07.11.2021 07:29 PM

Historical revisionism

These people are beneath contempt.


  1. Phil in London says:

    Same party ‘nother riding Chelsea Hillier the daughter of Randy, last seen drunk and arrested at Kemptville mask burning is the candidate for PPC in Elgin-Middlesex-London. Clearly fogging a mirror is a large part of the vetting process for candidates.

  2. Here’s an idea: why don’t you people move up the food chain and DUMP Bernier? You could then replace him with Kim Jong-un! Sounds like a natural fit to me. But remember, stay on his good side otherwise you could end up hearing prolonged rounds of rat tat tat.

    (You’re welcome.)

  3. Miles Lunn says:

    PPC is a party full of crackpots so while I wish I were shocked at this, I am not as PPC is full of racists, crackpots, and conspiracy nutbars so nothing from them no matter how vile or extreme surprises me. They are essentially the party of the loons and crazies. So many are both racists and believe every crackpot conspiracy theory put out on internet.

  4. Pipes says:

    These people are so fuckulated, that a premium gold standard defuckulator can’t fix them.

    Maybe they should get a shovel.

  5. PJH says:

    Full disclosure…when Bernier was running for the Tory leadership I favoured him over the other candidates initially because I felt he had the “right stuff” over the others….attractive, native Quebecer, bilingual…that could help the party do better, esp. in Quebec…until I heard his views on supply management….He’d love to see Canadian dairy farmers no longer have a quota system just so the Canadian consumer can have cheaper dairy products…I’d rather have Canadian family dairy farms survive and have a domestic dairy industry long term….Im old enough to remember Canadian dairy farmers pouring their milk down drains in the 60’s because what they were paid did not even meet the costs of production….I digress….I am glad M. Bernier took his ball and went home after not winning the Conservative Leadership….the Conservative Party has no place for cranks like him, and we are better off without him. M. Bernier wants us to see a return to the 1950’s( or is that the 1850’s?) He was, and will continue to be, on the wrong side of history. Hopefully, he and his party of troglodytes will be extinguished in the coming Federal election, and be consigned to the rubbish tip o’ history once and for all……

  6. Chris N says:

    I mean, didn’t we *all* have mass graves behind our schools growing up?

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