05.13.2021 06:34 AM

Incompetence and consequences


  1. Peter Williams says:

    And Warren’s tweet is why Team Trudeau wants to censor the internet.

    Warren, I applaud your actions.

    2021, Trudeau’s one dose summer. And if you don’t like one dose, you can mix and match in the fall. Don’t worry Justin (degree in Literature) deems it safe.

  2. Bill Malcolm says:

    Considering from what I’ve read, the second dose of mRNA vaccine is where most people experience the chills, aches and whatever reactions to the shot as the antibodies flare up, no doubt we’ll be getting people all hot and bothered when the second shot goes really “live”, and moaning minnies get on TV telling us of their travails from July onwards.

    OTOH, the second shot of AZ seems to cause no problems at all by way of overt reaction from what I’ve read. Let’s face it, those 99.995% or more of first time AZ jab receivers experienced no problems at all — so why in hell would you expect their getting the second dose to cause any problems? It’s patently ridiculous to think so.

    If I can read all this stuff by simply perusing European newspaper articles etc on the internet, you gotta ask yourself, what the hell does NACI do for a living? Or provincial public health people for that matter?

    I “get” why from here on in, we might as well use Pfizer or Moderna for new first shots, just for PR’s sake if nothing else. What I cannot understand is why you’d fart around contemplating mixing vaccine types for people’s second dose — the two vaccines work in entirely different ways. You end up with a half-assed hybrid result by mixing vaccines unless a miracle occurs. Have we seen any positive miracles concerning Covid-19 or variants? Self-evidently not. Is it just the medics trying to placate an uninformed alarmed public because similarly befuddled journos have been wandering around in ever-decreasing circles looking for a story and then have been getting the masses all upset ? If so, that’s not science. It’s BS.

    So for once, I fully agree with you. Give the second dose of AZ to those who got the first dose of it. And if there’s plenty available as seems likely, don’t waste months keeping it in fridges, go back to the original label instructions and give the second dose after 3 to 4 weeks. Seems simple enough to me. But then, I’m not an infectious diseases specialist, not one of those who decided, hey, let’s not worry about mere label instructions, four months between shots sounds good to us! Yessir, 30 million semi-protected patients is better than 15 million fully protected ones by the end of June. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t — we’ll never know.

    I have no skin in the AZ game — got a first Pfizer jab four weeks ago, but I can read and I hate BS of any kind.

  3. irreversable road map to freedom says:

    Ontario is a laughingstock. One wild guess after another. I’m not an essential service worker. I haven’t stayed at home a single day of the “stay at home order”.

  4. irreversable road map to freedom says:

    public transit vehicles are displaying ticker signs that tell people to stay home…. WHILE THEY DRIVE PEOPLE AROUND TOWN. what a GD joke.

  5. Steve T says:

    I got my first dose as AZ, and I actually would be more inclined to file legal action if they prevented me from getting a different vaccine as my second dose. Let’s hope the two viewpoints balance out, and people ultimately get vaccinated (1st and 2nd) as fast as possible.

    • RKJ says:

      Hello Steve, I would respectfully suggest you receive independent medical advice before “mixing and matching” vaccines. Vaccines are designed to trigger immune responses in our bodies. A different vaccine, as the second dose, may not trigger the needed corresponding immunity expected from a second booster shot of the initial vaccine.

      • RKJ says:

        I will also add my first dose was the Astra-Zeneca product. If this is no longer available for my booster, I don’t yet have a plan. The plan may involve letting the temporary body immune response “wear out”, then start again with another product. This will likely take many months before starting again. However, my hope, of course, is there will be sufficient A-Z product available for my booster dose. However, given Canada relies on India for the A-Z vaccine (as I understand), it is only understandable India will keep these vaccines for themselves. They may consider our issues “first world problems”…..

        A bigger question – whey the “….” hasn’t Canada jumped on board and developed our own internal vaccine manufacturing capacity?? This seems to be a story any self respecting media group would be examining in great detail. Are they all in the back pocket of our federal government??…….

        • RKJ,

          At least three Canadian-operating pharmaceuticals are working on that right now. Time will tell.

          As for A-Z almost all of our office received it, some got the UK version, while others got the Indian Covishield. Our boosters are scheduled for late August. In short, it’s in the hands of the Lord.

