12.29.2020 09:20 PM

This is ridiculous

But it was fun to do.


  1. faithless elector says:

    Rod Phillips is OK’d by Liberal Party Green Light Committee to run as a Liberal in Ajax.

    Harold The Jewellery Buyer becomes Minister of Finance after Chrystia Freeland accidentally tries to follow an ethics law.

    Russell Oliver trades Manitoba for Cash! Cash! Cash!

    Justin Trudeau appoints Maryam Monsef to convene a royal commission of round tables to study the results of town hall meetings which discus the minutes of various conferences considering alternative perspectives regarding divergent forms of holistic community consultation at garage sales. The results will be redacted for National Security. Monsef will not know how much this costs.

    So called disaster management consultants will make tens of millions of dollars telling government officials that Canada is well prepared for the next pandemic, expected in the 22nd Century.

    The Buffalo Bills win the Superbowl after taking an historically insurmountable lead in the first ten minutes of the game. Bills fans will celebrate quietly and soberly in their homes like responsible adults.

  2. Nasty Bob says:

    Oh sure it’s all fun and games until someone adds the bee gees to a punk rockers‘ hit ! Seriously tho, put a big grin on my face and that’s so welcome at the end of this crappy year.
    Couple of points –
    1. Rockin’ Al should definitely add a Boris Johnson impersonation to his repertoire
    2. So good to hear your moms voice but her “favourite “ son should be PM
    All the best to You, Joey and the rest of the Kinsella’s in 21

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