12.06.2020 02:01 PM

This week’s Sparky: The Trump Long Bar Hotel!


  1. the real Sean says:

    Tonight’s debate will be fascinating. I hope Senator Loeffler is forced to answer whether or not the election is rigged. It will erupt a wild firestorm of splendid foolishness no matter the answer.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      Not to mention her ethically questionable stock trades. She would fit in just nicely with our present federal government in Ottawa were she not as right-wing as she is.

  2. Jim R says:

    There’s nothing in the US Constitution that would prevent Trump from running for president should he be convicted of a crime. Ditto for being in jail during the campaign and during his hypothetical presidency.

    And, the MAGA dittoheads would probably have no problem voting for him regardless.

  3. It’s all typical Trump BS. The “Master” Plan is to run Ivanka and force her down the throats of most of the ever obedient Republicans. And they’ll do it. If Trump told them to lick each other’s asses, they’d all do it in a heartbeat. Need I say more?

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