, 02.25.2021 12:15 PM

My latest: Trudeau’s shame


At what point, in politics, do you feel that – in your heart, in your bones?

On what morning do you get up, and go into the bathroom, and look in the mirror, and wonder who belongs to the face that is staring back at you?

It’s coming.

That day when you stand at the luggage carousel in Ottawa or some town, your face buried in your device, pretending to be reading something important, because you‘re hoping that no one recognizes you.

It’s coming.

The day when you are stooped with shame, when your chest is full of self-loathing, when you realize – at long last – that you have become what you came to Ottawa to stop. To end.

That moment of shame came on Monday, this week. You sent out Marc Garneau – the former astronaut whose name is on the side of some schools in Canada, but whose name should now be chiseled off – to recite a statement, like it was a ransom note. In which he, and you, refused to call genocide by its name.

Which is genocide.

These are the things we, and you, know: the Chinese dictatorship is engaged in acts of genocide against the Uighurs, the Muslim minority in China. It is the largest act of genocide against a religious minority since the Holocaust. You know this.

You know, too, about the concentration camps. The forced sterilization of Muslim women. The torture. The beatings. The enslavement. The organ harvesting. The state-administered abortions. The removal of children from their parents, to be sent away forever.

You know about all of that. You know about other things: the three million who have been detained. The thousands of places of worship that have been reduced to ruins. The state-sanctioned murders.

You know about those things. You’ve seen the reports, written by your own people. And here is what you did about it.


You did nothing at all. You just sent Garneau out, his features suffused with guilt, to bleat some meaningless words.

The government of Canada, he bleated, was “deeply disturbed by horrific reports of human rights violations in Xinjiang, including the use of arbitrary detention, political re-education, forced labour, torture and forced sterilization.”

And: “The government of Canada will continue to work with international partners To defend vulnerable minorities.”

Except, well, you don’t. You haven’t. In particular, you don’t “defend vulnerable minorities.”

You just leave them to die.

He was abstaining, said Garneau, on behalf of you. He was abstaining “on behalf of the government of Canada.”

And there, as in so many things, you are wrong. Because, while Marc Garneau’s profile in cowardice represented you, it did not represent us. It did not speak for the people of Canada.

Nor your Liberal caucus, as it turned out. All of them – every one of them – voted to condemn China’s indisputable crimes against the humanity called the Uighurs. It was a vote against you, too.

In our not-distant past, we made Nelson Mandela an honorary citizen of this country. We also did that for Raoul Wallenberg, the Swedish diplomat who was murdered for saving the lives of thousands of Jews during the Holocaust.

That’s what we do, here in Canada. We don’t have nuclear weapons. We don’t have big guns. We don’t have much of an army, thanks to you.

But what we – we the Canadian people – have is this: our voices. We raise our voices when the world is spinning off its axis, towards the Ninth Circle of Hell. As it is in northwestern China, right now. As it is for the powerless people called the Uighurs.

Canada raises its voice at such moments in history. It’s how we are measured. It’s what we are.

You aren’t one of us. You are a sad, pitiful man-boy, one who did not speak up on the one day when it mattered.

You are the one who is covered, forevermore, in shame.


  1. Doug Brown says:

    The Liberals have no interest in matters with low potential to rile up identity politics. Therefore, declaring “cultural genocide” within Canada’s borders is more a priority than condemning a real genocide elsewhere in the world.

    • I am a conservative but I agree with Warren’s thoughts that the Justin Trudeau liberals are not ‘normal’ liberals. These MPs are gutless. They care more about virtue signalling BS than actual Canadians. I look around at my friends – every one of them works hard for their living. They support their families every day. These are the people that Justin Trudeau says he supports but it is the opposite. More taxes, more BS climate change. My business has barely been open for the past year. Such bullshit

      • dour, sullen, and unsmiling political hack says:

        Exactly, Tracy. Its not a Liberal thing. Its a Justin thing and the tiny group of desperate clowns who’ve momentarily seized control of the Party. The parade of nonsense over the past six years are not what the Liberal Party could be / should be / has been / will be.

