02.04.2021 10:13 AM

Bell: Let’s Boycott


  1. Makes me think of BCE Bell Customer Service.

  2. Paula Harris says:

    I boycotted them several years for the worst customer service ever, including outright lies. I will gladly support a concerted effort to bring this company to it’s knees.

    • faithless elector says:

      + 1…. The only time I ever got into a shouting match with a customer service rep was with Bell…. although in fairness, they did at least mail me a cheque as a result of said shouting match.

  3. Phil in London says:

    Sign me up. I have my telecom with Bell and with Rogers and internet with a third party small guy.
    I’m with Rogers because of Bell pissing me off
    I’m with Bell because Rogers possess me off
    How do I go to a third choice every ISP in my area has to use Rogers internet and get treated like shit when there is an outage. When there is an outage I get on the stick and wait and wait for an answer. Then I hang up talk to my neighbour whose internet is with Rogers (on the same cable) and she calls gets a message about an outage in the area.
    So I’d like to fire them both but all that means is I pay about the same get a smaller provider to offer customer service and still open the door and get dumped on by Rogers / Bell

    • Phil in London says:

      Adding my own rebuttal after doing some old school Saturday morning reading of something called a newspaper. The actions of Bell still stink to high heaven but here’s an important 2 points to make. LEGALLY they qualified for the subsidy. COMPETITIVELY their major peers at Rogers and Telus also applied.
      I think an important point, the same government that rushed to partner vaccine production with a made in China fiasco, that rushed to ignore the state of risk 13 months ago, that rushed to ignore than change advice on PPE while rushing to ignore Pre-pandemic red flags about a need to stock this stuff. Well that same government rushed to push money out the door without any dividend rules because they wanted to be seen as acting.
      EVERYONE of us who owns BCE will appreciate their dividends whether part of their mutual fund or ETF RRSP or held otherwise. Even the comfort of knowing our uncompetitive telco market at least provides a somewhat reliable service counts.
      Again I’m all for a boycott if it were feasible but somewhere in the entrails that remain post-pandemic there has to be some questions about WHY the government did not think to put some rules in play.
      In the last financial crisis (which this is at least partially) government had the wherewithal to at least have some conditions to stimulus. You can argue that these conditions were not strong enough but this time around the only condition from government was if we give you money – you can help us look good.

  4. Douglas W says:

    Gotta give them a pass … you know, like Bombardier and SNC-Lavalin.

  5. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    It’s not their fault. They got The Book with the misprint: the customer is always wrong.

  6. The Doctor says:

    Really odd that they’re apparently cancelling the TSN 1040 radio channel in Vancouver, when apparently it’s got very good ratings.

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