02.15.2021 11:45 PM

The truth


  1. Steve Teller says:

    This will be (or sure as heck ought to be) the main election platform of the NDP and Conservatives.

    If I were them, I would be looking to bring down the government at the first opportunity. Sadly, the citizenry often has the attention span of a gnat, and if the election is held after the vaccine gong show ends in Q4 of this year, people will quickly forget what a sh*tshow Trudeau made of it.

    • Lawrence Barry says:

      Steve – you’re more optimistic than I am. I will be surprised if the vaccine is available to me before Sept 2022. The continuing negligence by JT et al is a joke.

  2. Martin says:

    56th according to that table, actually.

  3. faithless elector says:

    Singh is talking about bringing in the army to stick people’s arms. Soldiers…. In Canadian cities… we did not make this up…

    • Martin says:

      Actually, to a certain extent, he has a point. JT’s groupies’ standard refrain is “what would you be doing different.” Well, here goes. This is a war. Pretty sure no one talked about provincial and federal jurisdictions during the two big ones and we KNOW what JT is going to say once the vaccines start showing up.

      Some stuff in the papers today in the US about how vaccines are being administered during bankers hours even though they are doing a massively better job than us. Which is a valid complaint. I never could figure out up here why testing and reporting etc would just shut down during holidays etc, Ditto parliament constantly taking a vacay but I digress. I would be stepping in as a federal government and get people in place, train them, get the pharmacies lined up, do dry runs, etc, etc, so that when the vaccines finally get here, they can go in arms very quickly, 24 hours a day. Hard to get medical tests like MRis are done that way so vaccines certainly should. Even now, we still have them lying around. Once they show up, the PM will start blaming the provinces. Who cares about jurisdictions but I don’t see any of the children and groupies currently running our country getting something like that in place. We have no C. D. Howes in cabinet.

      My personal plan is to do what any thinking conservative should do. Count on no one and wait for herd immunity.

  4. Steve Teller says:

    I see that Justin has already tried to fool Canadians with a new shiny object: gun buyback.
    So he won’t save millions of Canadian lives with a proper vaccination program. But he will pretend to “save” lives with the fruitless optics of gun buybacks. And sadly, a lot of Canadians (mostly city-dwellers who get their firearm information from the news) will have their attention diverted. Mission accomplished.

    • joe long says:

      Hey Mr. Criminal can we buy your guns back?


      Well, your local city just passed a no gun bylaw. If we catch you committing a crime we’ll give you a ticket for possessing a gun.


      You might even get arrested.

      Uh, I’ll be out on bail real quick.

      But, You might even go to jail!

      Big deal, I’ll get a minimal sentence from a progressive judge and be out real quick from a permissive parole system.

      Criminals think differently from ‘progressives’.

  5. Better put on those noise-cancelling headphones or earbuds before you call the President of Pfizer Canada. Ambient noise, in the form of unhelpful political distractions, are to be avoided at all cost. Good idea that. After all, that’s what Trudeau’s PMO is likely to enthusiastically recommend!

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