01.19.2021 11:11 PM

What’s the definition of manslaughter?


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    Steve Teller says:

    I saw an infographic in The Economist recently that showed Canada has contracted to receive one of the highest multipliers of vaccine doses vs its population.

    Yet here we are, with so few doses that we are doing the worst of the G7 countries.

    This is such a metaphor for the Trudeau government. Do something that catches headlines and makes it LOOK like something effective has occurred, but in reality the execution of the plan does little to help Canadians.

    Yet voters keep falling for this “headline” policy approach.

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    Mark D says:


    Not sure if you caught this piece reported by Al-Jazeera? I usually follow them for American and international news. However, it is good to see them shed some light on this issue many Canadians are experiencing with regards to Covid.


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