04.13.2021 12:46 PM

Take that, Trudeau & Co.


  1. irreversable road map to freedom says:

    Jake Tapper doesn’t have a pension threshold to pass in October, so he has no reason to ever say anything nice about the Corrupt PM Blackface Gropenfuhrer.

  2. Nick M. says:

    The CNN report has cemented the Narrative about Trudeau’s failure on vaccines in the US media. The science is settled.

    Now can the many LPC MPs stop wasting countless hours bickering on twitter that Provinces are to blame.

    I and many others care about the end result, and that is everyone getting the poke. Not this endless blame game.

    To me the worst part of this vaccine procurement journey in Canada is the un-statesman like nature of the Trudeau government, always consuming oxygen to harp on provinces.

  3. NAFTA, (remember) BigPharma wanted Mulroney to sell our publicly owned production to them, and the conservatives gave them what they wanted. Pharma Co.s soon shut down these “branch plants” to max out profits and Canada subsequently got sold out by the elected govt that works for corporations over citizens. This was so predictable and I remember the debates…. once you give up the ability to run your own country you are in the glue which is where we are now. Waiting for the “largess” of pharma maximizing profits over a countries security! (You ain’t no punk you punk)

    • Warren says:

      Vaccines are still being manufactured in Canada, in Toronto and in Quebec. Stop spreading pandemic misinformation.

    • whyshouldIsellyourwheat says:

      Moderna had never had an approved medicine or vaccine. It had no manufacturing capability. It had a potential Covid-19 mRNA vaccine candidate. Operation WarpSpeed massively funding it and working with them to obtain manufacturing capability.

      The thing is there was a Calgary compnay, Providence Therapeutics, in the exact same position as Moderna, with an mRNA candidate vaccine, and the Trudeau didn’t fund it at the level to get it to market in a year.

      Trudeau instead decided to focus on working with China on a vaccine, and wasted 6 months, and ended up in the middle of the line for vaccines produced elsewhere.

      There were billions for everything else, but not for a homegrown Moderna competitor with their own candidate mRNA vaccine.

  4. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    They’re losers of the highest calibre: even in 2021, they still have the unmitigated gall to pin the tail on the Harper donkey every chance they get and they actually think that voters are as intellectually deficient as your average Liberal MP or cabinet minister. That’s bad enough in and of itself but imagine constantly going to the barricades to try and defend an idiot prime minister…

  5. A. Voter says:

    I’m waiting for a professional journalist to compare the roll-out of the H1N1 vaccine to the current mess.

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