, 01.29.2021 09:27 AM

Sun Media: Trudeau doesn’t look so smart and speedy anymore


  1. Peter says:

    That was so enjoyable I will even forgive you your fulsome adulation of the new Prez. I do realize it is against the tenets of your faith to say anything positive about Trump, but I really don’t think we can credit Biden for their vaccination rate.

  2. faithless elector says:

    I am hearing early 2023 for most Canadians to be vaccinated.

  3. Douglas W says:

    Brilliant: full props for this segment.

    Liberal fortunes depend on a swift trip to the polls.
    The longer the wait, the further they’re going to slide in the seat count.

    As an aside, super bad look: trotting out Major-General Fortin when the PM should have been front and centre.
    Shows how weak and vulnerable the Dauphin is.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      They’ve been for a while in reality free-fall. What logically comes next with growing COVID-19 vaccine realizations is polling free-fall. That walk in the snow is only still possible for a couple of months now.

  4. Peter says:

    I realize we are almost past the Payette controversy, but I had to share this brilliant advice for the next one. By a man who really does understand our constitution.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      I’m for abolition and for the installation of a figurehead president. As much as I love and respect Her Majesty The Queen, it’s long time to ultimately cut the cord once she passes.

      Canada needs to finally fully grow up.

      • Peter says:

        Confound her enemies! Off with your head!

        • Ronald O'Dowd says:


          Regrettably, I can only speak personally but my head is already too thick and swelled up to come off in one easy blow. So, there you go…pray tell, do you think Ann Boleyn’s French swordsman is still taking bookings?

      • Peter says:

        Actually, Ronald, the argument that getting rid of the monarchy would constitute “growing up” marks you as a dinosaur. That claim was heard a lot up to the early seventies, and it could be argued there was a slow, steady move to republicanism over several decades, but then everyone suddenly stopped caring and talking about it, not because of a surge of monarchist fervor, but because everyone suddenly realized it didn’t matter a whit, wasn’t an incident of colonialism anymore and there were a lot more important things to argue about. I understand that you and many others have no emotional feel for the institution, but why in the world would you want to open that can of worms? Besides, given what we’ve just been seeing down south, I think it’s clear there are advantages to a remote, powerless, hereditary, dullish head of sate.

        But if you think you would have an easy time of it and that only old fogeys are monarchists, you should have been in Ottawa and elsewhere when Kate and William came in 2011. And, be honest, don’t you think Her Majesty looked just lovely during her Christmas speech. 🙂

        • Ronald O'Dowd says:


          Yes, in recent decades. My admiration for Her Majesty The Queen knows no bounds. What an example of selfless duty and putting the best interests of the UK and The Commonwealth ahead of her own interests and that of her family. But that aside, I would go with a referendum and let the people decide.

          However, I also agree with you that it’s rather low on the pecking order, even for me. In my mind, it’s like cutting the umbilical cord at birth rather than only cutting it off at one end. IMHO, we would do far better with only one presidential figurehead and no lieutenant governors. Just one person’s opinion.

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