05.09.2021 06:12 AM

“Maxime Bernier and his rhetoric are not welcome here.”

Take note, spreadnecks:

“…Saskatchewan politicians have been clear Bernier is not a welcome guest.

“Anybody that’s disobeying the public health order and holding rallies is not looking out for their community. It’s very self-serving,” Health Minister Paul Merriman told reporters on Friday.

“If he’s going to cause some issues and break the public health orders, that’s extremely disappointing that a formal federal leader is looking at breaking laws going across our country.”

NDP MLA Nicole Sarauer called this response to Bernier and the growing number of “freedom rallies” across the province weak. She called on the Saskatchewan Party to take a stronger stand against Bernier.

“This is the last thing we need in this province right now,” Sarauer said. “Maxime Bernier and his rhetoric are not welcome here.”


  1. Gyor says:

    Yeah the lockdowns and mask mandates are unconstitutional, I choose to wear masks by personal choice.

    • Gyor,

      I don’t know about that. Section 2 rights can be reasonably limited under Section 1 of the Charter. You know, for the common good, the general welfare, in the interests of public health, etc. Has any court either at trial or appeal division ruled on this yet? I don’t remember much about Oakes but I imagine these reasonable limits would pass that test. (Mind you, my Constitutional law classes were decades ago.)

  2. Phil in London says:

    Sad that the only comments here are bringing up old, very tired comments about the charter and has nothing to do with the fact some idiot is travelling across the country and attracting some following.
    Hillier and Sloan, Bernier, the church leaders are all attracting an audience and that scares me.
    While I am in complete opposite camp, I have no issue whatsoever with masks and public health orders, I have huge issues with people who don’t know what the hell they are doing spreading bullshit.
    That is not limited to Bernier and crew. The PM yesterday came up with the most reprehensible drivel about back yard BBQ in the one dose summer. We are lab rats in the 4 month between vaccine experiment. The guy wouldn’t even no what it’s like to be in a fucking back yard and he would be shocked to learn most BBQ are not catered affairs. The idiots making the rules are no more intelligent then the idiots breaking them.
    It may not be Max Bernier but sooner or later the leadership vacuum that exists in Ottawa and many provincial capitals will lead to a populist uprising that may well crash us real hard into the ground.
    All I am saying, if you don’t like Mad Max, don’t worry another will come along and at the right moment in time this government will fall due to it’s own failings not due to an appealing opposition. What replaces will be interesting. The U.S.A. Just went through it. It has happened many times elsewhere because most of us are stuck in partisan worship and not able to disseminate Bullshit from Chickenshit.

    • Phil,

      Yes, the U.S. is the template but all those imbeciles who still back the irrelevant Trump are in for a failed hard-on in 2022. Biden may still be over 50% by then and independents are swinging consistently toward the Democrats. In short, no GOP control of the Senate likely and definitely no takeover of the House. Trump is yesterday’s political garbage. Anyone in America with a functioning brain already knows that.

      • The Doctor says:

        2022 is going to be interesting for sure. History and convention, plus mostly Republican control over a lot of district-drawing, would suggest it’s the Republicans’ election to lose. But so far Biden has had a sticky and steady net approval rating (the exact converse of Trump, interestingly). And I found VERY interesting that story from a few days ago that reported that senior Republicans have been suppressing internal polling that shows that Trump is dragging the party down in a big way with independents and swing voters.

        • Doc,

          I’m shocked.

          • The Doctor says:

            On the other hand . . . Bill Kristol, who’s a decidedly anti-Trump conservative, ran a piece the other day saying the midterms look grim for the Democrats. The bulk of US punditry certainly thinks the Democrats are very likely to hose the House.

          • Ronald O'Dowd says:


            It was a mistake to leave Pelosi in the Speaker’s chair but her tremendous ability as a fundraiser for the party and individual reps called the tune. She should have taken responsibility for the losses. But then there’s those apparently concealed polls — that supposedly show the Trump balloon with lots of air coming out at an increasing frequency. Polls are polls so we’ll see but my sense of it is the more House Democrats help people, the more votes they’ll get from people who are hurting incredibly. So that’s my take for whatever it’s worth or not worth.

      • Phil in London says:

        I could not given one screaming good f?#$ about the US mid terms. What does that have to do with anything in this post about Bernier, my comments that I am tired of the bullshit rhetoric etc? My point is political incompetence knows no boundaries of political partisanship and won’t solve a lot of our problems.

        • Ronald O'Dowd says:


          Your point is way beyond valid and important: you will never be an ass kisser, suckup or K-A drinker, unlike so many others.

  3. Martin says:

    AZ is likely safe for those that took it(I actually didn’t when it was made available to me because I didn’t want to drive for two hours). But is any thinking person of any political stripe taking comfort in the fact that JT said “hey I took it”. That is a contraindication as far as I am concerned.

  4. Martin says:

    AZ is likely safe for those that took it(I actually didn’t when it was made available to me because I didn’t want to drive for two hours). But is any thinking person of any political stripe taking comfort in the fact that JT said “hey I took it”. That is a contraindication as far as I am concerned. On a side note the Liberals have green lit a Toronto type to run for the nomination in Brant. Michelle Meghie. Previous political claim to fame I think was finishing 9th with 333 votes in ward 5 of Mississauga in 2003. Unless I miss my guess, this will end badly for her. Ottawa types don’t get our riding. And that goes for the Tories and Liberals. Don’t look kindly on people from away.

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