, 06.27.2021 10:55 AM

KINSELLACAST 165: Trudeau is a liar – with Adler, Mraz, me – and Against Me


  1. Christine Dimitris says:

    What can a person in the general population do to affect change? How can we ensure that the “powers that be” of these religious organizations involved in the residential school atrocities, the RCMP (for brutalizing families and forcibly taking children away from their parents), and current/future governments, take responsibility for this brutal stain in our history.
    How can we ensure that the Indigenous people of today have clean water on the reserve, and that they are finally treated with fairness, equity and the respect they deserve?
    It’s way past the time to make up for our country’s atrocities.
    We owe the Indigenous people, at least, that much.

    • Kristin L Jones says:

      make sure that the politicians know that we DO care how they deal with Indigenous Peoples and that it IS a voting issue. He believed it was last time, and he won on it. Lets make it sure he knows he was right, and make him lose on it.

  2. Barb says:

    Tax churches are shut them down. The Catholic Church always hides the evil priests That a rape and abuse children. How can you ever rectify this reconciliation is bullshit just like Justin Trudeau

    • JP says:

      Barb, would you make the say comments about one off muslims that go on murder terrors, or take down buildings and criticize an entire religion – or do you just call them extremist?

  3. Joyce Staton says:

    It will be a welcome day when everyone can exercise common sense. The irrational divisive behaviour on both side of the Indigenous Peoples media driven narrative has reached toxic nonsensical levels. Colonialism and proselytizing atrocities have not targeted Indigenous Peoples exclusively throughout history but of course this fact does not factor into the current media driven narrative. So many unnecessary emotionally charged conclusions have been reached and all plausible explanations have been dismissed. I’m telling you, each and everyone of these Indigenous Peoples Nations better have their ducks in a row with certified ground penetrating equipment/personnel, anthropologists, archeologists and corner staff because if any one digs up a grave that is not an Indigenous person but a member of the community at large, like many suspect used these same cemeteries, there is going to be severe and swift legal consequences. “A conclusion is when you get tired of thinking” Unknown.

  4. Kristin L Jones says:

    I vote based on treatment of Indigenous Peoples. I voted for Trudeau because he promised to fix the water and do stuff for reconciliation. I will be not voting for him, because he’s full of crap on all of it.

  5. Doug says:

    1) No actions should be taken against the Catholic Chuch until the allegations are properly investigated and sufficiently proven. That will likely take years. Vandalism and other forms of mob justice is always wrong no matter the situation

    2) If the Catholic Church loses some of its same tax exempt status, so should other churches and possibly all non-profits. The tax system is not a mechanism for justice

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