02.07.2021 04:26 PM

This week’s Sparky: we’re, um, back

(H/T Brad Wall!)


  1. joe long says:

    Justin Trudeau: don’t worry it’s all part of my plan.

    What plan? Please describe it.

    Justin Trudeau: I cannot describe it. Uh, it has confidential information in it.

    Mr Trudeau basked in the glory of his multiple announcements that Canada’s vaccine rollout exceeded that of most other countries.

    Then he and his officials told the provinces, don’t hold back supplies for second doses; I, Justin Trudeau, have secured lots of vaccines which will be delivered very soon. No need to hold supplies for second doses. Oopsie.

    Now we find out that Justin has paid far more than other countries.

    Now we find out Justin has to raid the developing countries vaccine supply.

    Justin refuses to let the provinces see the delivery schedules agreed with vaccine manufactures. Does Justin even know what his plan is?

    Team Trudeau said there were no companies in Canada that could make the vaccine. Numerous talk shows and newspaper reporters have interviewed drug companies who’ve said, we can, we’re willing, but Trudeau isn’t interested.

    Just last week Trudeau said they’d signed a deal for more vaccines starting in July. Later that day, a government nobody says oops, Trudeau misspoke, it will be September, or was it December?

    A Liberal MP recently described the vaccine rollout as second tier, or some such. I’m surprised Trudeau hasn’t booted him out of caucus.

    I won’t get into the Justin’s “we’ve signed a great deal with China for vaccines” affair.

    Trudeau’s entire plan consists of daily media announcements. That’s it. The only planning Justin is capable of is laying out the contents of his sock drawer.

  2. Phil in London says:

    Build your fortune from Daddy’s money, Dump on women & pander to ethnics, than reveal your inner racism. Take a job that’s out of your league, Lie to the public, accuse opponent parties of sabotage (premiers), blame the media for not being balanced, negotiate as a bully, hey when did Trump get elected prime minister of Canada?

    • Gloriousus et Liber says:

      Phil, I was just about to ask which leader with personality narcissistic disorder you were talking about?

      Other than the nicer package and performative wokism, there is not a lot of difference between the two.

      • Phil in London says:

        Yes not a lot of difference I first pointed that out way back when orange man bad became president. I said than both nations had an incompetent and out of touch egotistical leader. Of course my argument than was “why are people so unwilling to let Trump take a shot at policy, we both have an incompetent leader…how bad can it get?”

        Now, I’m a little clearer on why NEITHER incompetent narcissist was a good idea and my argument has taken a crap. It can get pretty bad it turns out.

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