05.30.2021 10:17 PM

Spare me your pious bullshit


  1. Phil in London says:

    Canada’s Holocaust. This is not a “these were different times” sort of occurrences this went on for more than half of our nation’s existence.
    Children handcuffed and taken away?
    Sexual abuse at the hands of their “educators”?
    Multiple races lumped into one basket and branded as a cultural menace to our supposedly just society?
    There is a pervasive prejudice against natives by an entire nation of people who haven’t a fucking clue what they went through as a race.
    We owe them at bare minimum to have these atrocities known. Compensation? What is enough for systematically raping a society of its existence?
    Please no more reports, no more had wringing do something. If other groups were offered apologies by this PM EVERY prime minister and premier for the next hundred years needs to make a sincere apology the beginning of their victory speech.
    I don’t have answers but Canada as it stands today needs to reach out to natives and find a way to make them feel like we care and like they Belong In Our society.
    Forcing them to reserves, stealing their children, MURDERING their children hasn’t worked.
    If we can’t do these fellow Canadians justice we don’t deserve Canada.
    People treat dogs better he’ll we’ve learned to treat bees and most insects better.
    Fix water problems / fix poverty / provide alcohol abuse treatment/ do 1000 more things then By all means wring your grubby hands together and apologize.
    EVERY party has contributed to this catastrophe so no political points please. Just make us proud that we as a nation can at least atone for its shameful past.

    • jsa says:

      Canada isn’t a nation, it’s an occupying force.

      • Phil in London says:

        Fair point, so how do we correct a now ancient yet ongoing wrong? Truth is slowly coming out (and should accelerate) but isn’t it as important to reconcile? How should that be done? We need to know.
        You have every right to state this as an occupation, many areas were ceded but many were not. Many treaties were broken. Is your answer to have Canadians leave? I have 28 ancestors who I can trace to arrival in Canada, my blood has only been here since 1838. Exactly where am I to go?

        Natives have every right to hate, I can’t say I would not be equally bitter if I were native. I just don’t feel hate is a good solution.

        My wandering question is not how we make things right, because I have yet to read of any case where history was simply turned back and all was fine. Until we invent the time machine and have the consensus on just where we go back and make changes, our most constructive efforts need to be how can we live as neighbours to one another?
        I am sincere in my query, I really don’t know what people who are the wronged and the descendants of those wronged truly want from me.

        We have to move past this, not to bury it all, but to thrive we have to communicate a clear way to move forward.
        The global world we live in means that people migrate, races mix and we all hope to evolve. Exactly what works for the occupied territories you speak of?

        I am pretty sure a lot more of us are listening than were listening even a week ago.

        Today we are not a perfect nation (sorry that the word is offensive, I don’t know of a more appropriate term) but we are not bombing a part of our population. We do communicate, maybe we don’t act but we can and slowly do hear. What is the Canada (a lose derivative of native word Kanata) that exists today to do so everyone can live in harmony.

        Serious question, are there any serious answers out there or should I just pack my bags and wait for the relocation forces to come for me?

    • Mark D says:

      I would say Canada’s Slavery more than Canada’s Holocaust. But otherwise, I agree with you. The effects are felt even today.

      We can’t right what has already happenned. But we owe it to our First Nations sisters and brothers to acknowledge everything they suffered, to offer (but never again impose upon) them all the support needed to heal today, and to insure this never happens again.

      • Mark D says:

        I take back what I wrote earlier this morning about this being more comparible to Slavery in the U.S. than to the Holocaust.

        I have since stumbled across the following article describing a highly unethical medical experiment sponsored by the Canadian government to which children in Residential Schools were subjected:


        I want to vomit. That this government-sponsored “experiment” was taking place at the same time we were fighting Nazis is very sobering.

        • True Liberal says:

          .Even by the standards of mid-twentieth-century Canada, when discrimination was rampant and governments restricted fundamental freedoms, Maurice Duplessis stands out. His tenure as premier of Quebec (1936-39, 1944-59) is often referred to as le grande noirceur (the great darkness). By the 1950s, Duplessis had become associated with some of the worst instances of state abuse of civil liberties in Canadian history. One of these created the “Duplessis orphans.” During the reign of Quebec Premier Maurice Duplessis in the 1940s and 1950s, an alarming number of healthy children living in sanctuaries were hastily diagnosed as mentally incompetent, psychotic patients. The diagnoses were always swift — the children went to bed orphans and woke up psychiatric patients. The reason? Shrewd fiscal planning; federal subsidies paid out more to hospitals than to orphanages. Some children allegedly endured lobotomies, electroshock, straitjackets and abuse. In 2004, some Duplessis orphans asked the Quebec government to unearth an abandoned cemetery in the east end of Montreal, which they believed to have held the remains of orphans who may have been the subject of human experimentation. According to testimony by individuals who were at the Cité de St-Jean-de-Dieu insane asylum, the orphans in the asylum’s care were routinely used as non-consensual experimental subjects, and many died as a consequence. Nuns running the orphanages were also allowed to sell unclaimed bodies to medical schools for $10. No one knows how many orphans ended up on the dissection tables for medical students. The group wanted the government to exhume the bodies so that autopsies may be performed. In November 2010, the Duplessis orphans made their case before the United Nations Human Rights Council .

  2. Pipes says:

    What would be done if these were 215 white children.
    Demand no less.

