06.07.2021 05:58 PM

Pray for this family


  1. david says:

    if life were fair
    racism would disappear
    it isn’t
    and it won’t

  2. Phil in London says:

    What a tragedy. In an area of the city I regularly shop and drive the very same road it happened on. I was saddenede enough when I heard last night that some people were hit in a traffic accident. While I listened to the morning radio saying there were fatalities, I began to think that an innocent group out for a walk…. I was remembering how it was such a beautiful day yesterday. It was a bad enough story just up to that point than to read some hate filled punk weaponized his vehicle and targeted these people because they were not like him.
    God (an entity I never before doubted to exist) help us all.
    I am mentally spent. I want to reach out and do something to help but I have no idea how.
    I think most of us who are honest about it have muttered some kind of racial slur in our lives. I have a whole new appreciation how wrong it is. How heinous it is.
    Residential schools racism now a racially motivated evil attack. I don’t want to be another slacktivist. Tonight I am just agonized as to what we as a society can do to atone for our collective hate. It has to stop.
    Like the Romans of old I think we need to build a massive vomitorium in our fair city. I think most of us are just ill about this and feel so horrible for muslims and this family in particular.

  3. The Doctor says:

    No doubt in my mind the perp was radicalized online. The internet and social media are broken. Not that this kind of shit didn’t exist prior to the internet and social media, but they have made it exponentially worse. The algorithms in particular need to be seriously reformed and regulated.

    • Phil in London says:

      An excellent point – Hate breeds Hate. A back room of a sketchy bar is one way but the internet is far too fast to stop. Then again beer halls in Munich proved a nasty hate could brew and boil over 50-70 years before the internet.

      These pages of Warren’s are about the only place I ever post a thought – the trolling is minimal, most are thoughtfully written. Much of the internet is evil, not all not even most but enough that it is too much.

      I feel most of us could live a better life without a facebook instagram or linkedin profile. We have enough ways to spoil our day without them.

      There is no reason that people cannot use these tools for good but the whiz kids who created this never had a clue they would dominate people’s lives like they have – they were maybe too idealistic to think people could turn it into such a hate mill.

  4. Mark D says:

    My prayers go out to this family and to Canada’s wider Muslim community.

    One aspect of this situation that deeply saddens me is that it happened on the tail of our discovery of the remains of 215 children from the Indian Residential School system. That is, at a time when our Indigenous brothers and sisters were finally generating the media spotlight and goodwill from wider Canadian society.

    With the two tragedies happening so close together, I fear that neither will get attention each deserves. This saddens me because Indigenous Canadians and Muslim Canadians deserve better. And both communities could use our undivided support right now.

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