07.05.2021 10:46 AM

Orange crushed?


  1. A. Voter says:

    I recently read that 31 percent of Canadians agree with the statement that Canada is a systematically racist country. That gives Singh a base, he should say that it follows that the Liberal party is a systematically racist organization as they have governed Canada the most.
    The NDP should point out that the Liberals only have privileged white men from central Canada as leaders. Justin Trudeau should be attacked for his treatment of aboriginal women. They should runs ads with pictures of Trudeau in black-face, paired with quotations from President Biden and VP Harris citing what they think of adult men who wear black-face. Challenge Canadians to atone for the past by voting for a party that wasn’t in power when the residential schools were open. The NDP has a chance to take back a lot of votes from the Liberals.

    • Steve T says:

      IMO, that 31% has been convinced of that “fact” by a sustained and highly-effective beratement exercise by special-interest groups, with the fire fanned by media who love to appear woke. With these efforts, we could have convinced Canadians that the moon is made of green cheese.

      Not saying it makes it any less of an election factor. Just frustrating that this “fact” has been thrust forward based on people’s feelings and anecdotal “evidence”. And it is not without consequences – the ongoing shaming of anyone white (and especially white males) is not especially good for the country or for the mental health of a large swath of the country.

      Telling people they “deserve” this treatment for the acts of their forefathers and foremothers is ridiculous, but seems to be the norm now.

    • Doug says:

      That wouldn’t move the needle. A single black/brown face incident would have ended any other political career. The double standard enjoyed by Trudeau is perhaps the most offensive aspect of his privileged being.

      The brown face incident at the school party was particularly awful, yet no media asked the right questions:

      -for a supposed woke warrior, Trudeau has no cultural awareness. Allegedly, he dressed as Aladdin for a costume party. Aladdin may wear a turban, but he is from the Middle East. He is not brown, except in the mind of a simpleton
      -no one else at the alleged costume party seemed to be wearing a costume. Narcissists seek attention with no better way to do so than standing out visually
      -he had his hand on a woman’s chest. Was she a student or a co-worker? Obviously, she wasn’t a reporter from a national media outlet

    • Rob Porter says:

      I came to Canada from South Africa after growing up under apartheid and have never regarded this a racist society. In fact the accusation, mostly by black people, is rubbish and usually exposes their anti-white racism. White Canadians have endured seeing their country transformed through its flooding with Third-World peoples, and overall handled it quite well. However, in both action and words I have observed racism from blacks, East Indians, Orientals and white. That is it, racism is not the exclusive domain of white people and among every race there are racists.
      The shameful Residential School systems has graphically revealed that this country had among past leaders disgraceful racists and in respect of Canada’s position on apartheid has exposed its anti-apartheid role as highly hypocritical. Warren was right to describe them as apartheid schools. They were, but even the National Party of South Africa never resorted to forcibly taking black children from their family and placing in prison-like residential schools.

  2. I don’t know. His personal and the party’s numbers might be consistently good but will the progressive left reflexively move to the Trudeau Liberals at the ballot box? It has happened before.

    In any event, the CPC will likely turn out 98-99% of its supporters. The other parties, not so much. So, IMHO, the debates matter and so does the campaign. I won’t write off anyone until after the debates, if necessary.

  3. Phil in London says:

    A liberal majority or a liberal minority with the dippers holding the balance of power. What the hell is the difference? We see that movie all the time.

    • Peter Williams says:

      NDP holding the balance of power? What did Mr Singh get from Trudeau in this minority Parliament? A bunch of empty promises.

      • Phil in London says:

        Yes but he seems ever willing to be Trudeau’s ass to kick. Has already said (and often) he would never support the conservatives. There has been precisely ONE federal election since Trudeau version 1.0 where the NDP has both been relevant and campaigned against Liberals. Even that campaign Jack Layton was courting Liberal supporters to “lend” him their vote to stop Harper.

        It’s very simple you can vote for whomever you please but only a conservative vote stops Trudeau whereas any othe vote helps Trudeau stop O’Toole.

        Sure as the sun rises in the east EVERY party will rally against the conservatives day after next election. Unless Mr Singh is reading a signed copy of Trudeau’s book “my (broken) moral compass

  4. Joseph says:

    The math works this way.
    If a conservative government is not presumed to be the election results the NDP tourism voter that determine liberal minority or majority feel no need to vote liberal to prevent the conservatives from winning.
    So the more the liberals keep talking about this inevitable liberal win the less enthusiastic the liberal voters are and the more encouraged the NDP voters are to elect MP’s to be the king makers.

  5. We’ll see how well Mr. Singh does. I’m from Missouri when it comes to him and his abilities to increase the NDP’s electoral success in any meaningful ways. I suspect the provincial wings of the party from Western Canada are not overfond of his leadership and policies, particularly when it comes to extraction of natural resources. While I am no fan of the PM, IMHO he is a very competent campaigner, and will be hard to beat. My expectations of Mr O’Toole were low to begin with, and he hasn’t disappointed. My prediction is a Liberal majority, although not a big one.

  6. Gilbert says:

    I doubt Mr. Singh will do well in Quebec or in Atlantic Canada. Again his seats will be in Ontario and BC. I find it remarkable that a leader who lost a number of seats in the last election never faced calls for him to step down.

  7. Doug says:

    Maybe my GenX bias is blinding, but how can anyone perceive the leaders as genuine:

    1) Trudeau, the alleged feminist groped a woman, but then apologized by saying he wouldn’t have done so if he’d known she was worked for a national media outlet. So groping is OK as long as the target doesn’t involved another member of the privleged class of celebrities and their enablers? His Cabinet achieved fake gender parity by creating fake ministries such as Middle Class Prosperity headed by women. Two of the women who oversaw real ministries were driven out of politics when they failed to line-up behind the evil puppet masters (Butts and Telford) who truely run this government. He continues to support a Defence Minister who has repeatedly failed to address sexual harassment claims within the military. This shouldn’t be surprising as that minister looked great in combat fatigues and cool sunglasses.

    Trudeau, the supposed woke warrior, appeared publically in black/brown face at least 3 times, including once where he wore a tshirt with a banana and made ape noises. This would have destroyed the career of any other politician.

    The only genuine aspect of Trudeau’s manufactured persona is celebrity. The Liberals have zero focus on real issues like growing the economy or sustainable government finances, but Trudeau looks good in a suit so nothing else matters.

    2) Singh the alleged champion of visible minorities continues to support a government lead by a black/brown face wearing PM.

    Singh the supposed class warrior attended an elite private school in Michigan and wears suites worth half the annual income of a minimum age earner.

    Singh, the fake environmentalist poses on a bike to prove his climate change bona fides, but drove a gas guzzling BMW. At least he traded that in.

    As with Trudeau, Singh is all about imagery.

    3) O’Tooles persona changes by the week. Is he a social conservative, a Red Tory, a lunch bucket conservative or a suburban dad that everyone should like?

    If the Conservatives had been smart, they would have focused on Trudeau’s fake manufactured image. Unfortunately, O’Toole’s chameleon like past would mute such a campaign. The CPC still has some time but it will require taking firm stands on issues so that the election campaing is about policy rather than who looks best.

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