05.25.2021 11:24 AM

Latest. Thank God I’m a country boy, etc.


  1. Pipes says:

    The building in the background looks like it could be a covered bridge. Great work, my fave so far.

  2. Fred J Pertanson says:

    You are a machine! How do you crank them out so fast?

    (me, I never graduated past finger painting)

  3. Steve Teller says:

    Agree with Pipes above – this could be my favorite so far.

    I can also attest to the accuracy of the landscape. A few years ago, while I was deer-hunting in rural Manitoba, I was posted along a fenceline and took a picture that looked almost exactly like this. Very nice.

  4. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    Boy, that majority government looks so far away and practically unattainable…perfect painting for the PMO. That locked gate says it all, electorally speaking.

    Hope this Prime Minister remembers to at least send you a thank you note upon delivery.

  5. irreversible road map to freedom says:

    Certainly not an expert… But that is an amazing painting. The light / shadow on the field is particularly striking. I used to love that stuff in high school and honestly, Warren’s work makes me want to get back into it.

  6. Craig Cantin says:

    Oh, I love this one! If I could afford this, I’d offer to buy it from ya.

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