, 08.29.2021 11:40 AM

KINSELLACAST 174: Election week that was, with Lilley and Mraz – plus Idles, Fugazi and Day Wave


  1. Steve says:

    Anybody else pondering the possibility that, if the Liberal poll numbers keep going down as the COVID case numbers go up, Tam will step in to postpone the election “in the interest of public health”?
    It would explain her relative silence to this point.

    Besides, it was done in Newfoundland earlier this year, and the incumbent premier was returned… in the first all mail-in ballot election in Canada’s history.
    As the number of cards the Liberals can play is rapidly diminishing, I would not put past them their willingness to do this in order to stop the Trudeau freefall.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      The Chief Public Health Officer of Canada does not have the jurisdiction to do that. Only the provinces can do that.

    • Robert White says:

      The Trudeau Liberals don’t have a Plunge Protection Team and cannot possibly act like they are Wall Street bankers & Treasury Secretaries.

      Warren predicted early on that the Liberal Party would get a minority government. From what I’ve seen so far I can’t see a Conservative minority even though they are leading in the polls.

      Nothing Twinkle-socks Trudeau can do will put him in the lead, but by seat counts Liberals will still win this as a minority lame duck government.

      They will probably call another election in two years as Trudeau will continue to slide downhill from here on out.


      • Phil in London says:

        Mainstreet and ekos are showing more conservative support than nanos.
        If the conservatives are more nanos than mainstream, The election in my mind comes down to one thing – will more strategic progressive voters go red or orange?
        If the conservatives mainstreet numbers are real this thing is turning stay tuned.

  2. Wally says:

    Love your comment Warren. All of your comments – while strong – are true. I am aware of your history with Chretien. I have not voted Liberal in 30 years, however when I look in retrospect, he did a bang-up job on most issues, especially budget. I think Martin blew it as PM but as finance minister he was very good. Both of these men – if true to their principles – must be crying watching what this idiot has done to our country. I am reveling in seeing Justin taking it on the chin right now. I hope it lasts until Sept 20th.

  3. Robin says:

    History will show that Cretien was one of Canada’s greatest PM’s. If not for Cretien, there would have been no oil sands and over 2 decades of nation wide prosperity.

    Thanks for your opening, heart felt and rational comments.

    • Douglas W says:

      Chretien: one of Canada’s greatest PMs?

      Jean Charest saved his bacon — ’95 Quebec referendum.

      Oh ya: Chretien promised to eliminate the GST; and was going to “veto” NAFTA.

  4. Sean says:

    27.30 bang on.

    That should have been in every paper across the country. Pretending that the Liberal campaign is on the side of COVID protocols / safety is flat out / 180 degrees dead wrong. Covering it as such is extremely dishonest. News outlets need to be called out on that.

  5. Sean says:

    29.50 LOL

  6. Sean says:

    33.45. Too late to go neg. Will just seem desperate. One of the peculiar aspects of this campaign is how short it is. There is just enough time for the Tories to take the lead and not enough time for anything else to happen. Most people’s minds will be made up in about 10 days. Most of Justin’s support is only based on the perception that he is popular. People like to imagine that they are on the popular side. Once that’s removed, its game over.

    • Warren says:

      It is in no way too late to go neg.

      • Warren,

        To bring a smile to Warren’s face: you could come up with TheDaisyAdTM that LBJ used on September 20th and it would without a doubt substantially move the numbers negative. Of course, a strong advanced polls and/or returning officer offices’ vote would negate that last day trend somewhat. In my case, I’m voting at the returning officer’s digs.

      • Phil in London says:

        It’s never to late to go neg is it?
        Christmas and Thanksgiving have been times people commiserate and make up their mind in some of the past few elections. Anyone see labour day as that sort of time? If so does this weekend coming set people’s mind?

  7. PJH says:

    I have to agree one of the things that has impressed me most is how Erin O’toole has improved his appearance….he’s lost weight, he looks tanned and fit, and is wearing nicely fitted sport coats, combined with good fitting baseball caps that covers his bald pate when out on the hustings….he’s definately more appealing to look at than a year ago. Combine this with positive messaging, and he, I hate to say it, is looking Prime Ministerial…..In contrast, JT looks tired and sweaty as you say….and the photos shown of him on ‘the net lately are a long ways away from the shining new kid on the block of 2015….An election in which I voted for the man,{{{shudder}}} because he promised to do things differently

  8. Joe Calgary says:

    I thought it interesting that Nanos thinks Trudeau will save himself for the debates to attack O’Toole on the anti-vaxer protests… Were I O’Toole, I would respond to such an attack by saying “With the exception of people with legitimate reasons for being exempted from vaccination, the Conservative party of Canada isn’t able to “fix stupid”. If we were Mr. Trudeau, there’d be no reason to fight a senseless election called by a Prime Minister whose ego demands a majority government, in the middle of a fourth wave of Covid, for no good reason.”

    • Joe,

      Here’s my line for Erin: as previously discussed, we’ve instructed all our candidates to immediately publicly denounce those people and dismiss them entirely from the local CPC campaign in that particular riding. Short of shooting them (as tempting as that may be) what the hell else is the opposition and party leader supposed to do?

  9. Joe Calgary says:

    and I would add to it “Your own Father was very clear that he felt government had no business in the bedrooms of Canadians, yet you are stunned at the backlash of Canadian peoples who feel you are over-stepping your boundries relating to mandating vaccines, despite your own governments position namely the bulliton posted on the Federal Governments public service website vaccinations, which conveniently disappeared the moment it was brought to your governments attention that it was contrary to your personal position on the matter. Canadians need good government, they don’t need nannies telling them when to go to bed.”

    • Joe,

      Those people endanger not only themselves but third parties given the fact that it has already been clearly demonstrated that twice-vaccinated people have still caught COVID-19 from these idiots. If they are not continually masked in public places and respecting social distancing, they deserve nothing less than a firing squad. Each time one of these geniuses ends up in intensive care and drops dead, my response is always the same: (in a sarcastic tone) THAT’S TOO BAD. They get what they deserve, period. They can join Herman Cain in the dumbass section. In short, fuck ’em.

      • Joe Calgary says:

        Hey… I have both my shots and little sympathy for those that don’t, but forcing someone to take a shot is a violation of what we stand for as a western world. I think anyone not getting vaccinated is an idiot. Just as I think not wearing a mask in pubic is stupid and rude. People in this nation have a right to be stupid. If their stupidity leads to injury of others then they should be deemed a risk and treated as such, but forcing someone to accept something into their body against their will is wrong. We don’t convict people of murder because they thought about killing someone, just as the right to own a car is not a right to drive. Driving is a privilege. Going to the movies, shopping, hitting a pub, these things are a privilege and if proving you have your shots is what it takes to execute on those privileges then so b it, but demanding compliance on the vaccine is not the right thing to do. Making the decision to get the shots is the right thing to do. Wearing a mask and washing your hands is the right thing to do. The passport concept is rather to little to late anyway given vaccinated people are just as likely to be carriers as not, and you can still get sick. It improves your resistance and minimizes the effects of COVID for an individual, but it’s no panacea and there are no promises. Is mandating shots logical? Of course it is… but the foundations of liberty and freedom of person aren’t necessarily dictated by logic. If they were it’s unlikely we would have them, as democracy itself makes little logical sense.

  10. Phil in London says:

    Do You realize how offensive your comments are to weasels everywhere? Lol!

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