07.15.2021 02:32 PM

Watch this

It is important.


  1. Nasty Bob says:

    Wow Powerful words by Wab Kinew .

    I feel like this exchange will go down in history as something akin to Canada’s Letter From Birmingham Jail.

    I hope it will explain / inspire my fellow setters to put down their excuses , lace up their travelling shoes and commit to finally taking this walk we must make with our aboriginal brothers and sisters

  2. SM says:

    I’m pleased at how Wab is maturing in his role. He was pretty wobbly at first, and I was concerned somewhat that he would have difficulty in appearing to stand up to the Conservatives who had won the last election rather handily. But look at him go! He was firm, and respectful, and took no shit, did not stoop to personal attacks, but made his position very clear, not letting the fact that there was a news conference going on deter him in the least. His interview later on CBC radio’s Up to Speed was terrific. Actually quite motivating. https://www.cbc.ca/listen/live-radio/1-111-up-to-speed/clip/15855377-manitobas-official-opposition-leader-wab-kinew-explains-interrupted

    • Steve T says:

      With all due respect to Mr. Kinew, this is a fairly easy and desirable schtick for him to conduct. Calling out the shortcomings of others is always easier than providing leadership or direction, or tangible policy.

      I’m not saying this isn’t the common schtick for most opposition leaders. I’m just saying let’s not give Mr. Kinew too much credit for something that was handed to him gift-wrapped. Alan Lagimodiere voluntarily and stupidly stepped in a huge pile of doo-doo, and Kinew simply pointed that out.

  3. Westguy says:

    I get what Lagimodiere was trying to say though, even though it came across as clumsy. Problem is we can no longer really discuss the issue anymore. Sure, you can express comments as long as those comments do not diverge from what is acceptable to verbalize. If you say anything other than it was a bad system created and run by bad people, you’re in trouble.

    • Nasty Bob says:

      I get what he was saying too. At least they had good intentions …they were trying to prepare them for modernization .

      That’s the equivalent of the “ she wanted it because of the way she dressed” rape defence

      Back in the day that was a pretty successful defence. Today I’d risk disbarment if I even started down that path . It’s a lie. It’s a myth that ‘s hurtful to the survivors and to justice as a whole .

      The “ at least they ….” defence is also hurtful to the survivors and justice. It’s a myth . Repeating it perpetuates it . It has to stop !

  4. Doug says:

    Why are provincial politicians even touching this other than expressing concern and remorse? This is entirely a disaster of federal creation.

    • Westguy says:

      I think because it’s bigger than jurisdiction. Sometimes you have to help out, regardless of whether or not it’s your job or not. Even though First Nations are federal (Metis are provincial, I believe) I was supportive of the Alberta government kicking in money.

  5. davidray says:

    No more politicians making long winded speeches
    Using words made of English that have lost all meaning
    Just Hail Mary passes on the road to Damascus
    They’ll never see the light or be converted.

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