        • Geoff Furnis says:

          Not what the Lib party could be should be?
          Except reality shows that is what they have become. And they know it or they would not be paying off news organizations to soften the news and steer the conversation…

        • Dan says:

          Yet not a single Laurentian Elites has come forward to condemn his policies or practices. Why would they? Trudeau is making them all money. This liberal infatuation with Red China goes back to before Chretien, the guy that started selling us out to the ChiComs. The whole party are nothing but traitors who put themselves ahead of Canadians.

    • Douglas W says:

      Tone matters to Canadians.

      They like the tone of this government, even though it doesn’t have a clue how to govern.

  2. Joseph says:

    I won’t take it personally.
    This isn’t a black mark on the nation.
    It’s a black mark against the current cabinet and it’s PM.
    Now what is to be done about that?

  3. joe long says:

    Shame? Justin Trudeau?

    Mr. Blackface?

    Mr. Gropenfuhrer …“some people experience things differently”?

    Mr. I did not pressure JWR?

    Mr. dress up in India?

    Mr. cut back on CO2, but I’ll campaign using two jets?

    Mr. do you like my socks?

    Justin is a joke. It’s time for him to go. It’s time for him to actually work for a living.

  4. Evanoff says:

    Senicide and Genocide. What’s the difference? Wake up Canada. An immoral person has taken the reins in Canada. He should be given a time out in jail.

  5. Martin says:

    CBC, right on cue and as predicted, is reporting on how terrible the provinces are doing on vaccine delivery. They would have a lot of the kinks out of their efforts by now if they would actually had doses to deliver.

    • Nick M. says:

      I can not believe that this is the priority of Trudeau to say his is “Frustrated” with the roll out from the provinces.

      • joe long says:

        Trudeau is frustrated with the provincial roll out?

        Well Trudeau’s done a “great” job of:
        – getting vaccines
        – providing drinking water for First Nations
        – balancing the budget
        – treating colleagues with respect
        – showing up in Parliament
        – not running omnibus bills

        Trudeau’s key attributes are: dressing up, lying, and meaningless virtue signalling

      • Martin says:

        Particularly the big bad Doug Ford and I saw one table that he has vaccinated 88.3 per cent of the vaccines delivered. Highest in the country. WTF! These children have an ongoing problem with math.

  6. dour, sullen, and unsmiling political hack says:

    One day a valid Liberal Prime Minister will apologize for everything Justin Trudeau has done over the past 6 years.

  7. Brian says:

    I cannot say that I know the truth about what is happening to the Uighurs but I do know that a great deal the information that is being used to vilify China is coming from the “journalists” at Epoch Times who have a particular axe to grind with the Chinese government. One in particular who has never been to China but claims to be a personal victim of genocide since she is 1/8 Uighur. Them and the US government agencies (NED, CIA, etc…) who are working to destabilize China.

    Let’s look to the UN for guidance on this situation since China has invited the UN to investigate the situation.

    • Terry A Weed says:

      The UN???? Are you kidding me!!!

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      Yeah, and guess who will make damned sure that the UN caravan gets to go everywhere possible across China other than where they exactly should be going. It’s nothing more than a sham and Chinese propaganda bullshit.

      • Ronald O'Dowd says:

        And it’s more than predictable what Himself will say on behalf of the Canadian government as soon as some bureaucrat or more likely, PMO staff flunky finally clues him in. Otherwise, the PM will be what he usually is: entirely clueless.

    • C Thompson says:

      There has been testimony from many who were persecuted and raped in those camps. There is also a Frontline documentary (on CBC Gem app) on the spying and detaining camps that these people are subjected to. The genocide is being reported all around the world.


    • Ladyhawkmb says:

      I would not depend on the UN to do anything against the CCP. They have already betrayed those who would testify against the CCP, by giving the names of those people to the CCP. As to the Epoch Times, they do try not to be political. They do report without bias, if they can find all sides of the story, which can be hard when dealing with a totalitarian government like the CCP.

    • Derek Pearce says:

      Lol you’ve got to be kidding. WK can you see if this post came from within the Chinese Embassy?

    • Peter Varley says:

      You, sir, are full of shit.

    • Phil in London says:

      Brian have you considered a run for the Liberal party? They are always in the market for someone who can’t think for themselves and who refuse to believe ANY reason is enough to denigrate the brand. The UN? ……..I can’t even respond to that.

    • Pedant says:

      Is that you John McCallum?

    • Joe says:

      The same UN that has just been caught leaking names of dissidents to the CCP?? Is that you, Justin?

