borders and enabled this trend of covert racism. And albeit Trudeau used blackface on multiple occasions, we can’t deny that racism is often found on the right. As an Albertan, it’s assumed I will vote Conservative, and I typically have over the last 10 years – voted left before that – but I NEED O’Toole to be strong on this. I sit very centre on the political spectrum and at the moment feel politically homeless. Do the majority of Canadians agree with what you wrote? I’m not convinced. I watched McCain’s 2008 concession speech to Obama and yearn desperately for integrity and decency in politics again.

  10. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    I wonder how this Prime Minister will wear with the electorate going forward. Clearly, the PM is his own worst enemy when it comes to exercising sound judgment as it relates to ongoing government management. I see some cabinet members shaking their heads Yes but…

    In any event, the tefelon has long worn off, so it’s anyone’s game going into the next vote. In our case, it’s up to O’Toole to show that he’s ready to lead and he’s already well on his way to establishing himself as a future prime minister in waiting.

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