12.23.2020 07:40 AM

Today’s policy question


  1. Douglas W says:

    If only Dr. Jane Philpott was still in cabinet.

  2. Are the people coming in more or less likely to be carrying the virus the people already here? Especially considering travelers are supposed to quarantine, while the people here aren’t really.

    • whyshouldIsellyourwheat says:

      We have no idea how many travellers are actually quarantining. The government doesn’t say, and the media doesn’t ask the question.

      Blair only shows up at press conferences to bash premiers or obfuscate about the latest outrage committed by the RCMP.

      Rapid tests should be used for screening purposes at the airport. Anybody who tests positive should be sent to a quarantine hotel and get a PCR test. Anyone who tests negative should be allowed to proceed to their own designated quarantine site.

      The government should be physically checking up on a certain percentage of people who are in quarantine.

      Instead there is a conspiracy between the Trudeau government and the media to let the public assume travellers are actually quarantining with no evidence.

  3. faithless elector says:

    Pretending to think about the contents of an empty bag… in six different positions…. in an empty room. That image perfectly summarizes the Liberal Party of Canada since the Spring of 2013.

  4. faithless elector says:

    What’s missing in this picture? The EXIT sign.

  5. joe long says:

    Trudeau and his team have maintained, and continue to brag that they put ‘enhanced screening’ in place at our airports. Yet when the media does limited spot checks of arriving passengers we find that there was no enhanced screening, although in some cases arrivals received a piece of paper.

    Do cabinet ministers believe their own propaganda?

  6. Pedant says:

    Notice how Trudeau was quick to close the border to UK incoming flights but didn’t do the same to China incoming flights in the spring (until essentially forced into it after every other Western country).

    I wonder why? Actually, I do know why….

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