, 02.08.2021 03:41 PM

Latest Sun Media hit: I get pissed off

I’ve kind of had it.


  1. Not sure what more Trudeau could have done. Developing a domestic vaccine supply chain back in April would have cost hundreds of millions per vaccine, with no guarantee that the vaccine(s) implemented would work or that they would be ready to go at this early stage.

    In contrast Doug Ford’s mistakes, like his continuing refusal to implement mandatory sick days, have been obvious and clearly stated by experts at the time they where made. He also was slow to roll out the vaccine to long term care homes which should have been ahead of everyone else.

    • joe long says:

      What more could Justin do?

      Be honest.

    • Phil in London says:

      Really???? You can’t be serious. Your messiah is killing people. If you aren’t going to spend hundreds of millions to save lives, you won’t be able to spend billions on puppy dogs and rainbows. Great Britain built a supply chain and are pointing fingers at how bad we’ve screwed this up. Biden is picking up pieces after a near war on the capital but even orange man bad started to spend on vaccine development. Take your head out of Twitdeau’s butt, you seriously need some fresh air.

      • Your messiah, Doug Ford is killing more people that could be saved for cheaper, but he would rather see them die then give workers the dignity of sick days.

        Vote NDP.

        • Phil in London says:

          So tell me did Doug Ford do something to you personally or you just trained to put a ball on your nose and make seal sounds ?
          Look around you are missing a LOT
          This was a post about what Twitdeau is screwing up YOU have an unhealthy obsession over staring at Doug Ford’s ass and figuring how you can take a bite out of it.
          Put the politics aside obviously you can only see red = good and blue = bad just like your leader.
          Sick days were so bungled with CERB that the answer is now more money? Please!

          • All the posts are about Trudeau screwing up during a period when Doug Ford is screwing up worse.

            Sick days in the CERB are for the two week of isolation if you test positive, and doesn’t really help for the three days when you are waiting for a test and the result, which is the time that spread is most likely. Covering sick days would save more then it would cost.

        • Peter says:

          So, the man from the right says that Trudeau is killing people and the man from the left says that, no, Ford is killing more people. I love a deep debate. O tempora, o mores.

          • Phil in London says:

            Actually as someone who has held and discarded memberships and worked for both the Blue and Red parties and as someone who has withheld my vote and voted for an independent, I like to think I am more of a centrist but there is not much room for that in today’s political climate north or south of the border.
            Neither Ford nor Trudeau have captured my vote. I am not anti-liberal but I am anti-Trudeau and I think his failures are given a pass by a very partisan group of people.
            I also think calls for mandatory sick leave are a debate for later.
            I see MOST poor people and MOST rich people have enough sense to stay home right now and I see too many rich and priveleged people who flaunt rules. Sadly I also see SOME ignorance from many of all economic class and racial background on who is responsible for themselves and the contribution to society as a whole. I would very much like that everyone has enough to care for themselves but no-one should be going to work sick with Covid symptoms. They truly are risking killing others. Literally I am saying that someone’s financial condition does not condone murder.
            The vaccine failures kind of have to be overcome if we really want to have intelligent conversations about our society’s views on permanent measures like the paid sick leave.

          • Sick leave doesn’t have to be permanent, but is urgently needed so poor people don’t have to go to work sick because they can’t risk not paying thier rent and getting evicted.

      • Martin says:

        So what if it cost a few hundred million per vaccine. Based on the recently quoted price of 38.00 per dose we are paying, the 400 million we have on order will cost us over 15 billion dollars. Even a socialist can figure out which one is cheaper.

    • whyshouldIsellyourwheat says:

      Canada’s Providence Therapeutics had a mRNA program ready to accelerate early in the spring (like Moderna and Pfizer) but the Trudeau government refused to fund it or take it seriously at the levels to get it ready by the end of the year.

      Instead the Trudeau government wasted six months trail to make a deal with China.

      Moderna was funded by massive amounts of money from Operation Warpspeed. Pfizer slightly less slow.

      Trudeau didn’t believe Canadian scientists were any good apparently.

      Moderna had never produced a product for humans before. It was a relatively new startup. It didn’t stop the Americans from betting massively on it.