    • True Liberal says:

      Sexual Sterilization Act Alberta. BC utilized a similar law.. In 1928, the Legislative Assembly of Alberta, Canada, enacted the Sexual Sterilization Act. The Act, drafted to protect the gene pool, allowed for sterilization of mentally disabled persons in order to prevent the transmission of traits to offspring deemed undesirable.

      At that time, eugenicists argued that mental illness, mental retardation, epilepsy, alcoholism, pauperism, certain criminal behaviours, and social defects, such as prostitution and sexual perversion, were genetically determined and inherited. Further, it was widely believed that persons with these disorders had a higher reproduction rate than the normal population. As a result, it was feared the gene pool in the general population was weakening.

      During the time the Sexual Sterilization Act was in effect, 4,800 cases were proposed for sterilization in the Province of Alberta, of which 99% received approval. Examination of sterilization records demonstrates that legislation did not apply equally to all members of society. Specifically, the Act was disproportionately applied to those in socially vulnerable positions, including females, children, unemployed persons, domestics, rural citizens, unmarried, institutionalized persons, Roman and Greek Catholics, and persons of Ukrainian, Native and Métis ethnicity. The Sexual Sterilization Act was first introduced into the legislature on March 5, 1927, but due to a crowded session and unclear bill format, it was pulled from the schedule. On February 23, 1928, George Hoadley, Minister of Health, reintroduced the bill with a comment regarding the growing burden of taxpayers in caring for immigrants and mentally disabled persons.

      Much controversy surrounded the bill and eventually, in March 1928, the People’s League to Act was formed. The League, with membership numbers of several hundred, retained counsel and contested the constitutionality of the Sexual Sterilization Act. Despite their efforts, the Act was given Royal Assent on March 21, 1928.

      For the purposes of the Act, the Alberta Eugenics Board was formed. The Board was to be composed of four members:

      Two medical practitioners nominated by the Senate of the University of Alberta and the Council of the College of Physicians
      Two persons other than medical practitioners, appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council.
      Under the terms of the Act, mental hospital inmates could only be discharged with the approval of the medical superintendent, and it was within the superintendent’s power to force examination by the Eugenics Board. If in unanimous agreement, the Board was empowered to appoint a physician and direct sterilization. Such operations were not to be performed unless consent was obtained from the inmate, if competent, or consent from a spouse, parent, guardian or Minister of Health if considered incompetent. Further, the Act provided that no surgeon performing an operation could be held liable to any civil action by reason of the operation.

    • True Liberal says:

      Butter Box Babies East Chester Nova Scotia.
      What was discovered later was that the Youngs would purposely starve “unmarketable” babies to death by feeding them only molasses and water. On this diet the infants would usually last only two weeks. Any deformity, a serious illness or “dark” coloration would often seal their fate. Babies who died were disposed of in small wooden grocery boxes, typically used for dairy products. Thus the term Butterbox Babies is used to refer to these unfortunate infants. The Butterbox Babies bodies were buried on the property, adjacent to a nearby cemetery, at sea or sometimes burned in the homes furnace. In some cases married couples who had come to the home solely for birthing services were told that their baby had died shortly after birth. In truth these babies were also sold to adoptive parents. The Youngs would also separate or create siblings to meet the desires of customers. It is estimated that between four and six hundred babies died at the home, while at least another thousand survived and were adopted. Even these lucky survivors often suffered from ailments caused by the unsanitary conditions and lack of care at the home.

  3. Peter Williams says:

    Justin vows concrete action.

    But JWR reminds Trudeau of another concrete action promise…in 2018.


  4. Peter Williams says:

    Remember “Thank you for your donation?” And lots of laughs from Liberals?

    • Phil in London says:

      Many of us with Liberal roots were never laughing. I don’t think Conservatives have much positivity to bring to the table here. Don’t look to the Bloc to be overly supportive of another nation(s)’s long held distrust of the rest of Canada.

      We could have a serious look at Singh and the NDP except…… sorry I said Serious and NDP in the same sentence about an hour ago and couldn’t continue till now I was laughing so hard at the Liberal farm team.

      McDonald, Laurier, Borden, King, St Laurent, (all with a face on our currency) Diefenbacher, Pearson and Trudeau part 1. These men all had a choice to defend or destroy this system of genocide. I don’t see anything political about this crisis in reviewing these names. Liberal-Tory same old story here.

      We have a cult leader, a near messiah, does it really matter what colour his lawn signs are?
      I am firmly in the Turdo must go camp but this story is about so much more than the dear leader’s handling of this one file.

  5. Martin says:

    Trudeau says in condescending tones “it’s complicated”. But what the cultists and apologists haven’t realized yet(or they are just going along with him like Trumpists because he is their guy) is that him saying that is redundant. Everything is complicated to him and that has been patently obvious to anyone actually paying attention to him since this ridiculous fraud on the country began when he first ran as an MP.

  6. RKJ says:

    These revelations, and others, help me understand more how native Canadians (if they choose to associate as Canadians) view their/our country. I recognize all comments such as my own may simply be banal – the real question is how will Canada act.

  7. Peter Williams says:

    And today Parliament has a special debate on the 215 dead children. Nothing will come of this except for empty platitudes from the leaders and members. Remember Trudeau promised concrete action in 2018.

    Much better if they were working to get clean drinking water to all First Nations.

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