04.22.2021 07:22 AM

Question of the day


  1. Winston Smith says:

    Is he trying to kill us?

    Why don’t reporters ask Justin that very question.

    Remember Team Trudeau said:
    – COVID was no risk to Canada
    – shutting down flights from a country was racist
    – they had implemented enhanced border security (i.e. giving arrivals on some flights pieces of paper).
    – gave away PPE to China for free, and now we buy it from China
    – told people to stay at home, and not go to your cottage, while Justin went to his cottage every weekend.
    – endlessly bragged about securing morevaccines than any other world leader. Wait, was it 300 million doses, or 400 million? But he wouldn’t let anyone see the contracts. Why? They were contracts for delivery, IF or WHEN vaccines were available.
    – Trudeau and his team warned us about COVID variants. They were more infectious than the original. So Trudeau allows endless flights from these hotspots?

    Is it a deliberate strategy to infect people or just incompetent blundering by Team Trudeau?

    Is he trying to kill us? Appears that way, but I think he’s just trying to stay in power. If COVID was over, all the opposition parties will hammer Trudeau, and force an election.

    By prolonging the outbreak until most of the population is vaccinated, Trudeau gets his election, at a time where he and his media will claim “What a great job Trudeau did fighting the virus.

    But I remind Mr Trudeau of a leader who did a great job in a time of heavy adversity, and who got thrown out of office when WW2 was over.

  2. Steve T says:

    We are blocking Canadians from travelling across provincial boundaries (sometimes even to property that we legally own), but flights from COVID hotspots are welcomed with open arms.
    JT’s defense seems to be that people have to self-isolate after arriving. We all know how well that is going.

  3. irreversable road map to freedom says:

    no one ever got lawn sign locations from cancelling planes….also in the news – Canada will reduce emissions by 40%… what a joke. why does the press even cover these ridiculous announcements anymore?

  4. Brine says:

    Because it would be “racist” if we didn’t let everyone into our country from anywhere. And not appearing to be “racist” is more important than not catching Covid, according to Justin.

  5. Warren,

    The secret to getting it is to recognize that there has never been in the history of this country a more fundamentally inept, out of its depth government that masquerades as even barely competent. It all goes back to what my fellow strategists said in 2015: Justin n’est pas prêt — not then and certainly not now. This government is way beyond a laughing stock but as you’ve said, guess who gets to pay the ultimate price? For Christ’s sake, vote out those imbeciles!

  6. jsa says:

    I suppose it’s one way to slash greenhouse gas emissions by 40% in ten years

  7. RHayden says:

    Canada is a Covid Hotspot right now. Are we ok having other countries block flights from Canada?

  8. Yet Another Calgarian says:

    Watching Junior use an American legal case to beat Canadians over the head about “systemic racism” the other day was one of the more repulsive things I’ve seen in a long list of him being repulsive.

    Him importing Critical Race Theory into Canada on the sly is going to import that ideological confrontation too. Its also going to prove to be much harder to get rid of here than it will be in the US.

  9. Joseph says:

    The next time the Trudeau government (aka the PMO) does something that appears to put the country at risk instead of responding with suspension of disbelief try considering that it’s a planned act instead.
    It makes more sense when you do that.

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