    • Phil in London says:

      For those who don’t feel I can criticize Doug Ford I do have this one bitchfest for him. WHAT THE HELL are you doing with rapid testing? Not a single province gets the value of this. It is not to replace more in depth testing like the one I had to have before surgery. Rapid testing could be an added screening tool. These would not be confirmed cases but cases that need to be confirmed. I believe that would go a lot further toward mitigating the spread then sick day benefits. Hell I could even support those benefits for positive rapid testers while awaiting confirmation. Remember a lot of cases are asymptomatic and it’s these people who don’t know they have the virus that can put a lot of people at risk. So from BC Dippers to Alberta’s Kenney Conservatives all the way to the east coast Liberals NO-ONE is doing this right but I can park my bus in Ontario (and also direct this to Quebec) and ask why the hell the province(s) with the largest population(s) doing such an inept job at testing and contract tracing? We should be running out off the tests the feds have procured. Not throwing them out when they expire. THAT could have eased a lot of the pressure in the Toronto/Peel hotspot and elsewhere. Rather than piss and moan about what the feds are NOT paying for in Ontario, Doug, save some lives and get this working.

  2. faithless elector says:

    mmmm… not so sure. Canadians never had any reasonable expectation that Justin was ever going to make any plans to accomplish anything, much less steer us through a crisis. Voters were adequately informed both times that he was a hopeless, spineless, occasionally racist and sexist, dishonest loser, with excruciatingly poor judgement, mostly appreciated for being very polite. Canadians got exactly what they voted for. A lot of politeness. So, no, there was never any reasonable expectation that he could lead Canada through this morass. However, there is an expectation that some of the Liberal caucus and cabinet were indeed elected partly because they displayed some adult like tendencies over their careers before parliament. They know better. They need to tell him to knock it off with the fake leader charade and just go home. Just standing by silently and shrugging as if Canada has a valid leader at the moment is plainly negligent.

    • Martin says:

      Some may have displayed adult like tendencies before parliament but not many. And I don’t see anyone with enough of a spine to take him on. Not to mention that there are enough mindless groupies that will put a stop to it. They are there because of him and are at least smart enough to figure that out.

      • faithless elector says:

        you really think that if a dozen MPs stood up and said enough is enough that anyone of consequence would even bat an eyebrow? lift a finger? Not a chance. No one is in caucus because of Justin. His brand died about 2 years ago.

        • Martin says:

          I just don’t think there are 12 that are not negligent. I have watched these groupies in committee hearings. Not much there there. They probably just hope the writ doesn’t get dropped until the 6 years are up for their minimum pensions. Maybe THAT would start a revolt-an earlier election. Blair and Garneau I am sure realize he is an incompetent moron but I just can’t see them leading a palace coup. It didn’t go well for JWR and Philpott.

  3. Nick M. says:

    I hope the PMO watches your video.

    This government has had close to 1 year of a phony war to prepare for Vaccination V-Day.

    And the best they can do is raid Covax Vaccine program, a program for meant for developing nations.

    This was their stated contingency plan. I disagree, raiding Covax is not contingency plan, it’s an ad Hoc panic move.

  4. Full Retired Rambo says:

    Wait, there was a plan? I’ve seen nothing resembling a plan. Perhaps the PMO believes talking points are a plan? What’s more concerning is why Canadians continually accept this disappointing response from our elected representatives during this crisis. It’s as though our politicians and bureaucrats place more value on our classic Canadian risk adverse processes over actual results. Why are not more people speaking out? Also thank you bringing more attention to this mess.

    • joe long says:

      The plan is very simple: every few days Justin makes another announcement. The aim is to keep Justin in the media eye and make it look like he’s doing things.

      Justin has no other plan.

      Let’s look at his plan to stop COVID coming into the country: he boldly announced Canadian airlines would no longer fly to Mexico and the Caribbean. But you could still fly on US carriers! Alternatively you could drive to a US city then fly to Mexico or the Caribbean.

      Today he announced that land travellers will have to show a negative test to get into the country. Why didn’t he do this a week or two ago? Answer: to be able to make another public announcement.

      Public appearances, that’s the Trudeau ‘plan’.

      • The Doctor says:

        I agree that at times, the frequency of press conferences has been ridiculous. Total overkill. And the fact that all news networks and programs seem to feel obligated to carry every second of them only makes it worse, it’s like we’re living in some totalitarian state governed by a personality cult.

  5. Nick Redding says:

    Trudeau’s assertion that we are on track to vaccinate everyone who wants it by September is ludicrous. Do the math. If that means two thirds of the population then we need 48 million doses (at two per person, 24 million people). That’s 8 million doses a month for the next six months. Does anyone really believe we’ll achieve that?

  6. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    No need to go full throttle on this Prime Minister. Electoral corrosion is already well set in. IMHO, let it slowly work its way. It will adequately do the job right up to election day.

    To overplay one’s good hand as opposition parties is IMHO, counterproductive and its wins less people than it alienates. Moderation in all things is my preferred course and political strategy. His record speaks volumes and as long as O’Toole doesn’t overplay his hand, he will be the ultimate beneficiary of this terrible and tragic fiasco.

