, 03.19.2021 12:30 PM

My latest Sun Media hit: Biden versus Trudeau


  1. Andy Kaut says:

    I mean, keeping the press from seeing inside the new kinder, gentler cages for kids because it ‘isn’t safe’ kinda sounds like a coverup.

    Since the cages are full. https://www.cnn.com/2021/03/20/media/biden-border-transparency/index.html

    Because numb-nuts led with “Bring me your poor, your tired”. https://www.ft.com/content/abd43990-7db4-46dd-898f-f338d99b9b35

    And now the Mexicans are considering a wall on their southern border. And I wonder why.


    And Biden wouldn’t have been able to do what he’s done with the rollout (60 days in) without being handed a walk-on triple by the previous administration. Say what you will, some fascism helps with vaccine rollouts. Whereas, you’re right, our guy bunted. And is currently trying to round first. On crutches. And maybe no legs.

    This isn’t to insult handicapped people the world over; our guy cut his own legs off by refusing to plan, refusing to secure, and now refusing to be competent. But….

    He was born on third base, thinking he’d hit a triple. And the moron voter has agreed with him twice.

  2. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    I absolutely disagree with the Biden Administration barring press access: whether we like it or not, it’s taking a page from the Trump playbook and Biden needs to be called out on that. Every Administration makes mistakes but this is Biden’s first whopper. Hopefully, it’s not the beginning of a pattern…

  3. barn E. rubble says:

    What did Biden do, specifically, that wasn’t already in place when he took office to help vaccinations?
    What did Biden do, specifically, that wasn’t already in place when he took office to help the southern border immigration crisis?

  4. Даниил says:

    The items Kinsella listed regarding PM Trudeau’s mostly beyond belief and irresponsible actions were also mainly covered up and not given any serious coverage by the same Canadian media. I believe some fairness needs to be applied to reporting on both leaders. The fact Kinsella worked as a Biden volunteer is more than obvious.

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