12.08.2020 05:34 PM

My latest Sun Media hit: the forgotten


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    Steve Teller says:

    This is EXACTLY what I have been telling many of my centrist and center-right friends. Donald Trump did not elect himself – he was brought in by millions of people who were tired of:

    – Being told they could have the American Dream if they worked hard, and then were laid off when their company found cheap labor in 3rd world countries.

    – Being told that all of society’s ills are their fault, if they are white and especially if they are men.

    – Being accused of racism simply for not lying down and taking the above-noted accusations.

    – Seeing everything they knew when they were young be displaced with changes they do not understand or necessarily agree with.

    2024 is not that far away. Trump (or a New Trump) could easily make another run for the White House if the left-leaning side of the Democrats starts to take over the party. People like AOC and Bernie Sanders frighten a lot of Americans, and they will switch back to Trump-ish politicians in a heartbeat if they want.

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      Ronald O'Dowd says:


      Yeah sure, but every coin has two sides: countless Americans have no job, no home, no car and they and their families are already food insecure and well on their way to starvation. Funny how the progressive left and UBI suddenly become so much more popular when you’re suddenly and unexpectedly in that boat.

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        Ronald O'Dowd says:

        And there’s enough blame to go all around about no $1,200 cheques before Christmas, not to mention Grinch Mnuchin at least delaying Treasury money to save small businesses.

        No new Trump Executive Order on that one — he’s too busy trying to steal the election. Admittedly, the hardest he’s ever worked in his lifetime…what a dolt.

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        Steve T says:

        Don’t get me wrong – I despise Trump. But my concern is that some people just assume it is a bunch of dolts who voted for him. Until the browbeating, virtue-signalling, holier-than-thou ways of the left are curtailed, we will continue to see popularity in repugnant politicians like Trump.

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      the real Sean says:

      The problem Steve is that voting for Donald Trump doesn’t do anything to solve any of those problems because:

      a) he doesn’t understand any of it.

      b) he doesn’t give a damn about any of these people.

      If his supporters want to ensure that their issues will be roundly ignored for the rest of their sad lives, they should continue to send their hard earned money to his legal team which doesn’t have the competence to fight a parking ticket.

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        Ronald O'Dowd says:


        And what was that blub that under current law, Trump gets to keep I think it was 70% of it, if he doesn’t actually spend it on court challenges.


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          the real Sean says:

          Economic Darwinism. Trump supporters deserve to be broke.

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      Darwin O'Connor says:

      The left side wants to improve #1, but that requires making #4 worse.

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      david says:

      They weren’t left behind they chose not to keep up.

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    Peter says:

    Unfortunately, for many folks of a progressive bent, resolving to listen to these people just means being more patient and polite before telling them how ignorant ( or worse) they are and how they really don’t understand where their best interests lie. After all the crap that has been thrown at them by the beautiful people in the past several years, I have a hard time believing many of them would be impressed by anyone just showing up and saying “OK, I’m listening”. How many Canadians who may not have even spoken to an American for years have very fixed negative stereotypes about who these people are and what they think?

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      Andy Kaut says:

      “Before telling them how ignorant they are, or worse?”

      Please. Lead with that, and Trump’ll effing win in 2024.

      No, I’ll tell you what they need from inside their camp; I may well have voted for him myself. They need to have the clock rolled back to the 50s, when they had a chance at the white picket fence. They need their college education to have meant something more than a piece of paper. They need their hard work to have counted for something other than an extra hot tub on someone’s yacht. They need the militant left to stop burning their businesses, or looking like they will. They need the left in general to stop calling names (degenerates, embarrassing cousins, whoops that’s Alberta, etc) and start paying attention to flyover country. They need to stop hearing CNN consistently ignore very real issues because they’re unsavory.

      Frankly, the entire country is unsavory, and the election of Trump proved it. And the election of Biden (as a credibly-accused womanizer himself) reinforces it and their disdain for the Left. The Forgotten need to be not preached to any more about how their candidate is appalling. They need to have a fair playing ground when it comes to politics. If Trump cheated on his taxes, fine. (He didn’t). If Trump colluded with Russia, fine. (Also, no). Take it to the courts and let the chips fall where they may. But the condescending fucking double standard is the actual intolerable bit. Biden has been asked a total of 0 tough questions by anyone at any time. Kamalla Harris gave zero interviews coming into the election and would rather let her byline speak for her candidacy?

      When the Illiberal Left stopped talking to anyone but themselves, when they turned university campuses into echo chambers and ran off any opposing viewpoints at pitchfork-point….what the fuck did you think we were going to do?

      We were going to blow the whole thing up, drain the swamp, sure. Whatever. Because ugly something is better than pretty death, any day.

      Here’s the thing though, guys. You want to hear a secret? It’s happening here as well. There are more and more of us that have been ignored for too long by too many folks East of Kenora. While our provinces were milked and drained and laughed off, we spent like drunken sailors and sent money home all across Canada. And the chickens come home to roost when we’re broke, again, and unemployed, again, and angry, still.

      That’s why we get Maxime. That’s why we get Wexit. Unsavory or not, folks. The true power of the Illiberal Left lies in their ignorance of any other viewpoint but their own, and their willingness to cancel anyone who thinks intolerable ugly things.

      I mean, fuck. Some of you will even work with Conservatives to defeat ugly populist movements. What does that do to the nation, in the end? What happened after the last election, I wonder?

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        Peter says:

        Thank you for your thoughtful response. As sympathetic as I am to the people you are talking about, I do not idolize them, nor am I willing to support a movement that aims to destroy progressivism. I have many thoughts, but the alarm bells went off when you talked about “rolling back the clock”. History has many examples of regimes who tried to do that and they all became authoritarian and eventually very unpopular, or worse. Plus I have to wonder how your words sound to non-white Canadians, who are as Canadian as you and I. One of the most remarkable things about the US election is the sharp increase in support for Trump among minorities, especially considering how the biens pensants have been screaming non-stop for years about what a racist he is.. There is a future in that for the cause I think you support, but not if it devolves into a nostalgic, ethnocentric quest to return to an idealized past, which, by the way, wasn’t all that wonderful and was marked by many features modern folks who call themselves conservative would reject out of hand.

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