    • faithless elector says:

      Your misunderstanding…. Liberals need to tell him to pack it in. He’s destroying the party.

      • Ronald O'Dowd says:


        The problem is that your average MP is basically gutless. There are no Thatcher killers in our parties. Didn’t happen thanks to Plett when we tried to give Harper the push in 2005 and certainly won’t happen with the Liberals now. In both cases, caucus = cowards. How fortunate this time for the CPC.

  7. Dave says:

    Is there any way to blame Steven Harper or Jean Chrétien? Asking for a friend.

  8. Miles Lunn says:

    Me too. This has been embarrassing. True the territories doing well on vaccination, but with small populations that is easy. Elsewhere we are doing horrible. This will cost lives and longer lockdown goes more people will ignore rules. People can only stay on lockdown so long and when it ends, I would like to see its safe to return to normal, not having virus raging.

    Also bad for people’s incomes too as not everyone can work from home and longer this goes on, the bigger the divide will get. Likewise also bad for many small businesses who are struggling to stay afloat.

    I can afford to go overseas to get vaccinated early if this government fails, but many aren’t as lucky as me and it shouldn’t be just the privileged few who can afford to go overseas to get vaccinated. Otherwise to Justin Trudeau: Do your damn job and stop thinking about an election and winning a majority and focus on vaccinating public. We reward politicians who do a good job while punish those who do a bad one.

  9. RKJ says:

    I wonder what disguise Mr. Dress-up will try next. First was long hair, then short hair, then Mr. India, then grow the beard and let hair grow longer again…maybe back to short hair and no beard and blame Stephen and/or Jean….maybe he can self-isolate for a month again and present daily press conferences from his front steps….

  10. Phil in London says:

    Being so disgusted by the first “long reign the twit” defence above I neglected to acknowledge a very important call in Warren’s video. Calling for a war cabinet to include the opposition was something I’ve felt very important for a slime minority (aside from the other call for the narcissist to get out of the way).

    Of course that supposes our blackface in chief could actually have the ability to listen to someone other than himself.

    Ford may not be everyone’s cup of tea but he has not politicized, has in fact done a huge tongue biting on this PM and has a majority. (Smaller because he has tossed Hillier and a couple other knuckle dragging asses).

  11. Martin says:

    Parliament rose December 11th. Then they took a vacay until January 25th. Then they put a big push on for two weeks(effectively 8 days, because, well, you can’t expect them to show up for work on a Friday) and having survived that big push, they are on a break until February 16th. Every time there is a stat holiday, they add a week to it. Can’t even hold their feet to the fire. Quite disgusting. And certainly not the behaviour of a government at war.

  12. Shane says:

    6 million doses by the end of March. Okay, we’re watching, and waiting. Final reprieve. Let’s see if Trudeau’s liberals deliver, or if it’s more press conferences that consist of nothing but alphabet soup, and Trudeau posing for the cameras.

    6 million, end of March.

  13. Pedant says:

    As long as Canadian women and Millennials prioritize a leader’s hairdo over brain, nothing will change.

    • The Doctor says:

      I notice that the first utterance out of the many urban liberals I know is “but the Conservatives [fill in imagined atrocity here]”.

      “But the Conservatives will frog-march women out of abortion clinics and force them to breed!”

  14. Martin says:

    We have dropped to 51st on vaccines delivered since this was taped. And deaths are moving in the wrong direction. Up to 45th in the last 7 days.

  15. PAMELA LEVY says:

    I get that Canadians are generally labelled as lay-back, sleepy, and generally make a lot of noise with no action. We are now labelled as lacking a moral compass. COVAX. Wish there was an impeachment mechanism.

    • faithless elector says:

      There is. PM can be removed at any moment by his own caucus, without warning, for whatever reason they choose. Liberals *refuse* to do so. People need to demand to know why. What the hell is wrong with them?!

  16. joe long says:

    And continuing ‘the plan’ today Justin Trudeau announced $14.9 billion for public transit. When will the most of the money become available? 2026!!!

    But, but, $5.9 billion will be spent between now and 2006.
    Ok. How much is NEW money, as opposed to a summation of Federal money already committed to existing projects?

    This is yet again just another Justin deflection announcement.

  17. Yet Another Calgarian says:

    Now extrapolate this level of competence out over the next ten years and multiple mutations until it turns into another seasonal virus.

    At this rate we’re going to be about 2 years behind the current circulating virus more or less permanently.

  18. Nick M. says:

    Headline from the CBC

    “Manitoba makes deal to buy Canadian-made COVID-19 vaccine that just started human clinical trials”

    It looks like Manitoba has given up on the Feds holding up their end of the bargain.

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