        • Robert White says:

          As a Canadian you must know that we are hewers of water & wood relegated to the netherworld as a backwater commercial sector developer when it comes to BIG Pharmacology cartel manufacturing.

          Many have stated that we have capacity to manufacture in Montreal, but the biopharma cartels are looking at market share windfall profits that mark-to-market accounting is expecting for revenue streams shared closely in the cartel. Canada’s manufacturers are not part of the cartel most assuredly all due to greed and market share expectations for shareholders.

          BIG Pharma is not a democracy.


  6. David Bronaugh says:

    Yeah, I don’t really understand that decision. The safety profile hasn’t changed since we started immunizing people with AstraZeneca. All that happened is that we had people die, in Canada, at the rate that they have elsewhere in the world (which is still a much lower risk than covid for most age groups). Even the evidence on efficacy is mixed (some negative, some suggesting equivalent effectiveness vs Pfizer), which leaves me wondering why we would not at least use those remaining doses for 2nd shots.

  7. Phil in London says:

    I’d be a especially pissed off if these shots go to waste and people who have had dose 1 can’t get dose 2 closer the recomended 28 days as opposed to sometime after the one-dose barbecue summer. There seems to be more politics than science on the cessation of this vaccine.

  8. Martin says:

    The Toronto Daily Star reports today that the idiotic “one dose summer” nonsense came from JT himself. That explains it.

  9. Peter Williams says:

    Justin Trudeau’s one dose summer is turning into a fiasco. Justin’s solution? Mix vaccine doses. Who’s science approved this? Telford’s? Hajdu’s. Or was it Justin’s?

    No wonder Justin wants C-10 passed. Then the above comments will be censored. Don’t believe me?

    A) Look at the CBC lawsuit against the Conservatives during the last election. Silly Cons think they won in court, but Justin won in 2019.

    B) Look what an ‘impartial’ Trudeau appointee found re ethical WE behaviour. Morneau guilty, Trudeau no conflict.

    C) Norman, JWR, Philpott, Ceasar-Chavannes (pardon spelling), etc.

    Once C-10 passes, Trudeau can muzzle opposition. What’s amazing is the Bloc and NDP think they won’t be muzzled by Trudeau. Wanna bet?

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      Liberals, if they’re anything, are all about convictions being motivated only by political considerations. In their case, an epic fail is anything short of a unquestioning majority mandate. Hence Trudeau’s and his PMO’s mentality on C-10. No surprise there. Ditto for the vaccine failure: deflect, disarm and most importantly, blame the provinces. The Trudeau Big Lie but this time it fails to get traction as people wonder about Justin’s admiration of basic dictatorships. No, this Prime Minister hasn’t changed since that infamous speech in 2013. Au contraire. Thank God the masses are finally cluing in so the end result will be waving bye bye to this government on election day. Want proof?: watch for no election in June or September. The PMO gets it: they’re already done, so they’ll coast and try to ride a wave if they can find one. They won’t.

      • irreversible road map to freedom says:

        Scot: No one is voting Liberal because of Justin. They vote Liberal in spite of him, because they still think the other guys are worse. The only reason Liberal MPs haven’t demanded that he resign is to protect their pensions. If Justin would just STFU already and leave, it would be a breath of fresh air and cause for celebration for Liberals. Pretending that Justin is normal and that people want him to stay is not advancing the Liberal cause.

      • Hey Scot,

        Can you please enlighten us how Léger (LPC +3) and Abacus (LPC +2) vs. EKOS (LPC +10) all come out in the wash with that supermajority of yours??? Thanks.

        Must be some new form of calculus I’m not aware of: oh yeah, JustinMathTM… LOL.

        • irreversible road map to freedom says:

          Leger and Abacus don’t ask the voters about Justin’s hair doo, so the poll is skewed about 10% / off by about 50 ridings. Scott’s polls / EKOS ask about the hair doo on the first question, before the voters tune out.

        • C says:


          True, if you’re willing to go back to 2021-04-30. But remember Scot, what’s important is which polls are the most recent and we both know which ones those are. [Smiling.]

  10. Douglas W says:

    Ford and Kenney will be gone by the fall.
    Pushed out the door by their own parties.

    The country will then look to JT and say, it’s your time to go, too.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      I don’t know, didn’t the UCP just kick two MLAs out of caucus, namely, Todd Loewen and Drew Barnes? More like shades of the PC-DRC if you ask me, but I could be way out in right field.

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