    • William Phillips says:

      The UN for Guidance?? to investiate??
      Are you out of your mind!

    • George Bergquist says:

      Are you kidding the UN is partly to blame for the mess this country is in now too, Brian must work for Government or MSM.

    • Merla says:

      The UN? The last place I would go for information. Another corrupt organization.

  8. Glen says:

    Well said, but off the mark.

    Narcissistic personalities like Justin Trudeau’s are incapable of experiencing or feeling shame.

    I also wonder what kind of dirt someone has on Trudeau, it’s got to be some serious stuff.

    What boggles my mind is how his cabinet, some who (I think) should know better, are allowing themselves to be lumped in with this vacuous dilettante.

  9. Catherine Feren says:

    Shame requires reflection and insight. It does not appear the PM practices either…

  10. A powerful indictment of Trudeau. But Trudeau has been covered in shame many times before and the Laurentian elites keep supporting him and convince the majority of Maritimers, Quebecers, Ontarians and British Columbians to keep voting for the incompetent, pusillanimous Liberals. The West has rejected Trudeau 1 & 2 to no avail, so our only option is to separate from Canada. What a relief to not have to cringe every time Trudeau waltzes on to the stage–and he likes all stages, the drama queen he is.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:

      The only thing worse than Trudeau would be to be stuck with Kenney. Even more of a nightmare. The guy is well on his way to running AB right into the ground.

      • Al Molzan says:

        Are you serious, even with the incompetence of Trudeau, you bring up Kenney? He is doing the best job of rolling out what little amount of vaccines are given to us of all the provinces. He has such a mess to clean up after the disastrous NDP. This article is solely about our narcissistic clueless federal leader, don’t cover up for him.

        • Ronald O'Dowd says:


          If what you say about his COVID-19 performance is accurate, then yes, I will praise him for that. But in real down to earth life it’s all about economic diversification in order to survive and prosper. AB desperately needs that like a human being needs food and water. And so I’ll say it once again: where’s your diversification plan Jason? Oh, right. He ain’t got one and has zero plans of coming up with one. Please correct me if I’m wrong. He much prefers to pontificate à la Trudeau…

          • Doug Brown says:

            No. It will be about austerity, austerity and then more austerity. Alberta vastly outspends every other province with nothing tangible to show for this supposed “progressiveness”. The NDP couldn’t even freeze hiring. Kenney’s mistake was not enacting a 10% plus budget cut early in his mandate.

      • Yet Another Calgarian says:

        Some of us get stuck with both. Which truly sucks.

        I haven’t voted Conservative in Alberta since the nineties. Love to ship Kenney back to Toronto where he belongs.

        Sooner step in front of a bus than vote NDP. No matter what I think of Notley personally (respect) her party is full of the crazy and the delusional.

        Crony vs Crazy is not really much of a real option.

        I’ve been voting Alberta Party pretty much solely so we can get at least one rational opposition party into the Legislature. They at least appear to be capable of articulating budgets and policy even if I don’t agree with half of it.

        And yes austerity is coming in Alberta. And most Albertans will probably back it. You can’t tell anyone sane here that there isn’t real waste to be cut after our last thirty years of governments.

        But you’re crazy if you think its not coming for other provinces and the Federal government too after the binge we’ve had under Junior.

  11. Vote Quimby says:

    Cowardly shame on his part for sure, but I’m worried that the Chinese have dirt on the intellectual weakling and are pulling his strings.

    Gagged for fear of blackmail, or incompetent ignorance of what genocide actually is? He sure liked using the G-word a lot in his first farce….err, mandate.

  12. Douglas W says:

    Shame on those who will vote for him again.

    Lots will.

    • ANDY JURGEN KAUT says:


      Warren stopped just short of shaming the grassroots base of a party that has now elected the Asshat in Chief not once, but twice.

      The minority govt came, again, LISTEN, after he had punted the first female Attorney General because she had a fucking principle.

      I get it, politics are politics. But the shame doesnt stop at 24 Sussex; it can’t. Because, in the end, lots of canadians support this guy. And his socks.

  13. Joel Lorimer says:

    It seems to be impossible for the federal liberals to say anything against China. We went to a partnership with a Chinese vaccine company first when China was
    revealing itself as an adversary? Got dumped by them and had to scramble for vaccines? Boy do I miss when the liberals were liberals and not out competing the NDP to go left. I think if we asked former PM Chrétien nicely he could come back and fix things.

