07.23.2021 11:25 AM

Then again, when you lose, you’ve already cooked up an excuse


  1. Of course, a highly impressive brain like that would be perfectly fine with so-called judicial activism, as long as it spewed whacked out, way over the top right-wing garbage. Just so we’re all clear on this genius’ views.

    (Never got to meet him when he was still in the CPC. What a monumental loss.)

  2. #1 Bull$%t says:

    His whole party is just a fundraising scam. More rubes send him more money if he can identify fake reasons for his failure. I don’t blame Maxime, I blame the imbeciles who light their own money on fire in his name.

    • The Doctor says:

      Much like the story in the news today re: how Trump’s PAC raised US$75 million to “fight election fraud”, but actually hasn’t spent a dime on, umm, fighting election fraud (maybe because there’s actually none to fight?).

      One of the most dangerous things out there these days in the hands of a stupid person is the “donate” button.

  3. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Well, we all know Harper is at least smiling. The question is who has the bigger frown: Bernier or O’Toole???

    • #1 Bull$%t says:

      Impossible options always poll better than real options… Says more about the voters than it does about the options.


    I would if I believed something and had the courage of my convictions. 😉

  5. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    Don’t bet the farm on any of us voting Liberal cause we won’t.

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