, 12.15.2020 04:07 PM

Sun Media hit: where are the Conservatives? And what do they need to be doing differently?

Shot this one before O’Toole blew off several toes with his insensitive and idiotic Residential Schools statement. But the comments herein still apply.


  1. PJH says:

    If the vaccine issue is any indication, as much as it pains me to say it, the Liberals will be well on their way to re-election…..they undersold and now appear to over performing. M. Chretien would be proud…..

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      I’ll second that when I see the final tally of the numbers. If Trudeau has succeeded in a Hail Mary, then I’ll agree. Right now, it’s very much still up in the air.

    • Pedant says:

      Current CBC aggregate polling is showing the same 4-6 point margin ahead of the Conservatives as has been there all year.

      The recent revelations that Trudeau invited the Chinese military to learn our military techniques and train on our soil may dull whatever bounce the Liberals might get from any Covid vaccine progam.

  2. Craig Chamberlain says:

    The pandemic has been a bulldozer to everything that existed before it. We were scrambling in the beginning of it due to mismanagement of our preparedness and as we tied to get our feet under ourselves. It has been a year of relatively blunt instrument measures to control it. There was and is tech available to others that we never really mobilized – rapid testing and now, vaccines. In short, as brutal and challenging as this pandemic has been, it’s been unnecessarily so by degrees for Canadians. We really did not use the tech we did have on this planet to take some of the air out of the tires of that bulldozer we know as Covid19. To keep my parents safe, I kept my distance. My dad passed away last week (not due to Covid19). My partner continues her work on the frontlines of healthcare this Christmas. God bless you WK and all, and God keep you safe.

  3. PJH says:

    C’mon Mr. O’Dowd….all the scandals prior to the 2019 election didnt sink M. Trudeau…..it only reduced him to a minority. He has navigated through the pandemic with style and aplomb. His Achilles heel was if he dropped the ball on the vaccines…..and hey presto, he appears to have handled that bump in the road as well(albeit with prompting from Mr Kinsella, the MSM, and the Opposition parties), all the while maintaining his fabulous hair. Mr O’toole seems staid and quite frankly, boring in comparison….Hard to believe a 47 year old looks older than my 61 years. Never forget, the Canadian electorate loves to be bought with its own money, and also loves the sizzle versus the steak. Prediction: Unless the vaccine causes patients to grow simian like prehensile tails, the election is going to be a majority for the Liberals On a personal note, I thought I had yet again been consigned to Mr. Kinsella’s grey bar hotel….but it appears now to be a lag in the posting of comments….

    • PJH,

      Mr. O’Dowd inhabits Saint Patrick Cemetery since 2006. Please call me Ron, like pretty much everyone else on the net.

      I would put it to you that most Canadians don’t give a damn about this government clearly fumbling the China vaccine deal — but when delivery to provinces and territories is not timely and up to demands that will no doubt have an effect. Remember, Canada gets a reasonably comparable dose of vaccines as compared to the US or UK in September. People will die because of that humanist and political failure. And when your spouse, children or other relatives start passing away — and you hear a repeated refrain from premiers about Ottawa having dropped the ball, that will gain traction. So, in the final analysis, IMHO, this Prime Minister personally and his government generally are far more vulnerable than polls or conventional wisdom would suggest. Therein lies the CPC’s political opportunity and O’Toole knows how to do cross-examination and summary pleadings far better than the other leaders. It’s up to him to nail Trudeau’s hide to the wall and make it stick. I remain confident that O’Toole is up to the task, so time will tell.

      (Me too, I supported MacKay.)

      • Douglas W says:

        My suspicion: O’Toole is disciplined enough not to waste bullets right now.

        Agreed: he knows how to do cross-examination and summary pleadings far better than any of the other “chaps”.

        Final thought: Libs should be way further ahead in the polls than they are right now.
        Support is soft.
        Up to the CPC leader to move the needle.

  4. PJH says:

    Don’t blame me…..I supported and voted for Peter MacKay, and will be again soon enough…..lol…..

  5. Gilbert says:

    I think it’s far too early to predict what will happen in the next election. However, I believe the Liberals are in trouble for a few reasons.

    One is that the voter won’t forget the corruption associated with the WE charity. Though it may no longer operate in Canada, the scandal hasn’t disappeared. This should also remind voters of SNC-Lavalin.

    The government’s difficulties with China remain. The prime minister once praised the Chinese government, but the Chinese government doesn’t care. It’s clear that our relations with China are a problem. Canadians aren’t happy with the Chinese government, and the news that Canada was willing to let Chinese troops train here in winter conditions won’t win votes.

    The delays in getting the vaccine make our government look less than perfect. Instead of negotiating with the Chinese, we should have strengthened ties with our western allies. The Prime Minister needs to stop treating China as a close friend. It makes him look delusional.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      What do you mean looks delusional? This Prime Minister is way beyond delusional. Just ask The Two Michaels or any of their loved ones.

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