  14. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    Frankly, I’m surprised that Marc agreed to do this as Minister. To say he had no choice would be the ultimate cop out. I would have told him what to do with his so-called statement but instead he opted to just read it. Not exactly his finest hour, is it…well at least the Carney Clan are a smiling.

    • Douglas W says:

      Carney, throwing hard in the bullpen.

      Ready, as soon as he gets the nod.

      • Pedant says:

        The man who did his level best to destroy Canada’s middle class and inflate one of planet’s biggest housing bubbles?

        You really think another Davos globalist is right for the times? I’d rather have leaders that put Canada first.

  15. joe long says:

    Trudeau Liberals; confusing talk with action.

    Marc Garneau tweeted on Feb 24, “Canada will always stand up for human rights & democracy, and strive for a world where the freedoms of all people are respected.”

    Yet a few days earlier he stood up and proudly announced he was abstaining. The rest of Trudeau’s cabinet failed to show up to vote.

    Now it looks like they have a Katie Telford style media campaign where they bravely talk about supporting human rights everywhere.

    Trudeau Liberals; confusing talk with action.

  16. Patrick Robinson says:

    This is all about the long time Liberal relationship with the CCP going back decades. Trudeau keeps tiptoeing around because the green reset is set up for canada to borrow hundreds of $billions to buy cheap crap green power infrastructure while much of the $$ sticks to appropriate hands.
    Follow the money

  17. John says:

    Our Canadian country . Is no more!

  18. Gloriousus et Liber says:

    I for one would be surprised if a Liberal government ever took any action against the CCP. The Liberal Party, foreign service and corporate community are still wearing rose- coloured glasses when it comes to China.

  19. Martin says:

    I note we are still 60th in doses delivered. This is despite the fact that the libs and their buds in the media keep talking about the fact that we are awash in doses. In their presser yesterday, they also slightly changed their goal. Anand said we will administer does to everyone by the end of September that “requires” one as opposed to “wants one”. I assume that was intentional. My own personal plan is still to wait for herd immunity.

    • joe long says:

      Now that the government has approved the AstraZeneca vaccine, which some reports say is less effective than the other approved vaccines, it will be interesting to see which vaccines Trudeau and his cabinet select.

      My fear is the lower effectiveness will cause people not to choose the AstraZeneca vaccine. However, Justin will proudly proclaim everyone who chooses to get vaccinated has been. But let’s see which vaccine Justin selects for himself.

  20. Fred J Pertanson says:

    Well said, Warren. Your best writing in a while.


  21. joe long says:

    Vivian Krause asked what happened to the $480 million WE received in the US?


    She also provided a list of who donated to WE and how much.

    What was the money used for?

    Remember Team Trudeau shut down all Parliamentary investigations into WE.

  22. David Cohen says:

    Canadians must learn to understand economics and they don’t. Having given this child of P. E. Trudeau the reins of power Canada’s economic standing is on the precipice of financial ruin that our children’s children couldn’t payoff what we owe because the child has spent tomorrow’s money and tomorrow’s money year after year. Does he think pharmacare will win votes and the expense of jobs as big pharma will develop solutions in other countries! Does he not understand and Freeland as well, she is his puppet, that without GDP growth what is left to tax. He isn’t his father, he isn’t the international leader he thinks he is, he’s been outsmarted by Trump for letting Wangzou into Canada leaving no leverage to bring the Michael’s home and his incapability to bring vaccines to us is yet another instance of his political incapable blundering. This is what happens when a boy is given the reins. Disaster and disaster. Canadians need to think long and hard about VOTING for our next PM. To me, it’s been a foregone conclusion years ago.

  23. Yet Another Calgarian says:

    And China also appears to be ramping up to bring the same playbook for the Uighur’s to the Mongolians.


    It’s almost like China has decided that the West isn’t going to do anything other than sign trade agreements to sell luxury goods to them.

  24. Cem says:

    Justin and his band of discussing minions are pathetic.
    Fake phoney garbage
    Embarrassed to tell people this is our government

  25. Bonnie Schimpf says:

    Great read and yes I totally agree, I do hope he has some remorse but probably won’t

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