, 11.05.2020 09:11 PM

To my friends who are upset tonight: a thread



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    Ronald O'Dowd says:

    When someone goes on TV, or Twitter, to show all of us who they are, believe them. A piece of almost-human excrement remains a piece of human excrement.

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    Lee Hill says:

    Good thread, Warren. I continue to chant a combination of the Bhagavad Gita, Ecclesiastes, Revolution No.9 and the wine list at The Four Seasons as we await the final results. I suppose what makes so many of us on the other side of your feed howl and kvetch is that we thought Biden-Harris would have a much stronger lead and this Strangelovian docudrama would just be a paranoid nightmare. To echo the Brexit result and Hillary Clinton, 48 percent of America (and significant chunks of the developed world) is clearly deplorable and how do we, as they say in grad school, shift the paradigm after the inauguration.

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    Sir John A says:

    Funny story in Pearson’s biography, he recounts a story where Joey Smallwood and him were on a parade route in the back of a corvette, and of course they waved to the crowd. Then they drove through a cemetery and Joey Smallwood was still waving. “Why are you still waving?” “These are my biggest supporters.”
    Re: Trump’s claims. It is possible that there were thousands of ballots sent out to people who have died or should not have received a ballot at their home. If you’ve moved and your mail is not redirected then you can imagine, someone could sell those ballots and vote on your behalf a second time….It is possible…unlikely…

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