02.18.2021 08:35 AM

Justin Trudeau: forty more years!


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    dour, sullen, and unsmiling political hack says:

    As I was plodding through snow banks, passing all the boarded up stores in my downtown on route to a sad workplace, where everyone is masked up all day…. I couldn’t help but ponder the strategic saliency of Canada’s diplomatic role as a quasi-client state in the post modern hegemonically imbued project of Western economic colonialism perpetuated through seemingly altruistic notions of stewardship over the developing world as it emerges from a theoretical malaise of economic confusion embroiled by structuralist Althusserian propositions in contrast to the Malthusian model of perpetual pornographic perfidy espoused by some of the greatest thinkers in the parking lot of my local liquor store.

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    joe long says:

    Here’s the enormous elephant no on is talking about: How will we pay for Trudeau’s deficit spending?

    The argument is we can afford the current deficit spending because interest rates are low. I understand the argument. But it is only valid if we intend to pay off the debt. And Trudeau has shown no interest in paying down the debt.

    When interest rates go up, we (and Trudeau) will be shocked at how much governments (i.e. us) have to pay each year in interest payments.

    Is there a politician in this country that is talking about paying down the debt? No, they are all talking about even more deficit spending.

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      dour, sullen, and unsmiling political hack says:

      It will be paid by our great grand children…. who will never own a home… never find full time work full time… never retire…. never attend university…. and will spend a lot of time in substance recovery.

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    Yet Another Calgarian says:

    My favourite Trudeau comment this week

    “Trudeau said genocide is an “extremely loaded” term that should be applied cautiously and in strict accordance with internationally recognized criteria, and with a wariness of diluting its gravity.
    “There is no question there have been tremendous human rights abuses coming out of Xinjiang,” he said Tuesday.
    Use of the word must be “properly justified and demonstrated so as not to weaken the application of `genocide’ in situations in the past.”

    So Canada is guilty of genocide but not China… I see Mr Prime Minister. Does China just experience genocide differently? Is that it?

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    Phil in London says:

    Lost is the point of the tweet.

    No effective and more importantly no alternative opposition is emerging. The idiom Governments defeat themselves is in danger of becoming a false theory.

    When the writ drops things can change but it could also go the other way if O’Toole cannot keep the negatives on Trudeau and the positives on himself and his party.
    It’s a tall order. Lots of soft conservative support can and often falls away in the news clip environment of a campaign.

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    Adam says:

    Hey Warren,

    I see you have blocked me on Twitter – since we have a difference of opinion. I am @mradamchristie

    I would appreciate if you would remove the block. We may not entirely agree, but I like what you have to say in general and I am not trying to attack you. I trust you are fine with differences of opinion.

    I hope you will reconsider.

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      Warren says:

      I don’t have Twitter to provide a sandbox for others to throw dirt, or circulate misinformation about the pandemic. You did both.

      I’ll think about it.

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:

    Once again, Frank M. O’Dowd was right: everything’s bullshit. You have the conspiracy whackos, then those who quite deliberately are misrepresenting the COVID-19 reality and worst of all, nation-state governments who are bluffing their way actually trying to legitimately pretend that they have an effective handle on this. Call me in five years: I’ll take that bet with any government you care to name. In short, there will still be no actual COVID-19 projected end date nor a truly effective plan to get us there. Governments are good at stopgap measures and rehearsed theatrics. It pretty much ends there. Still unconvinced? Look what happened when the psychological panacea known as the vaccine arrived in South Africa…the strain won and it wasn’t even close. I rest my case. One would think that in 2021, humanity wouldn’t have to count on God to eventually rid us of this pandemic but right now, it’s seriously starting to look that way.

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    Gilbert says:

    Opposition leaders are good at criticizing the governme t, but often fail to articulate a positive vision. Here’s what Mr. O’Toole can emphasize: 1) more co-operation between the federal and provincial governments 2) a more visible role on the world stage 3) an independent judiciary 4) support for our resource industries 5) a secure border.

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      Darwin O'Connor says:

      1) An empty promise that most people don’t care about, anyway.

      2) Sounds like code for more China bashing (not that they don’t deserve most of it).

      3) Most people believe the judiciary is independent and would be uncomfortable with claims that it isn’t.

      4) Climate change denialism.

      5) Immigrent bashing.

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      Ronald O'Dowd says:


      How can any opposition leader truly do most of that? 1) there is no broad national consensus in any region as to what Canada is or should be. 2) Canada, at its best, has marginal influence on the world stage and is an afterthought in most capitals. We would need to have the capacity to spectacularly think out of the box across a host of the world’s most urgent and pressing issues and none of our thus far mediocre leaders has come close. I hated PET’s guts but he was the only truly capable one and the world yawned. 3) This will get me disbarred but the judiciary are the ever convenient hand maidens of government. See the Shannon and Lola cases for a Quebec context. 4) The country will never, ever, agree on which national resources the federal government must or should support. It’s hopeless. 5) A secure border is another impossibility. Look at RR: Trudeau did zip in court or otherwise to force Trump to block those mostly economic refugees. It suited Trump perfectly to have a weak northern border. Imagine that. Borders will always be porous. Just ask Israel who do it best and even they will never render Palestinian tunnels extinct. Border security is complete bullshit. Just like the war on drugs.

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        Ronald O'Dowd says:

        I will finish with this: Mulroney was no PET but at least he had the fucking guts to try. Who else is prepared to get off her or his ass to save this country, or at least reconcile our differences? No one, that’s who, except for that shining light presently almost buried in provincial politics. Nobody else gives a damn.

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