01.19.2021 02:04 PM

Here’s how many vaccines Trudeau is getting next week



  1. Lawrence Barry says:

    Well WK – that’s a surprise. On another note, just got back from the grocery store – bought a carton of milk and Patty Hajdu’s picture was on it?

  2. Phil in London says:

    I was thinking this post was the page in Trudeau’s ethics textbook about sensitivity to minorities from his school days. No, as I study it closer it was blank, not black.
    We are a laughing stock on the vaccine front, as I recall a few days before the Pfizer cutback announcement there was an announcement of 20 million more “some time” doses being bought from Pfizer, than, a few days before that the procurement minister was announcing that we deciding to forgo how many millions of Moderna doses because we had so many Pfizer ones in the pipeline.
    Does anyone in this government know how to order a fucking book from Amazon? I doubt they could, so it explains how they have signed God knows how many citizens death certificates!
    At least WHO will be able to use these on the poor nations if all of us are dead.

  3. Phil in London says:

    Hey the incompetent got something right, Turdo says next week will be the hardest we are hit from the short shipping of doses from Pfizer. He is really smart to recognize you can’t get less than ZERO doses so unless Pfizer demands Canada sucks the vaccine out of arms it is already in we really can’t get any worse! Now I understand why he can get elected he is so intelligent.

  4. Nick M. says:

    “Ontario premier pleads with incoming Biden administration for COVID-19 vaccine help” is a very bad headline in my google news feed.

  5. Chris Scott says:

    I’m not sure why Canadians aren’t more upset than they seem to be about this. I’m furious and I’m a liberal.

    It’s not lavascam that drove me away
    It isn’t WE
    It isn’t Christmas time helicopter rides
    It isn’t even ethics in general

    It’s this.
    It’s the incompetence on vaccines that’s driving me away. This is what is severely impacting my life.

    But why not others?
    Why isn’t the opposition all over this? It’s a gift to them and it’s radio silence from them too.
    Remember a functioning democracy only works with at least two political parties. This isn’t functional…. in my opinion.
    Chris Scott

    • Phil in London says:

      Maybe AS A Liberal if you were a little more pissed off like the rest of us earlier over Lavascam or all the other bullshit scams you are able to cite, and had you voiced your discontent AS A Liberal, or objected to the incompetence YOU also wouldn’t have elected this clown in the first place. I too am/was a Liberal. I grew up in a Liberal home. My dad shook hands with St Laurent, Pearson and this twerp’s daddy. However, While they were sowing seeds of divisive politics I had enough and took the cataracts from my eyes – long enough to realize that the emperor had no clothes. You liberals play politics like you’re cheering for a fucking hockey team. Nobody dies if you cheer for a bad leafs team. Try looking in the mirror and acknowledge you helped create this monster. Some of that blood is not on your hands per se but you damn sure put the kids in place who do wear that blood.
      I would be damned if I ever contribute to another political party if not for the fact you and your red clad tribe will do anything once the writ is dropped to put his sign on your lawn or go to his rallies.

      • Chris Scott says:

        There you go; more worried about your political tribalism than the actual problems with the vaccine. My point exactly made for me. Thank you.
        Keep focused on the shining lights you keep staring at and the liberals will be in power forever.

        • Phil in London says:

          Whatever, I don’t give a damn who wins if the people choose them to do the job. No caveat, no buts. I am just saying if Liberals like yourself keep excusing every other level of incompetence you should not be so shocked that this incompetence is here on the vaccine rollout.
          (I don’t carry a party card for anyone and have voted for all three mainstream parties)
          Tribalism is rallying to the leader without listening to others. Conservatives, NDP and Liberals ALL love sheep that are willing to be sheered and cattle that are willing to be slaughtered. I would call out a conservative tribesman or an NDP tribesman just the same. It was you that proposed the other scandals were just politics. A lack of integrity and competence in the house is hurting us all. The vaccine incompetence is just the latest. He can’t keep blaming others when he’s been in power for 6 years and his party has been there for most of the last 25.
          It is not that Cons and Dippers don’t have their faults, last i checked the Liberals haven’t asked any of them to come to the table to help.

        • Phil in London says:

          What I was trying to say was don’t be a furious liberal be a furious Canadian. BIG DIFFERENCE.

          • Chris Scott says:

            I get what you’re saying and respect the point you’re making. I largely agree but have some variation in my point of view. 🙂 All good discussion.

            My main message to those trying to defeat Trudeau is “ this is the issue” to capitalize on. Take advantage of it instead of being silent. 🙂

            Be well and take care.

    • Doug Brown says:

      As along as Trudeau emotes empathy all will be forgiven

  6. Bill Malcolm says:

    I am a troll. I am a loser.

  7. faithless elector says:

    if Trump won, Justin would dress up as the Q-Anon Shaman.

  8. Quo vadis says:

    Perhaps this more than anything will drive an early election By Sept the lie of having a majority of Canadians vacinated will be too hard to conceal.

  9. Shane says:

    Interesting Trudeau isn’t coming out against the provinces this time, and has basically been unheard from on the vaccine issue since it became public that Canada would be getting none next week. Could also be the Keystone XL decision and the GG report. Real leadership is not holing up and burying your head in the sand during times of major crisis, hoping to come out of hiding in the next news cycle. It was said here and elsewhere the only reason Trudeau had looked good is because he was a 3 to Trump’s 2. A competent Biden administration will make more Canadians see Trudeau for the failure he is.

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