, 02.21.2021 02:04 PM

KINSELLACAST 147: Lilley on media! Mraz on lockdowns! Adler on…Kanye! Plus: amazing female pop-punk artists!


  1. Martin says:

    Ironic you brought up Courtney Love later in the show. First thing I thought when I heard the Geneva track is that she reminded me of Courtney Love and Hole, in a good way. Must go through her stuff.

  2. Greg Jones says:

    What’s a decent platform to listen to this on? Can’t find on Spotify or Stitcher.

  3. Martin says:

    Down to 60th on vaccines delivered as of this morning although, to be fair, unlike many other countries, we have provided no data since Friday because, hey, it’s the week-end! But I digress.


  4. Martin says:

    More math-they said in QP today that Tam said Friday that, by the end of April, we will have 8% vaccinated. So, if all the other countries stop vaccinating for the next SIXTY-SEVEN DAYS, we will STILL be in 36th. Was Tam bragging or complaining? At what point do the groupies(and there seem to be enough to still get JT a minority) acknowledge the fact that this has been a massive fail. The CBC pointing out this embarrassing fact out might help.

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