06.21.2021 04:36 PM

Quebec and human rights

I’ll be participating in this important conference about human rights in Quebec this evening. Tune in if you can.


  1. ReadMyLips says:

    The Anglophone and Allophone communities have absolutely zero political representation on either the Canada or Quebec level in Quebec. If one of the major political parties were to say they stood up for bilingualism in Quebec they would get a considerable bloom of seats west of Acadie, let alone Decarie. This could bring Trudeau down. Your group however seems to be tainted with politicians who wish to sell Anglophones and Allophones down the river. Melanie Joly? Please. Give us a break. If Erin O’Toole wants to do something exciting, this is his opportunity.

  2. RML,

    Let’s get real here: anglophones in Quebec are FAR more wedded to the LPC than Albertans are to the UCP. You could shit in their faces, call them names and they would still reflexively vote Liberal. They would even do so if Jesus Christ appeared again on Earth and requested that they do otherwise. All of my goddamned anglophone relatives on both sides are as federal Liberal as can be.

  3. Meanwhile, everyone in Ottawa with at least a 1WattBrainTM already knows this — just catch Lametti’s precious kiss-off about court challenges or ponying up money. And if brave anglos do, funny eh, but the Trudeau government will not intervene on their behalf in court cases. Says it all, doesn’t it. But they’ll still vote Liberal.

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