05.02.2021 07:54 PM

#C10 thread.


  1. Walter says:

    I suspect Trudeau does it (release Bill C10 in advance of an election) because he know the media, who he pays 100’s of millions of dollars to, will have his back.
    Look at everything; ethics violations, “brown files”, vaccines, blackface, JWR Jane and Celina, SNC, etc. Media are forced to report for a day or two – but history has shown that everything will be forgiven and some story of Erin O’Toole calling a women a “girl” will be deemed a bigger signal of misogyny than groping or hiding sexual harassment.
    Media had raised Trudeau so high the general ill-informed public refuses to believe the truth.

  2. irreversible road map to freedom says:

    Thoughts?! Whatta-waste-a-time! That’s like going to restaurant reading the menu! This is 2021 and the public demands rapid fire, premise free conclusions! Show your steel and draw Kinsella!

  3. Peter Williams says:

    “He’d (Trudeau) would kill his dog to win (Anyone seen the dog, recently, BTW).”

    Uhm, to find the dog, you’d have to check Harrington Lake, where lots of earthworks and construction have occurred.

    I think Justin was hoping his team and a friendly media would spin C-10 as necessary to remove hate from the internet.

    Unfortunately for Justin, his admiration for Cuba and for China’s ‘basic dictatorship’ have raised serious concerns amongst the media that they’ll be turned into Pravda.

    I am really disappointed that the NDP are supporting this legislation. At times the NDP have been harsh critics of Trudeau. Don’t they realize that Trudeau will apply C-10s provisions to ANYONE who opposes or critiques him?

    And speaking of Harrington Lake, has construction and renovation work stopped? Justin said COVID was delaying work on First Nations water supplies, but does work at Harrington Lake continue? This question could be banned under C-10.

  4. Pedant says:

    Where is Erin O’Toole?? What is going on here? I was willing to give him a chance but he’s useless.

    Pierre Poilièvre is basically a one-man show holding this government to account. Where’s the rest of the 127-member CPC caucus?

    At this point I hope O’Toole loses the election. Ideal outcome would be a slim Liberal minority requiring NDP and the Bloc (combined) to pass anything. Neither O’Toole nor Trudeau would last long under that scenario.

    • irreversible road map to freedom says:

      O’Toole is busy pumping extra leaded gas into his Hummer so that he can save up those big buck$ in his third party (not a tax!) account to by a nice new unicycle for his clown show.

      Whatever party you like, you have to admit, Poilièvre is a singular talent for these moments.

      • Mark says:

        Poilievre is a smarmy weasel, but he is good on his feet and has done a commendable job in opposition.

        • irreversible road map to freedom says:

          When they explain the role of the official opposition in Poly-Sci classes, or to immigrants unfamiliar with parliament…. Pierre Poilievre footage should be used as an educational tool.

        • Pedant says:

          The Trudeau government is in the process of enacting one of the most egregious and totalitarian pieces of legislation in Canadian history, and you just can’t help yourself from launching a baseless personal attack on Mr. Poilièvre.

          • irreversable road map to freedom says:

            …don’t follow. I honestly think the guy is awesome. Maybe your being sarcastic and I missed it?

          • Pedant,

            Like most people, Poilièvre has matured, grown-up and evolved. Fortunately for him and us, he’s well past the Skippy days. One day he may even be a serious and credible candidate for party leader. It all depends on him. No one else. (We’re slightly phone acquainted from many years ago.)

          • Pedant says:

            IRMTF : I was responding to / referring to Mark calling Poilièvre a “smarmy weasel”…

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      The trouble with leaders is that so many of them either defer to their top staffers or they themselves have absolutely no basic political sense or judgment. To put it kindly, O’Toole needs to hit the reset button yesterday and either get better strategists or learn political strategy himself. Cause right now, the CPC is in intensive care and time is quickly running out for badly needed essential change…that recoverable window is rapidly, ever so rapidly closing before our very eyes. How can this be? It’s way beyond comprehension.

  5. Peter Williams says:

    And now the Telford spin campaign for C-10 starts


    Try not to vomit when you read Trudeau’s latest.

  6. Des says:

    Personally, Warren, I think this is all about silencing OToole’s online game in the lead up and during an election. I voted for O’Toole as #1 in the leadership and have so far been pretty disappointed. But, that being said, this reeks of silencing his online game in what looks to be a very online election. He has folks like Ballingall, et al. who have strong online presences and that’s what I see this legislation being directed toward.

  7. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    “Oh fuck.”

    Now, was that because Pablo didn’t like the question, or more than likely, the answer…?

    LOL. To be continued.

  8. JH says:

    The truth is out there.
    Why would anyone trust the failing CBC, CTV, globalw or any other of Justin’s Journos?
    Get a device for TV (firestick, roku apple) cut the cord go full internet, cancel all subscriptions to Liberal-owned MSM.

  9. Yet Another Calgarian says:

    Always nice to see us joining the ranks of such marvelous places such as China and Iran when it comes to internet censorship.

    Maybe this is just Junior’s play to get a seat on the UN Human Rights Council with the rest of the cool kids since he got rebuffed at the Security Council.

    Tor Browser and VPNs. Not just for China anymore.

  10. Peter Williams says:

    Does Justin Trudeau deliberately pick incompetents to be ministers?

    Guilbeault – would you buy a used car from this person?

    Hajdu – needs to get the vaccine story straight with her boss.

    Sajjan – the Vance affair.

    McKenna – still hasn’t found the infrastructure projects on which she’s spending billions. Is she in charge of clean drinking water infrastructure for First Nations?

    Rodriquez – “oh Fuck!” What happened? Was another Liberal walking around naked whilst on a meeting video feed?

    There used to be some smart, talented, and effective Liberal cabinet ministers. It seems like Justin picked people so he’d be the smartest person in the room.

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